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Everything You need to Know about 111 #1Eleven

  • 12/02/2017
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Click here for Tickets!

You want to Make sure you watch the Video so you get in all of the Information about #1Eleven this December in Lagos.
If you buy a Ticket before 12AM Dec 3rd, I would be Delivering it myself to you! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @evaxalordiah So You don't miss Important updates!

This is a Secret Event In Lagos:
Exact Venue would be Communicated to you after you Purchase your Tickets! Do not Tell anyone!
Date: 27th Dec!

#1ElevenWithEva is about to become the most Important Event for me ever! I am really so excited to be bringing this to You finally as I have wanted to do this for the Longest time!
I have created this a way to meet and connect with You on a Deeper, More Intimate level.
I would be Performing some of my Best Music with the Band, Sharing the stories of my Music and sharing myself as well in the most Open, Vulnerable way ever.
This event is only open to 111 Fans and is an Exclusive, Private experience. Music + Meet and Greet + Q&A + Lounge

This is an opportunity for you to meet with me personally and share, be open, and lets tap into a level of our minds that we couldn't otherwise have been able to at just a regular concert.

Are you coming for this experience? Leave comments down below and let me know what you look forward to discussing with me when you do come!
All my Love!

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