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HIGH, Behind the Scenes in Photos and 1,000 Words!

  • 6/20/2012
  • by
Oh My! I have no idea where to start with this post..It might go on very long or i might get tired and just post it up in summary...should i? Or rather, would i really be able to summarize my dear precious HIGH in only a few words?
Naaaahhhh baby! So lesggoooo!

Guuuumorning Mr chairman, panel of judges, Accurate time keepers and my co-blogreaders, My name is Eva Alordiah, i am in....oh blast that! Hehe. for a moment there i made you remember Secondary school eh? You probably even took another second off that to think of your high school crush and remember how they winked at you when you was up on stage in front of the whole class forming 'i-wanna-debate-
Ok back to HIGH.
Gosssh! It was so much fun! Especially because i was on top of my shit and seeing visuals come alive exactly how i wanted them. A lotta people have questioned why i didnt shoot videos for more popular songs like "I Done did It", or maybe "Your Fada" but hey, simple explanation- shooting HIGH was necessary for the continued survival of Eva. *Brighter Grammar*
As you already know, hoping you are not a LASTMA, i just recently got signed to eLDee's TRYBE Records. Yes! I was never signed to a label prior to that. The tin shock you too abi?? Omo me sef! Hian!
All this time, its been hustle after more hustle tryna get my career to where it is now. Having to work with amazing producers, strong business savvy people, the best DJs in the land, dealing with the media and having the sweetest most supporting fans..Music business is like shit business! SERIOUS! UunmphH!
At the time when we sat round table to discuss a possible video to shoot..we actually comtemplated shooting 'I Done did it" as in..Actually. We had even begun working towards the shoot, preparation and all. And then all of a sudden, plans change and we really felt like we needed a video to represent what Eva was about. We didnt want to shoot a video just for shooting a video bee-bee sakes.

Eva on set of High with Video Director andd Animator -Mex
To do that, we had to decide what song off "the GIGO EP" would help show off Eva visually to the general public. Truthfully, i could have shot any song off this project and achieved the same aim but HIGH got majority of the votes. Ehrrmm... yea! tahts how it happened sha.

So off we went, My swagger manager @UgoDate and the amazing Mex, Video Director extraordinaire who i really am dying to work with again.. Speaking of Mex, lets speak of Mex a littel shall we??

**Stop complaining! i kukuma don tehh you from start say this tin go take style Long. Sowwie**

Yea! So Mex. I was introduced to his genius from Dipp's debut video for "Dangerous ft. MI" and from that beautifully directed video to Djinee"s "Overkilling" and then MI'S "Safe" --UrrggH! i just knew i wanted to work with him! You know how you kinda have a special creative connection with another homosapien even before you meet them? Ehen!

Mex is such a genius! He kinda writes down on paper, types away on his iPad, tells you verbally how a particular scnene is gonna come out looking visually and true to his word, he's able to make it all come alive in a video. *sigh* I wanna work with Mex again...and again! Oga eLDee if you are reading this..ehrmmm..Ok!

LOL. i need help. Shet!

HIGH was one of the last songs i recorded for GIGO. It was also one of those songs that i was really excited about but also fell on the to-delete-or-not-to-delete list when we sat down to compile GIGO finally. It was produced by a very talented Producer, Artiste, Rapper and a friend - Gray Jon'z, who is also responsible for "Crazy ft. Saucekid" and "Never say Goodbye" which i so love!

For HIGH the video however, planning, scheming, and building the entire concept was such fun cause everyone kept coming up with ideas and everybody's ideas were welcome! Such joy, to be able to do exactly what you wanna do and have to work with People who share the same views creatively. My manager Ugo Date, who is always so so so so supportive was a huge influence on most of the things we had to do to get HIGH on the move. From getting us "the AVENUE Suites" in VI as a main location to helping me set up the bathtub scene which a lot of you are so crazy helping me get comfortable with puffing that shit in the Hooded dark scene.. ErrRRrr.. Yes i had disgusting! EheewwKKK.. *in Wizkid's voice: "Don't let my Mother know, Lowkey!**

