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The Amazing Street hustle of Lagos State, in Photos

  • 3/24/2013
  • by
This is a collection of real life shots around Lagos state by Award winning photographers at Orbit Imagery.

I love love love this collection. So inspiring to look at. I have lived in Lagos almost 17years now, and it still gives me Jitters to see it like this through this photos. Share your thoughts.
Thanks to Orbit Imagery!

Hahaha! This man don craze. I can imagine him here saying “Wait! I can tell you to move now and my Oga at the top will say another thing”

Hustle on top Orange ohhhh! LOL

LOL! This Oga nor go reach work today.



Action Film

Tommy of Life. I promise, it is just the Tommy we are looking at here. hehe

Seriously? This guy on the right is sure not taking Life easy at all! Hustle!

LMAO! Ok this is the height!

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Photo Credits - Orbit Imagery -

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL... Very funny @the first picture


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