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My Makeup Before and After!

  • 10/07/2012
  • by
Hey there! Its been a really long time since i made a post. I thought I'd share this with you real quick. I mean it wouldn't hurt to teach you a few things while i am at it too so i thought, 'why Not!'
First, let me introduce you to Yinka. She turns out to be one of my prettiest friends, and i hate her for being so damn beautiful *rolling eyes* She has the perfect pore-less, spotless skin, with the most beautiful eyes, and a perfect pout! Her face turns out to be one of the very few i die to paint my Makeup on. So when she requested i helped her with her makeup for a day out, i couldn't resist!

Now this is the very beautiful Yinka without a hint of Makeup on. I couldn't boast of this kind of cuteness without makeup! I would take you through what i did to transform her from this to...... "Fresh faced Senorita"

-Moisturizer and Primer:

I moisturized and primed her skin using #MaryKay's Oil Mattifier lotion to prevent excessive sweating. Then i opted for the #ELF Mineral infused Face Primer to prep her skin for foundation. This helps foundation glide on better and stay on much longer!

I used #MaryKay's Liquid foundation in 504. Yinka has a perfectly toned spotless skin, so a foundation like this was a perfect choice as we didn't need to create a full coverage for her skin.

-Setting Powder

I used #ELF's High Definition powder which locks and seals foundation in place. It also provides a complete finish, and keeps makeup matte, lasting longer than usual.


To brighten upYinka's face, and add a litte glow, i chose a warm golden bronzer from #Black Radiance


I filled in sparse areas of her brows using #Sleek's Eyebrow pencil in Brown.


Working with different palletes from ELF, Black Opal and Mac, i created a soft easy eye makeup look that she could rock out for daytime without feeling like she had so much on.
To recreate this eye makeup look, ensure you are not using eyeshadows with so much Shimmer. keep it warm and Matte. Use shades that are true to skin tones and don't scream out of your skin on contact.


#Maybelline's Jet black kohl Liner. You can use whatever black liner you have, might be liquid or pencil liners, but remember, whatever you do, keep your line soft and straight from corner to corner of the eye!

I kept it soft and simple, using a mix of two different shades of pink to create this look that was true to her natural tones and not so over-the-top for a daytime look.

And the finished result?
A radiant, glowing Fresh-faced Yinka.. who shines through the makeup and make it seem absolutely seamless!
Do you like this look? Let me know your thoughts. For more tips and trick, Visit the Makeup blog on

Before and After

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  1. OMG EVAAAAAAA You are too talented. im jealos. your friend is very pretty

  2. Abeg this girl too fine!

  3. See my yinka!! So pretty

  4. Nice job Eva,but i must confess,no doubt your friend is so cute.big ups,and please make sure u carry this smile around always

  5. U knw Eva...ur friend doesnt really need make-up cos she's a natural Beauty. But kudos 2 u....U Rock!!!

  6. Udegbunam Chukwudi8/06/2013 8:15 pm

    She looked way better without the makeup sha. Serious natural beauty

  7. Good job . Try not to use cheap eye brow PENCILS they have toxic chemicals and could cause a reaction . Am speaking from experience

  8. This girl is so pretty...with or without makeup!


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