LOL! OMG I am so Razz sha! Chai Eva

Oh my! So i thought it would be grand to shoot my first "This & That" and poof! Lights go out. After watching this clip, i have buried my face in my palms shaking my head..."Omo mehhnnn i razz die!"
Forget all these serenre. LOL.

On a more serious note though, this light situation in Nigeria has gotten out of hand. I don't know if it ever gets better, all i know is i spend more on fuel for my office and my house now more than i did 2years ago. Does that signify a change in a positive direction? Mbanu! It haff not happun biko.

Anyways, watch the first clip of my "This and That", hopefully i find the time to film a proper one! LOL @ me sound like a market woman. Y'all are cray

Eva Alordiah


  1. my country tho

  2. You're one funny woman. Oya, translate all that Yoruba.

  3. Eva u really have talent, depth and soul in your music. But I can see you want to be desperately commercial. Commercial is good. It pays the bills. But after reading your blog I'm sure you have more to offer than what we get presently. U're a female M.I or Olamide. Prove yourself.

  4. Cant stop laughing............................LOLZ..Ur yoruba is killing oooo

  5. Love you woman, you sure got some good sense of humour

  6. eva funny gan ooo... be speaking yoruba like someone i know but will never mention...


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