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New Photos! New Single! #Mercy

  • 2/13/2013
  • by
One day, i promise, one day, i would sit down by my computer and type away these many stories behind my new single "MERCY". But not today. No. Today, i just want to share these photos with you. I really felt a need to have these pictures taken and i kid you not, the entire Photoshoot and edit process took us 1 hour! Ehhrmmm...that's without adding the 1hr30mins it took me to do my Makeup. Hehe

August Udoh, the Photographer who also turns out to be my good friend, kinda just understood what i was going for. So there you have it! New Eva photos and the Artwork for my new Single "MERCY".
I promise you'd get it on Friday finally, that's about 48th from now eh?
Abeg support oh! It is not a dum-kpa dum-kpa song, it is a prayer. I think everyone needs that, and i hope you like it when you hear it. Thanks as always for all your Love and never ending support.

What do you think about my photos though? Ladies, wouldn't it be nice if i shot a makeup tutorial video one of these days? Oh i should!

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  1. Great photos babe. love em!! Hawt, pretty n sexy but hey its Eva right lol so as per usual..

  2. Oh + cnt wait to hear ur new single 'MERCY' n d story behind *twirls fingers* hehe n plz, d make-up tutorial video Sounds fab... Do it!!

  3. Luvly photo, perfect as usual

  4. awesomeness!!

  5. Nice portrait shot. Must commend the symmetry and placing

  6. Eva please what site can I get lyrics to MERCY?


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