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FMFNR - "Bottle Problems" (Prod. by Gray Jones) - FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD!

  • 11/04/2017
  • by

Every other week, It is my pleasure to send you Free Music For No Reason! This is necessary as I know you love to update your ipods and music players with new music and I always have one or two random files of music that just never saw the Light of day.
This is one of them! You know I have been kicking it with Gray Jones for such a long time. He really is an excellent Producer to work with and I completely adore his music. This song was as a result of the fact that I couldn't say no to the beat and had to jump on it.

Now I am giving it to you to Listen, as I do not think it would pop up in any of my new projects. CLICK HERE TO JOIN Free Music For No Reason and begin to receive Free Music from me every other week!

Preview "Bottle Problems" below:

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