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TAKE CHARGE - VIDEO You Won't be The Same After Watching This

  • 5/11/2017
  • by
Take Charge.
Take back your LIFE, Take back your FOCUS, Retrain your mind.

The #TOSELFSERIES is a compilation of Life facts rendered through Rap, most of which is inspired by my own Life. If you have been following me for a while now, You know I suffered a serious bout of Depression through the past couple of Years. Ever since I found my way back to Life, through the help of God, I promised myself I was going to share all the insights I have learned through my writing, my music and everything else I find myself doing.
Which is of course the reason I try to keep this blog updated with articles and facts that would help you on your own Journey to becoming a Better, Greater you.

source: Anythink Library

TAKE CHARGE is the recent release from this series, it was produced by 2JO and is available for free streaming on SoundCloud, Youtube and other media.




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  2. Pls E I sent a mail 2u ( about how your music "take charge" awake my dreams. Plz go tru d mail.


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