Ejiro of 'Ejiro Amos Tafiri'
As for costumes and styling, UuuurrgGH i had a swell time cause i designed my looks in my head and made them happen exactly how i wanted. Working with very creative designers like "Remi Buttons for Buttons Couture", "Ejiro Amos Tafiri" and Jaywalcar Tees, made it all easy. Cause i kinda had sweet, exquisite yet simple pieces to work with.
Remi Buttons for Buttons Couture
Oh did i say? The skull tee by Jaywalcar was designed by Me! Yeps! I really wanted to wear a skull face and Jaywalcar was the man to go to. He did a really great job with it yea?
Eva wearing a Jaywalcar Tee
My piece from Ejiro Amos Tafiri was straight off the Arise Fashion Week runway. I was so flushed when she said she was gonna send it! And the piece??? Oh so beautiful! Made my boobs beautiful!! Oh puleeasseee! Swear you didnt notice! Laya laya pants on faya...
Eva wearing Ejiro Ammos Tafiri
My Buttons couture Jacket - the one you see in the Elevator and the Lounge scenes, is my only Buttons couture piece. isn't that sad? i have begged Aunty Remi Buttons to make me more but she wont hia! Untill i wear the cloth 20 times. *sad*

So we shot scenes at "The AVENUE Suites", some others at Mex's Studio, and oh the bathtub scene...mehnnn true true nah my bathroom be that oh! Baff inside yama yama garage? I done Did it!

As for Makeup and general styling, you already know! I did that myself. Would i ever be able to let someone else do my makeup? errrHmmm.. I donno, Yea. Well i have met a couple of talented Makeup artists who really know what they are doing..but with this particular shoot, i wanted to handle my Makeup myself. I think it kinda made a lot of stuff easier for me, as always. Oh Eva!

Eva and a WA Model
This was a fun shoot really. For my first video, it was everything to me! Took us the best of 2months to complete it cause we all wanted to move at our own paces and i wasn't even gonna rush up something this important. Mex is a very understanding, creative Video director and I'm only too glad to have worked with him.

Wale Adenuga, my dear friend and hard working photographer was there to support as well, providing me with some of the prettiest models in the land. Sweet precious girls! My brother Kass and his crazy girlfriend, Som1Twisted aka Ayo Bashir Animashaun were on my set too!

So! There you have it. HIGH in a nutshell. Trust me to show you Behind the Scenes in Video soon! That would hopefully be more detailed than this my caricature typing.
To everyone who made this project successful in the works, to everyone who made it even more successful when it was released, Media, OAPs, Bloggers, Tatafos, Awon oniro, Awon oniso kuso, My sweet Fans, the true Alordians out there, and to y'all who have shown so much love and support, i wanna let you know how so so so so grateful i am. I love you, i love you and i pray the Lord grants me strength and grace to give you even more entertaining music and videos!

Now we on TRYBE 2.0!! Oya oya legggoooooo!

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  1. @FrenchWonder: The video was nice. And now reading this long but yet interesting piece, I appreciate the video even more. And yeah I'll be expecting to watch the Behind The Scene video. And I'm a fery huge faan*in Jenifa's voice*

  2. Super NICE!! I watched it first 2day on ChannelO. When it started I was like who is this american singer, I dun know her. Later on I realized it was an African girl and Loved it more, cus Im a fan of AFRICAN work. I luv evrything that comes from us!!
    So by the end of ur video I was convinced that I should download u the faster I could. Now HIGH is stuck on REplay on my phone and my U2B window!! Gr8 job on this.
    Now Im gonna wait for the day u gonna come to Mozambique so I can see u performing live..Its gonna be crazy!!! LOL...
    By Laura Macamo

  3. Showed ma sista d video,and when we got to d "see dis mugu wey dey here sef dey form hip hop head" part,she was lyk wow! u spoke pidgin. I had to tell her u're a Nigerian. Tyt video,would lyk to see a video 4 i don did it and crazy....#teameva#

  4. Eva! Eva!! Eva!!! You Rock!

  5. Such a sweet gurl. Its easy to tell the simplicity in your typing and there's a whole lota swat in your video ;'High" Love it!


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