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My Extra Curly Hair, Black and Lengthy Crochet braids!

  • 1/29/2016
  • by
Every one knows I am not so big on long hair, I mean, I can stand it but I never want to. Fast forward to recently tho, I have been closing my eyes to all the things I used to say I didn't like like bright colored clothes, long hair and dresses! What is happening to me??? I guess the repressed girly side of me is seeking life all of a sudden and I have found it increasingly difficult to deny her the right to express herself.

So I have recently kicked my tomboyish self to the curb, well not completely, and I am currently seeking new ways to fall more in love with the little girl within me who's never had a chance to grow up.
So I called up my hairstylist,'Aunty Bose' like everyone knows her, and I asked her to buy me some weave for crochet braids. These ones we used are from Expression and forgive but I do not remember the exact name for it.It took a total of 3 hours in all and I was glad I sat through it.
I would love to get this done again, maybe in purple as I miss having some color on.

Quick tip for those of you who have played up more of your boy side, the easiest way to look and feel more like a girl is to wear long hair! And put on some pretty makeup too. And smile!!! Like your life depends on it, cause it does.
Trust me, hair, makeup and a big smile is all you need to look and feel like the very girly girl you should allow yourself to be once in while. I am just here having fun with myself really. Life isn't that serious. I love my girly hair, well for now..

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