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  • 7/27/2013
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Yes!! I know i know, i have been off your radar for a while. Here's the thing, i had a total turn around. Well i do hope i did. I'm sure i did! What am i saying? LOL. I need to chill. Ok, on the real though, i have been studio grinding for a hot minute. A lot has changed since the last time you heard me on a self joint - which would be #Mercy.
This year has been pretty dramatic for me and very... i donno what the word is. I think what i mean to tell you is,  'Hey, I'm different!'. I would like to think i actually did quit Music and started all over again.

If you have been listening to me for a long time, you'd hopefully notice the difference in my sound and my approach to music. I am absolutely loving every new thing about my art and i do sincerely hope you do too when the music comes out- which would be non-stop after the release of #LightsOut.

I can officially tell you right now that i do believe my management is set for a Monday release..hopefully awon boyz don't 'LEAK" it before Monday. hehe
My female fans have been requesting for a Makeup tutorial video, and i do hope i can pull that off soon as possible. I apologize for taking so long to upload that for you guys. Let me know if you like this Makeup look i created for the artwork. The idea was to go all summer on 'em! LOL. Full colors, Yellors, Pinks, Purples and a warm glow. You like? If i have many votes for this look, then i guess this would be my first Makeup tutorial for you guys!

Now back to #LightsOut. It was produced by my good friend, 'Gray Jon'z, whom i have worked with over and over again after "High". He is so talented, i cannot express this enough. Everytime we get in his studio to work on a joint, its always a humbling experience. I have too much respect for him. 
I do hope you enjoy #LightsOut guys. I made this one for the Ladies. 

Ssshhhh... its about that "thing" that we really love the boys to do to us but are shy to talk about. Trust me not to be shy. Me i go dey talk my own dey go. Buhahahaa!!

I love you! Please support. #LightsOut
Photo Credit : August Udoh

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  1. Yea ur sound kinda changed...but u still get mouth!
    Not feeling the art work like that sha..., not bcos of d colours
    It doesn't just scream EVA!
    PS: nollywood needs a good makeup artist like u...

  2. Nyce, better and will be best...... well done Elohour aka Eva.

  3. Eva u scatter

  4. Alordiah! Late comment since I'm just getting to know your blog... Everything's perfect! Uuhhmm...that's all!


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