Yes! I am finally doing it. I have thought about doing this for such a long time that honestly at this point, it is an excitement loaded with Relief to be finally commencing with the plan.

What’s the Plan?

To meet with you! It’s that simple. I always get requests for a meet and greet event and while I am excited about those, I am more particular about what spending quality time with one or two people will feel like. What kind of conversations would we have, how can we inspire each other, how can our relationship unfold after that first meeting?

It is a lot of things, but more good than bad.

As basic as the idea is, I would like to make it really clear what it all means to ENTER THE CAVE WITH EVA.

This is a show, but not just any kind of show. It is one that will help change the consciousness and minds of all the people watching. And if you have been following me for a while now you already know this is my mission: To Inspire Millions of People worldwide to reach for their better selves.

Every week, I will be joined by 2 supporters in the cave.

We will chat, film the episode together and explore a range of topics. You also get the chance to ask me your personal questions and dive deep and deeper with me.

If you are Male, I will be Cooking for you, we will eat together and film the episode through this process.

If you are Female, I will be sharing a few Makeup tricks with you while we film the episode.

Best of all we will have a really good time and hopefully start off a friendship that we can be happy about.

So what do you do to ENTER THE CAVE with Me?

Simply shop any product of choice in the cave here

This can be either a digital product for download or a physical product to be shipped to you. It doesn’t matter what you buy in the cave. Once you have made a purchase, you will be immediately added to the List and very randomly week after week till December 2018, two people will be selected to join me in the cave.

You want to make sure you shop the cave before November 30th!

My New Show, IN THE CAVE WITH EVA will commence filming from November 15th! This is honestly one of the best things I am doing this year and in a sense, it is a plan coming through.

I look forward to meeting with you! Love.

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  1. Eva I have ever dreamt of meeting u in real life .I love you so much.Please I live in kano how do I get it now.I love u so much.

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