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London, and then Some

  • 9/04/2012
  • by
Yep! It was my first time in London. Had to fly out to go do a couple of shows. It wasn't exactly how you'd have wanted a first time at anything to be, especially when you have imagined how great it would be. This is why and i quote "I never expect anything!"  HummphH!

London is a great city don't get me wrong. I would have had a fab time out if some variable factors were removed. But hey, i guess shit happens innit? I imagine you rubbing your palms now and waiting for gist..hehehee! Metu!
Anyways, i basically didn't have time to do a lot of stuff i wanted to do. SssshhHHH...don't tell no one, but i had sly intentions of getting my first tattoo done while i was away in London. I would have, but my liver fail me. I cant fit, sorry. hehe.
We (Trybe crew) was to perform at the Africa Fashion Week 2012, and i hadn't exactly expected anyone out here to know me.. I guess they had big surprises in store! It was a great show and i had a splendid time.
I'm looking forward to doing more shows in the UK, can't wait to get my flight on! Yiipppeeee!
My favorite part of London so far? Camden Town!!!
That was my spot for shopping. For some weird reason, the only place to find my kinda shiii was in Camden town. If you've ever been to Camden, you'd know what I'm talking about.

Here are a few pictures... I know i know! I apologize. Next time I'd have you a lot more to view!

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  1. Hey Eva, if you wanna put some tattoos on yur self, I guess the booty is a perfect one.......

  2. Replies
    1. Na ur body? Africans . Nawa oooo. Is her body and it will look sexy on her.

  3. eva y did u av to repeat dat blue top u wore on ur "high" video in london again,,,if u kant buy bew clothes try "okrika"

    1. You are very stupid to say that. Do u think Beyonce with all the money she has,she wil wear stuff only once? Are u sick? Even super rich ppl where the same stuff... must u hate? She is beautiful....and doing well.

  4. looks to me like u had a lot of fun


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