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War Coming - New Music, Download

  • 9/25/2014
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For some curious-Jane reasons I have decided to become very inquisitive of other people's lives and experiences generally. Asides the obvious advantage of being exposed to many real life stories from diverse points of views, it also affords me the much needed opportunity to reminisce on my own life and be in a state of sincere gratitude every now and again, most times all the time.

So naturally as i walked into the studio on Tuesday September 23rd 2014, I was ready to begin a conversation with everyone, but especially Suleja.
Suleja, a silly in the face but smart in the streets kinda fella, strikes me as 12years old but seems much older than that. Maybe 14?
Serving as an apprehentice in a hair barbing salon, Suleja also runs errands through the day for superiors who have needs of varying priorities from buying fuel for the generators to a measely snack, but not the willpower to follow through in satisfying those needs themselves.

I have met Suleja several times but never stopped to chat with him for more than a couple of seconds or as long as "How are you?"and its accompanying response would allow. Not expecting a conversation as lengthy as the one I had just now engaged with him, he giggled with delight and shame all at the same time.
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I asked him, the question every child is bombarded with even before he knows how to spell his name. To my utter bewilderment the young Suleja had not a clue!
What came back to me, as if enough to satisfy my curiosity was a continous childish giggle that looked a damn shame on his puberty evolving frame.
He couldn't even bring himself to at least make up a lie as wild as his young imagination could conjure up in his head.

"You don't even want to be a footballer?" I asked him, football being the most played sport amongst a lot of Nigerian males who grow up in the streets.
He nodded the negative, his head shaking left and right several times letting me know he was sure.
Well if you can be sure what you don't want, you are at least sure what you do want No? Not in Suleja's case.
I asked him to think about and told him we would have a talk in an hour.
After I had found a comfortable sitting in the barbing salon when i got back with the hour up, Suleja informed me he wanted to be a Musician.

Was I surprised?

If you read my last post, I told you about the young boy I talked with in Ipodo market in Ikeja. And just like that kid, here was Suleja choosing a career/life path in music.
It does seem like every young child in Nigeria wants to do Music now. It looks viable doesn't it? Or so it seems.
Living in a country ranked as one of the poorest in the world (which in my world is another way of saying we don't read and we don't think), it is not surprising when the growing easily-influenced child begins to want money and would do whatever has been proven to work to get it.
So as soon as the spotlight beams upon any lifepath that looks like the one leading to "the money" they are quick to jump on it.

And when the money doesn't come? You are up and about looking for the next thing that is working.
Imagine the many people who have grown well beyond their vibrant i-can-do-it years and into the society-thinks-you-are-a-looser phase, still struggling to make sense of what they really want to do with their lives.Now you are what? 28? 35? 43? And still just another Suleja in a country with an ever increasing population with less resources to go round.

The bad news is you are on your own and no one can help you. The good news is whenever you decide you are ready for yourself and willing to face this War within you, regardless of your age, your many mistakes, your past, your little wins and many losses, You can get up and fight through it to get to you. To finding yourself. The you that is happy, at peace, joyful and yearning for life and more life. The You that is grateful to God everyday because you finally realize everything you have and don't have is a gift. The you willing to work, not for money but for the experience and soul gratification that comes with learning a skill, the rules of a position, a trade, nurturing a talent or offering a service.

When you get to a position with self where you are willing to do a day's worth of good legit job that you love, not for the money but for the advancement of self, for the increasing of life, for the good of others, then you know that you are fighting through this War within you already and there is hope of victory.
We are all searching for something. Sometimes we start out thinking it is Money, Love or Sex, getting entangled in all sorts of emotional webs that only pull us further down on a soul level and we have to start all over again finding that happy place. What they have failed to teach us over the years is this "It begins with You". You. Yourself first.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you.."
yet again,
"The Kingdom of God is within you.."

How do you perceive that?

I can tell you what i love to do.
I love to write. I Love to read, I am a sort of book collector now. I love to draw and paint, sometimes on peoples faces and bodies, Makeup artistry. I love music. I love to sing, to rap, to create music. I love to perform. I love to Dance. Photography and Film making are other things i am exploring as well. I love to cook too!

And somehow through my life I have found a way to make all these things work for me to create the life i currently live in, the one that makes me extremely happy and grateful everyday. Without waiting for anyone to help me, I took my life by its reins and began to go my own way. No one could stop me, not even family.
By being persistent, through the craziness, the many broke days and the tears every night before sleep carried me into better lands in the yonder..I am here. Still doing what I love, by my own standards and my own rules. The people who do not understand me do not call me stubborn for no reason. And when they do, i take it simply as them not understanding themselves let alone me.

The money? Well I am blessed! I make enough to pay my rent, send to family and friends, to continue to do my work, pay the kind people who work with me to make magic happen and still have much more for charitable deeds.

Does that answer anything?

I am asking you to search deep within yourself and begin to live a life that You are proud of. You! Forget about the money and what else is there to physically certify you of any positions or social titles. Forget about what people think or don't think. Worry not for how you'd do this or do that, for your father in heaven knows your needs even before you ask.
This is You we are talking about. Life is personal and until you begin to take it personally, it might treat you from a public sense.
What do You really want? What would you do right now that is exactly what you wanted to do if you could choose, for you Can! What decisions are you making today, right now, this moment to begin to stir your life in the course that's the one to your happiness.

"War Coming" was produced by Tintin (@tintinandtins) and features the very talented Sir Dauda. My sweet friend and amazing singer Saeon (@saeonmusic)was also kind to lend her soothing vocals on some of the backups to the song. D'Guitar who is my go to guy when i need help with the strings played a very fundamental role in the creation of the sound as well. Shoutout and plenty thank you kisses to Aham Ibeleme for such a pretty photo!
All this and that said, I really hope you love this song and it connects with you as it did me when we created it. Share with your friends and leave comments below so we know what you think! Thank you.

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  1. When i read your articles..they get to me pretty much,like you know sesan and decided to write to him publicly..LOOL.. buh srzliii now,you inspire in every way.Aside from the good music you give us,Its Rare to find an artiste that creates time from their busy schedule to try and inspire the people that love them...and even the haters too LOL . I FEEL THE LOVE YOU GIVING OUT #OKBYEE

  2. I'm overwhelmed Eva! Your write up is just awesome and the thoughts about God, really cool. Keep soaring. I should download the song in a bit


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