7:21PM 22 March 2016
Step away from making too many plans and setting too many goals and really begin to focus your mind and your soul on specific goals and tasks for right now. You must hold the grand vision in your mind of course but for now, understand that progress is only made when action is taken and the only way to take action is to do something. Unfortunately when you get yourself overwhelmed with too many goals and A lot on your To Do lists you only set yourself up for failure and disappointments.

Do not be afraid that you would not have enough time to achieve your dreams, I assure you, you will.

For what time you have now set out to do and accomplish those things that you can now. Know what the vision is and write it down. Then break it all out in steps and focus on just one step at a time. You would find that if you really focus all of your energies on achieving that very first group of tasks in the first step, it all falls in place perfectly and your momentum would begin to increase. The more energy you build up in this way the more confident you begin to feel about your ability to achieve your set goals and in no time at all the vision would present itself to you as your reality.

You can do a lot, yes, but know that you can only do so much.
You do not want to confuse your brain and your mind. You do not want to lose energy.

 If you plan to do too many things at a time you would only have for yourself a wavering mind and that is not so good when you are trying to achieve and succeed.
You need to train your focus. You brain needs to have a point of focus. Finish this one small thing and then move to the next.

And until you finish this one thing do not go to the next. Let all of your energies and focus be upon the task of completing the task before you and when that is done proceed to setting a new task before you.
In this way, success can be achieved.
When you succeed in realizing your vision, you then must set about to conjuring another as this is the way to grow as a human being. Life does not end with the realization of a dream.

Life is a dream with a series of dreams, so in fact you must keep on dreaming should you want to live at all.
And if you find that you no longer have need for or enthusiasm for or passion for a dream you once dreamed, you must let it go and start afresh in a new dream.
Because passion is the soul of dream. Without which your dreams cannot become reality.
Do not worry about the concept of dreaming again.
It is how life works.

 If you cannot expand on a current dream any further for lack of enthusiasm and passion and you have the zest to birth a new dream then so be it.

But be careful not to go about dreaming and leaving your dreams half realized only to run off birthing a new dream.
You must realize when the forces from the dark side are trying to steal your dream from you. You must understand their… Continue Reading

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