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3 Photos to Make you Fall inLove with Short hair! Plus my Easy everyday Makeup routine

  • 1/29/2016
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For as long as I can recall, I have loved my hair short-short. I always had the many excuses why I didn't want my hair long and for a while I believed all of these excuses. Oh the heat gets in, the hair always gets in the wrong places, It is always just all over the place.    

I think to be fair, I just never grew up loving hair. For the most part I was a denim wearing, sneakers laden tomboy as a kid. I traded barbies for police cars and water guns and I preferred my hair cut low than to have it braided and decorated in dangling rubbery 'hair-things'.
So whenever I do get a chance to wear my hair short, which is almost all the time, I am always very excited. Especially when it is my natural hair as in the photos below.

I really didn't do anything beyond using a relaxer to straighten the roots and coloring it. I had it cut at the sides as well, but not too low. and as the sides began to grow out again I decided I didn't want to cut it low anymore and instead began to use a clear gel.
A lot of you beautiful ladies have asked what products I use for my hair so I decided to write about these too.
below are all the products I generally use including the exactly hair color I have on this shortie.
* Hair Color: Creme of Nature in Honey Blonde 10.0. This is officially my favorite hair color brand as I didn't experience any breakage or damage with this product.

I have used the Dark and Lovely brand in the past but I cannot quite remember much of that experience to compare with this one. I have just ordered some Manic Panic hair color in blue and grey and I am quite excited to try those. Yes! I love to color my hair. Can't help it.
* Motions Relaxer: This one I love because It doesn't burn like every other relaxer I have used in the past. I am usually not one to change brands often when it comes to relaxers but I decided to try this one out mid last year and I have stuck with it ever since. My hair does feel softer and this particular brand of relaxer probably helps with the curls, I am not sure. Or maybe my hair just has a natural wave? I have tried texturizers too and might be going back and forth between those and relaxers.
* Jack 5ive Curl Activator: I have used this bad boy for as long as I can remember! Maybe 13 years now? Yes! It's been in the market all my short hair life and I keep going back to it again and again when I need some curl in my locks.


This makeup look is my new go to look for everyday wear. I don't even wear any eye shadows! The major focus is a perfect face base, impeccably sculpted eyebrows and eye lash extensions to open up the eyes especially as there are no shadows or liners. If you would like to see an indepth tutorial for this look do let me know in comments below!

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  1. you are my crush ryt from day 1 buh you are engage

  2. U r beautiful, Wud love to learn makeup from u, even if it's just a day, love u plenty

  3. Love your makeup, it's so natural and YES, I'll love you to do a tutorial, if possible learn from you for a day or two.

  4. Ooohhh ... Just found this blog... Yay! Following already..


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