Yellow Eyeshadow? This EASY YELLOW MAKEUP Look is so YUMMY!

I love playing with Color when I do my makeup and every once in a while, Yellow is my Go to. If you watch my Makeup videos, you may have noticed me dip into this particular Yellow from the BH Cosmetics Party Girl pallete. I Use it for transitions shading in my crease when I get bored of a brown transition shade and I also just generally love that beautiful pop of Color that is Yellow!
I made this tutorial so easy to follow so you can recreate it immediately if you wanted!

Also in this Video, I share with you my simple Outfit of the day which is a Big Dress shirt I designed with GozRepublic. I think it went so well with the sneakers, plus its a white shirt so the Makeup look was perfect! Yes?

Enjoy and please leave me comments below so I know if you are digging this. Would you recreate this Look? Tag me in your photos on Instagram!

Eva Alordiah

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