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Gory Hand Wound with Exposed Bones | Special Effects Makeup Tutorial

  • 6/26/2017
  • by
Special Effects Makeup looks are my favorite to create and I just love how Extra Creative they make me feel with myself. If You love the gory, bloody details of special effects Makeup, then get in here!
This deep flesh wound is so easy to do, well, intermediate kind of easy and you only need very few products to create this. I detail everything in the video.
I also made this video short and straight to the point so we get right into it.

You can put your own twist on this to make it look how you want. For the illusion of the metacarpal  bones on the back of the hand, I used toothpicks because of how sturdy and firm they appear, but I guess you could also use straws cut in half for this!

Enjoy this SFX Tutorial and do let me know in comments below what else you'd like to See me create! Don't forget to subscribe to my Makeup Channel on YouTube so you don't miss new posts!



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