Because You Been Waiting, Five Unreleased tracks to keep you going till 1960

I'd keep on updating this playlist with recorded and unreleased material from me for as long as you have to keep waiting for 1960thealbum. But not for long anymore, I promise.

I am so sorry. I would tell you what happened and why it has taken this long. But if I told you, even you would not believe half the story!
I hope you enjoy these songs. Some of them are not properly engineered off the studio yet, but we recorded them through the period of the past couple years. 
We were tired of playing them back to ourselves in the studio and I thought, "Oh dear! What a waste if I cannot at least share them with you guys".
So I said to Tintin, Let it go. Tin said "Yep!"
So I am letting them go.

I hope you enjoy. Keep in touch, don't be a stranger. #1960TheAlbum is not too far away and I would be right back with a full video statement to fill you in on all that's been going down.

Hey, if you enjoy any of these songs, don't forget to share! Stay in Love.

Love always,

Eva Alordiah

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  1. Wooooooooowwwwww five songs at a go! Downloading right away. thanks eva baby am ur biggest fan 4 lyf


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