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STILL A HOE - JayZ Story Of Oj Cover (Music)

  • 1/13/2018
  • by
I'm a JayZ fan, always been. When the video for this Song came out I remember heading straight to Youtube to get my fix and left feeling so Creatively uplifted. Like what the flipping F was all that creative animation! Over and over I listened to the original and I knew I wanted to hop in the studio with mine.
I recorded this song because I couldn't get over the Instrumental. My Gosh! This beat is everything I had to hop on it,
Shout out to 2JO for always being of such great help with my recordings and helping to record this.
I love it, let me know if you do too.

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  1. Eva, Thank you for the song on your blog. It was short, Cool and interesting. This shows how much you Love Jay's Song.

    I Like the Chorus and Lyrics.
    I see me and you like that someday, when I mean 'That' I mean Popular enough to get Fans who will Like our songs together Just the way Jay and Beyonce Is being loved. Perhaps not couples but ours maybe a friendship. I have resubmitted ny request on a collaboration to Your mail as directed by Eva.

    Love you.


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