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Eva Shakes it Down with Psquare

  • 8/16/2011
  • by
Oh my! I realize i haven't written in a long time! What a weisst i have been sha! What's it been? Like 4months? No? But here i am! Eat me if you may, as long as you start below though, so i could watch your face turn gray from the disgusting taste of my homosapien organics. Buhahahahaa!

Welcome back to my blog! Its no news anymore that yours truly, yes ke, that would be me **clears throat** was featured on 'The INVASION' album by the talented duo, Psquare. It would be difficult for me to write about this without taking you back in time. Remember when i wrote this? The 7-up concert in Lagos that brought amazing talents like Sasha, 2face, Dr Sid, Psquare and Baba Akon together on stage? Uuuuuhhh i couldnt stop talking about it. I was in the crowd *not VIP, hisssss* and it was the best concert i had ever attended. There i was taking picture after picture with my phone, screaming at the top of my voice, rapping 'Adara' along with Sasha, and i finally died when PSquare took the stage.

I have been a devoted fan of the duo since 'Senorita'. Back then MiTv rotated the video like everyday! It was like we tuned to MiTv at a particular time cause we already knew the video was gonna come on. I had a stupid girl crush on
both of them, didnt exactly stay faithful even in the crush, haha, and i bought every single album. On time i even fantasized i was gonna get signed to Square Records. Yimu!!

But yo, fast forward to today and im up on their album BinnssshH! Suck on my pinky finger. hehe. 
It happened like magic. I was in the studio with amazing Leony and his partner, Meca and they were talking how they really wanted to work with me. I asked them to play a couple of beats they done did to get me inspired and then they played this tune i fell in love with immediately. Only for them to say they made it for someone else. I'm like 'Are you F'ing kidding me!'. I swear i was ready to kill for that beat. When they told me it was for Psquare, you go fear na, i just hushed. Lmao
So the next plan was to beg them to talk Psquare into having me feature on the song. Are you kidding me? **In Terry tha Rapman's voice, "You think say na beans to bust with P??"
To get more serious, i decided to hop on the beat and have Meca play it for the duo. Keep in mind, at this point i ain't never even met them! 

One week later, i get a call at 9pm, just when i was about to have a real good dinner of Amala and Gbegs with a friend..and my manager says "Yo E, you gotta be in the studio right now to record with Psquare".. I'm like 'UuuuurggghhHHH...this hustle will kee me kwa!'
We sha hit the road sha, how i for do na? And off we went to the Squared mansion to record. 
2surprises hit me hard in the face on getting there.
-It was a totally different beat! Not even the one i did 'abeg-abeg' audition for
-Muna was on the joint as well! Omo!!! Fear hook me for throat na. Muna as you all know, Nne ochicha super, mind of a goddess -body of a hustler..**nope, thats wrong**. Body of a Goddess, Mind of a hustler...the thought of being on a joint with her was exciting. I mean, y'all been requesting us to work together and it did feel like perfect timing.

So we hopped in the booth and got it cracka-lacking.  
Note, at this time, Peter and Paul could care less about this song. The album was done and ready and they had a big concert to prepare for. I think they just said, 'Make we see wetin these babes go do ontop the beat sef'..LMAO. 
The expression on Peter's face when he heard my take on the song was to die for! He wouldn't stop replaying it. I sat there in the studio with them, listening to every commendable commendation of commending they had to pour on me. It was like that moment in a dream you know you are about to wake up from and even in the dream you are praying not to wake up.
So, with the twins satisfied, a good session done, a hit in the making hopefully, i carried my kaya and left.
Only to get another call 4days later.

As if, being on the album was not enough blessing, they had decided they wanted us to perform the song at 'the INVASION' concert. That was when i finally died na. ArrrrrrrgggGGGGhhhhH!!! you know that 'na me be this..' moment? Where you look yourself in the mirror and can't see yourself? hehe. 
Months ago, i was in the crowd, screaming while i watched this uber talented pair perform, Now, i was gonna be up on the same stage with them, performing a song from their album. 
Jesus is Aliveeeeeee! can i get an Amen? Amen! LWKMD.
On stage, looking foolish

The show was great. If you wasn't there, you are what you are. LOL. I loved every bit of it even though i had to watch it from the screen back stage. Every performance was well co-ordinated, well planned out and properly delivered. Did we kill it?? Before nko? Is that not why we were dia?
The best part of my performance was having my brothers and friends in the crowd. It was a moment to die for. It was like i stepped up on stage and everybody screamed out going crazy, abi did i hear double? Buahahahaa! 
Muna Killing shhiiii...

