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Eva Alordiah and then some..Too many things

  • 12/24/2012
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Dear me! I haven't blogged and babbled on here in a while, i feel so bad. Work has been really crazy i tell you! The new single "Big Biggie" just dropped a few weeks back and everything after then has been a roller-coaster ride of work work and more work. I know i know, there's a lot you want to know, a lot more you want me to share light on. But hey, life is funny.
Most times, even when we want to talk so bad, keeping shut is best. Silence they say is Golden innit? hehe.

 I WON!!!! More awards, more plaques to go up on my collections' shelf. This year has been a really tough-good-sad-happy year for me i must say. And it is about to end. Am i happy? Hell yeah!Can't wait to start a whole new year altogether and unveil all the many many hot sturvs i have planned for you guys. I'm seriously beginning to consider taking a job at presenting. I haven't made up my mind yet if i want to have a radio show or a Tv show. I could do both. Maybe.
Already i am focused on the makeup Company and joggling that with the many writing jobs i have and my music career. But the events of the past months have made me unravel my love for talking, Presenting, Hosting, whatever you'd like to call it. Watch this short video clip below of me Hosting the Red carpet at the "GET NAKED" campaign held some weeks ago. Haha! I did a pretty good job, No? Might just give Eku Edewor a run for her money.


I'm learning to live appreciate the very little things, to accept corrections and take them without grumbling. My life has changed! Oh dear me.

Did i say? My Dog is pregnant!! Yiipppeeee! Can't wait to have her precious little pups in my hands and rock them to sleep. LOL
On a very serious note, the year is about to end. I look back and realize i let people control everything, including my precious never-to-be-got-back time. How i ever did that with a clear head, i do not understand. There was so much i had planned out. Next thing you know i blink twice and i had already made the mistake of having people do what they want, how they want, even when i could see they didn't give a f$##k about me. I aint ever letting that happen again. I nor fit be mumu two times na abi?
Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, because hate in you heart would consume you too..
So moving on, i tell myself, "Eva, you have work to do. Nothing else is important. Work is the key. All these distractions are just distractions. Baby geh you gasss focus kwa!"
And for right now, that is exactly what i am gonna do.
Shout out to the best manager in the world! @UgoDate

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