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Eva Says - the Mini Series

  • 4/30/2012
  • by
Ok this is my Baby right here. I can't even begin to explain just how important it is for me to have this and share it with y'all, week after week if i have to.
With 'Eva Says', i take you round my world in 5mins episodes of complete madness, fun, entertainment and all the crazies that go on behind the scenes.  This really started as an audio series and a lotta my fans connected with it. I thought 'Yo, why not do this as a Video diary instead?'. 
This episode is officially the debut of the series which would span several episodes for a long time so help me God. Hehe.

Its a lotta work to put this together, and entertain you some other way asides just my music and videos. I hope y'all enjoy this and long for the next episode each time. I put my heart in this and im gonna see it through, for you. And you. And you. 

In this episode which is centered on my live performances and stage craft, you get to see brief clips of my NEW and soon to be released video for 'High', Directed by Mex of PXC. 
That is a whole other story for another day! For now, enjoy "Eva Says E02"

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