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My daily Makeup routine: Blogtutorial

  • 1/02/2013
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It's 2013!!!! Yiiippeee! Hope you started the year on a good note? Hope you've cast all your troubles aside and plastered a soft beautiful smile on your face...
I woke up this morning and i thought.."Hmmmm, won't it be nice to share these quick easy tips with you?"

I have had countless requests to show how i do my Makeup on the daily, so i guess this is an easy way to do that. Blog it briefly! Oh lazy me.
Ok, so quickly i'd just get into the Blogtutorial and hope that it is understandable enough and you can learn one or two things from me. That would be Fab eh?
Here's a picture of me i thought would show clearly what my make can look like. I apologize my camera didn't capture enough of everything you should be seeing but i hope this picture helps!


I like to call myself "the Cruella De'ville of Brows!". I'm a sucker for the perfect eyebrows, i never go without. No matter how so little time i have to get my entire face done, i spend the most of that making sure the brows are perfect. Why? Cause at some point in your entire Makeup routine, the eyebrows really do 70% of the magic.

So what if you do not know how to groom your eyebrows right? My advice, ensure you meet a Professional to have them neatly tweezed and groomed for you. That way filling in with pencils or brow shadows would be much easier for you to do.

The trick to filling in your brows is to follow the natural outline of your brows, filling sparse areas with color. You wanna make sure you understand the A,B,C rule of the natural eyebrow shape, where A starts at the bridge of your nose, B is your Arch where your socket bone raises a few cm upwards, and C is the tail end of the brow where the hairs natural stop sprouting.
For pencils i use a wide range of different brands. But recently (and in this photo) i have been using a mix of the N100 fake M.A.C pencils you can find in any market easily and the simple brow kit from ELF!

What i love to do to finish up the brows is gently sweep in some concealer or a brighter shade of foundation just beneath the brows to highlight and create smoother, sharper lines.
Oh dear! I really should do a short video to show you all this shouldn't I? I just might!


Oh dear me! This is one of my "I Can't do without" products in my Makeup bag. If you haven't been using Primer bases then you really need to start now. It really is what makes all the difference in how your Makeup looks on the surface. What a Primer does is lock in makeup product for longer stay, enhance the color of Makeup and keep makeup from bleeding.

Ok let me break this down.
Foundation Primers would help for easy more flawless application of foundation. You find that your foundation lasts much longer than normal and wouldn't crease into cracks of lines.
When you use eyeshadow primers just before applying your shadows, you achieve shadows that last longer and look much better in tone and definition. Your shadows would glide on smoothly for a more professional finish.
Oh and there are lip primers too!

What it looks like? Depending on what brand you are using, primers are generally like regular creams. They can come in lotion-like compositions or clear gel-like fluids. You want to apply your primer just before apply your foundation. That is after your face creams or sunscreen or oil control lotions.
Work with your index and middle fingers and apply in circular motions across your entire face.

My go to Primers for foundation are the Urban Decay primer Potion, Mary Kay foundation Primer or the ELF Mineral infused Face primer.


If your foundation isn't right, then your entire routine might as well be terrible in view. You really want to make sure your Foundation is a perfect match for your skin tone and also a perfect match for your skin type.


There are so many foundation brands out right now, for a Makeup artist like myself it is even very overwhelming!

I tend to use several different brands depending on what i have foundation on for. Because i have Acne prone skin, i can like to respect myself and avoid wahala with my skin, so most times i do without foundation. When i am simply out and about and i have to, i use Mary Kay's Timewise foundation.
When i need more coverage for cameras, Video shoots or photoshoots my favorite to use would be Makeup Forever HD foundation or MAC Studio fix fluid.

Now it is not just about what brand of foundation you are wearing, because really, you might have the most expensive Foundation in your makeup collection, but the minute you apply wrongly, then BOOM! You look like you are wearing cheapskates.
I usually like to apply my foundation with wedge sponges, but i find that using brushes give me a smoother, more flawless finish, so i go with brushes too.
Blending Wedges
My favourite brushes for foundation right now are the ELF Studio powder brush and the Sigma F80 Brush
Sigma F80  
ELF powder brush


With so many different brands to choose from, in so many lengths and designs, its highly impossible not to find a lash extension to suit you. Whether you are edgy, a party girl or generally conservative. I love Lashes! Especially when i know i'm going to be in front of cameras flashing. For one they make your face come alive. It's like your eyes open up more when you have lashes on.

Working with strip lashes makes this a whole lot easier for you cause all you have to do is glide some glue onto the strip and snap it on!
Still not convinced?
Then try a volumnizing or lengthening Mascara to help boost your natural lashes.


I probably must have said this over and over and over again, BUY BRUSHES! You have to have at least a set of 5 containing a brush for foundation and eye shadow brushes, a flat angled brush which would come in handy for so many things especially filling in your brows, and yes a Lip brush!

So, quickly this is how it goes down:
-I apply my sunscreen moisturizer, right after which i apply my foundation Primer.
-Using my favorite brush for foundation, i sweep foundation over my skin and blend blend blend! That really is the trick to flawless foundation application. Blend!
-I brush on some matte finish powder over that to set my foundation and keep it from creasing.
-Then i fill my eyebrows. I generally love to do the brows after i have set my foundation and not before. Some people like to do brows before, really whatever works for you is great
-I apply Eyeshadow primer over my eyelids, then use whatever eyeshadows i have in mind to create the look i want.
-And then in this order, i apply eyeliner, Fix my Lashes in, and brush over that with Mascara
-i go over my face again with powders, bronzers and concealer to contour and highlight my face.
-Most times i do without blush.
-The lips are generally quite easy to do. Sometimes i am colourful, other times i am nude on the lips.

There you have it! I tried to make this generally as simple as possible! I hope this helped you in some way. Cheers


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  1. So so so informative. tanks miss eva for sharing this

  2. Really Nice, but I think a video will be more helpful. And please how do you keep your skin acne free?

  3. @olatomide_d1/10/2013 12:29 am

    Thumbs up miss eva, m a huge fan ov urs, kip up d gud wrk..

  4. I just love the eyebrows! perfect!!!


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