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Live Performance at LoudNProud

  • 2/13/2012
  • by
I'm sitting on the bed, laptop on my laps, watching my friend Laila get not exactly watching her - watching her, i mean, i'm typing right? Haha. Im trying to focus real hard now as i type, desperately racking my brain to bring back the memories of my live performance two nights ago in VI, Lagos. Its not that long ago right? I shouldn't have forgotten right? Oh well, i didn't forget stuff. Blaaaddy hell! That was like the best performance of my career! Well as of now. hehe

Im just still in a daze. You dont have the slightest clue the kind of joy i felt after my performance. It was the most beautiful relieving feeling ever. I kinda feel that way everytime i perform with a live band but this was different. Song after song, my mind, body and soul just kept on soaring and i felt super high. God i love performing! 

      ''Gimme a live band, Gimme a time span, Gimme a mic without a cord in my right hand...'' -   'the   Squeeze, Eva'

--Laila is still getting dressed oh!---

As always, it was the same nervous feeling i had just before my set kicked off. The very beautiful and talented EFYA performed just before me. She has such a sweet beautiful voice, after watching her perform i really wanna get to work with her so y'all should watch out for that. When i did get on stage however, i think for some reason, not just the fact that it was a live set, i suddenly felt relaxed, composed, confident. Remi Buttons, the designer responsible for my chains and padlock assembled jacket, seemed to think my confidence on stage semmed from the fact that i was wear her jacket. hehe..maybe.
But yo! it was a really mad show, i had so much fun and the guests loved it! I have it on video too!! Nope, you are gonna have to wait a little more to see that one. But below are a couple of pictures from the show. Notice the padlocks on my jacket? LOL!

MO, Eva, Deleke

Who wears padlocks tho? I need help!

Thats me bah??

See how i look like im singing 'I'll always Love you" by Whitney Houston. Yimu!!  #RIPWH

My drummer had to show his face sha...

Thats me right thurrr! Wink**

 Ok, thats abourrit. For now. As soon as videos are uploaded, id be sure to let you know. Thanks for reading my blog again, do come back soon. Better yet, Follow this blog!
Oh Laila? She's done dressing. Now she's curling her hair. Its Valentine's eve, you go fear cruise na! LMAO

-Photo Credits - Wale Adenuga

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  1. @spicychick05 u look totally like a rock star in d pictures! Erm .. I want d jacket *batting eyelashes* .

  2. @spicychick05 u look totally like a rock star in d pictures! Erm .. I want d jacket *batting eyelashes* .

  3. @geedeewain Â♏ not jst a fan boo, thinking of promoting you seriously in the south. I talked bout ΐ† with your manager already.

  4. @daSuspekt I for like Make u Wear Gele and Wrapper Perform One Day....issorai!!!!

  5. @chudypee...classy and stunning are the words I'd use to define u. A huge fan! Fell in love with u after I listen to "I no send u rmx" and then it "worsened" when I listened to bez's supersun remix!. Definitely my best nigerian female rapper

  6. Awwww my Queen u did a great job am proud of u, love u so Much Godblessu Queen #TeamEVA*mauuuuh* *@TeamEVA_ALOGIGO*

  7. @TeamEVA_GIGO awwww my Queen u did a great job WE ar proud of u,WE love u so Much Godblessu My Beautiful Queen #TeamEVA*mauuuuh*

  8. @_MACHELLO_ Nice forEVA a fan!!

  9. @tHeOlaBlaq... Mehn this is REALLY nice... Now officially a HUGE eva fan..

  10. Nice one dere

  11. @GAB3_ 1.u look like a younger version of omotola (the actor).. 2. u look short, still in love 3. looks like u rocked the niht! nice pictures....LOVE U..yes! i don said it..commented? i don did it x_x

  12. You look sweet in that outfit......


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