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Oh Lazy Eva

  • 9/03/2012
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Oh my word! Its been over a month or maybe two, since i wrote something! Wow, that's crazy! I miss blogging so much. I have been so darn busy i cannot even begin to explain. 
Haven't had time for the internet, my PC, and so many other things. But i have loads and loads of gist for you!!!! Yaaayyy i don't even know where to begin. But there's a lot to share with you and i hope i can cover all without breaking my fingers.

I have recently been in the studio a lot working with some amazing producers on my album project. My amazing Manager Ugo Date seems to think i am gonna have a great fun album! I want to believe him, hehe trust me i do! Work has been crazy yo. My facial skin has taken the worst hit from the stress. No i'm not breaking out or anything like that (sorry to disappoint you gbogbo haters! buhahahhaa) but the sun, my bad eating habits, my failing diet and all the stress on my young bones has caused me to go at least 2shades darker than my normal skin tone. 
A few days ago, the lady i usually buy Makeup from at the mall could hardly recognize me. She went "Shiooooo1 Na you be this??"  Mehhnnnn i was weak!

So i have taken it upon myself to love my body and treat it better. In the middle of trying to run two businesses, enjoy my music career and do all the many things i have to do, i tend to forget i am human, made up of whatever i am biologically made up off...mass? Matter? Cells? Oh well! I'm back to working out full time, drinking at least 8glasses of water, moisturizing my skin, and eating when i can.
Emphasis on when i can because i hardly eat a lot. 

Im gonna share my recent work-out routine with you. Really you should try it. It seems like the easiest thing to do, but i assure you, it isn't! What this would do is ease your muscles and kinda stretch them out. I do this every time after a complete workout session, whether its cardio, lifting, stretches, dancing or whatever. When i do this, i listen to music from artistes like Enya, Yanni, Imogen know, that eerie control kind amusic. I call this my meeni yoga. hehehe

**Stand firm, fet flat on the ground.
**Raise one leg without resting or balancing it on the other
**Stretch out both hands to their full outer lengths. Now you are stand on one leg flat on the ground with your arms stretched out.
**Make sure your head is held up high, your chest out, your mind relaxed. Try to listen to some soft music while you do this.
**Stay in this position for at least 3mins and switch to the next leg

If done right, you would feel relaxed. Very calm. Especially if you try to let your mind freely roam and meditate your thoughts around beautiful things or anything that makes you happy.
Let me know if this helps.

Yes I'm back to blogging1 Now to the many things i have to tell you. Yiiippeeeee!

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