The song itself 'Shake it' is one of my favorite collabos today. Muna is just amazing isnt she? Id die to work with her again. Ah! We should totally maybe even work on a project together innit?
Buy the INVASION album HERE if you haven't already, get it from a vendor near you. And oh! Please tell us what you think of the song. Don't be biased plixxx en plixxx...if i messed up, Don't come hia and be kissing h'ass! Hisss. But yo! If you cannot rap shit, don't bother to diss me, if not, Id tell Amadioha and Chinua Achebe to fire you!! ***Laughing in arabic**

Backstage with Tiwa Savage

Lynxxx and I
Wahala pikin like me...backstage, just before i changed for my performance.

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  1. YESS FIRST TO COMMENT! Hahahaha Eva Eva Eva Eva! I dont care if u sing shit tho you the BEST! Shake it down was basically y I purchased d album! Please Blog more jare am laffin my brains out already! in oda important news *workin with psquare U DONE DID IT* A video no go bad let's c the dance persona of Eva!

  2. Eva oo laf haff kee me...U DON DID IT...Nice 1.

  3. Hehe...ur rili funny...nd th song is rili cool...I liked ur ragga touch 2 it...everything bad up! God keep blessing ya!

  4. For starters,ds ur blog is a gr8 laff;nice piece *thumbs-up*....and as d link for d song wiv P-square kno download na *rememba?*..I hustl go buy d album cous I wz realli lookn 4ward 2 hearn u kill d track...n true,u didn't disappoint!...GOD bless ur hustl...n make u bigger dan u eva imagined!..

  5. LWKMD... 1st of all I love dem pix,I 'haff thief' some sef...hehehe & I love dat song. 2ndly,FoZa feel urself o! I'll still get dat autograph b4 yu *jonzing*

  6. LWKMD... U are so Really funny, well I love the song, and the beat is so bad... #Thumbsup to u and Muna , U girls rock But I will Love to see U work With More Female Rapper Like Blaise she got Flow + Mad Lyrics and I will Just say #UDonDidIt ... When Are U DropIng Ur #Album *In Cyrus tha Virus Voice* LoLzzzzzzZZZZZZz

  7. Like like like,ol I can say,..its gud wen u can stay glued 2 ur screen 4rm d beginnning of d read 2 d end....Evaz a gud one,nd munas outfit has dat sexy on lock!!-@Psychobarz

  8. @Tabbie004: I must say that Eva is multi-talented. Her flows are so on point, she does make-up, she a business enterpreneur..mmehn..the list is long. And this new blog is the sh*t...felt like she was giving me the gist directly...You are a great talent..L♥ve your work.

  9. Sigh... You are just awesome. That is all.

  10. This is a very interesting write up but IMO the beat worked for just you and Muna, not the boys. It was quite an unsually terrain for them. God bless you all . Cheers!!!

  11. To be frank! I onli bought the album cos You, Muna and Tiwa Savage were on it!!! I'm not a big fan of the duo!!! You never disappoint!!! (Y) Lovely 1!!!

  12. Eva is multi-talented!!! I felt like she was giving me d gist directly,dis blog is awesome...u a great talent dear.Kudos!!!!

  13. Awwwwwww!!!! Yay me!! thanks for reading guys! i promise to blog as often as i can. Kisses

  14. I always L♥ve everything that Eva does. She is amazing and multi-talented. And just like you would expect, I thought Shake It Down Low was amazing. Nice work, Eva

  15. @chukkietweets8/22/2011 10:51 am

    First of all,i remember asking you on twitter when i was gonna hear you and muna on a track.. Well U girls made me a very happy fan ℓ☺ℓ.. Secondly d track wit P Square was wonderful,d way you changed d flow wen u began was wonderful.. i believe in you my sister... Keep going!!!

  16. @KAYOgoh_ Reading yhurr blog is always fun and that Shake it song is always on repeat,yhurr voice and †ђξ rap was just killing...believe me I'm yhurr biggest fan ,yhuu can even ask @obisomto sef ii always talk about yhuu...hope to see yhuu soon sha...holla

  17. ℓσℓ its really nice u̶̲̥̅̊'re one great talented nd beautiful lady kip it up

  18. Eva Alordiah has a rare kinda swag and dat makes us one of a kind....i listened to her track"i done did it" and had to make a mixtape version of it...y'all should listen to it on

  19. Well Done and keep up the good work. Please could you let me have Leony's contact information (email will be fine). I am Washington DC based Nigerian Producer and may need him to mix some tracks.

    I can be reached at




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