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I absolutely Love my new Hair!

  • 1/26/2013
  • by
I think i am gonna get this do up in every color there is! Orange for a start eh? Next up maybe Yellow or something that screams "I got Sunshine, on a cloudy day!!" LOL.. Naaahh im just messing with you. Meanwhile, you like this one?

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  1. the hair is so nice and classic differently suites u

  2. U look nice with it.

  3. Jude chukwuka1/26/2013 7:51 pm

    Yes its beautiful...I love it

  4. You totally rock it, Eva! Love the color choice. It’s so bold! Orange is not a very friendly color, but when you carry yourself with panache like that, who can say that! :D

  5. Gives you different look


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