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Eva, epic Makeup Fashion fail! the Headies 2012

  • 10/23/2012
  • by
Eva at the Headies in 'Ejiro Amos Tafiri
OMG!!! Who would have thought this would happen to me on such a big night as this? Yuck! Im super disgusted. All my life as a Makeup lover and pro artist, i never thought my Makeup fail would be this huge. We all have our mishaps - any and everything from foundations and smeared lipsticks, to running blushes to all sorts of epic fails with makeup.

Kim Kardashian (Concealer fail)

Rihanna | Taraji Henson (Concealer fail)
Over the past month i have been on a Makeup haul, getting new products for the school and trying out some new tricks and techniques on myself. The under-eye concealer or setting powder technique is one of my favs, especially for on screen appearances as it hides dark circles under the eyes and brightens the eye area effortlessly.
However, on this night, i failed to comply to my own rules of Makeup and the under-eye concealer.
-I let someone else help me with my Makeup (this i never do)
-I used a different brand of concealer over a different brand of Foundation. Most times concealer fomulations might not go on well when used with foundations from a different brand
-We applied my Makeup in dim/yellow light. You should ensure to apply your Makeup always in daylight, natural light or bright whites, not yellow.
-I forgot to test my face against a mobile camera when we were done. Just because i was rushing out of my hotel room and i was busy too focused on the fact that i could miss the red carpet ceremony, and i still had a performance to go do.
-She used a little bit too much concealer

So, be careful to avoid this concealer/under eye setting powder mishap. Truth is, its a beautiful trick to do with Makeup especially when you are not going to be under the glares of cameras. If you must, use a brighter foundation under your eyes instead to concealer dark circles!

Eva Longoria | Eva Alordiah (Concealer fail)
Now the truth is, after applying your makeup, it appears flawless and absolutely Beautiful! But under the glares of unprofessional cameras and flashes, your face might appear as hideous as ever! And this happened to me! Oh poor Eva.
Not all my pictures came off this way, as you can see. However, a few photos from poorly set cameras or low quality flash glares would show the world my epic fail! The truth? this can happen to anyone. Now ladies, y'all be careful now. You don't wanna go around looking like racoon Eva do you?

Overall, i think i had a Fab yellow carpet entry at the Headies this year thanks to Ejiro Amos Tafiri for letting me slip into one of her elegant pieces from the Arise fashion week runway. I so love this dress!

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  1. Loooool. U r still hot as eva

    1. Very true. She's my fav from the yellow carpet this year. A lot of drag queens I must add. Way to go eva

  2. I really like yor dress.pls sell it off at auction sale. Bidding N26,000

  3. Still my star :* glad you gave this tips though

  4. Eva u are the best!! Just listening to one new track that u featured in "Tortoise" my dear u killed it.. am so proud of yuh.. keep it up.

  5. its the translucent powders, those white ones..they are the devil.


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