Ever since I announced my short Ebook guide on “HOW TO SQUIRT” I have been receiving messages almost daily on Instagram from women who want to learn about Squirting. I didn’t think that many women cared about expanding upon and truly understanding themselves as divine sexual beings!

It is interesting to see that a lot of women are determined to open up, to will themselves free of the subconscious programming of guilt and shame about sex in the society especially on Women.

In my Ebook Guide “HOW TO SQUIRT”, I shared with you that squirting is not so much about the Orgasm, or even Sex at all (because you do not have to have Sex to squirt) but it is really about embodying your unique feminine flavor and being in touch with your sexuality as a woman. Because for you to Squirt at all, you must be able to allow yourself feel deeply, and FEELING is the first step towards becoming and embodying your divine feminine self.


A lot of women are going through emotional traumas that have stemmed from early childhood sexual abuse, rape, abusive relations etc and many of these young women have locked themselves up in a shell of distrust, and emotional blockages of all kinds has dulled the color of their vibrancy as women. This in turn causes them to block their creative centers which is where the sexuality is housed in your energetic body. And if a woman has locked down her ability to feel, to be sensual, sexual, she has ultimately locked down her ability to Create effectively and bring her vital contributions to the world.

SQUIRTING helped me move past my inhibitions. It made me become more aware of the incredible things I could feel as a woman, beyond sex. Above all it is always an extremely empowering and liberating experience. Beyond just an orgasm, Squirting can become the bridge or gateway to your most empowered sensual self as a woman.

Today, To answer the many questions of what Squirting looks like when it happens, and trying my best to keep it R16 as possible,  I am sharing with you a real footage from my intense Squirting orgasm from a few days ago.

UuurgGH! I honestly had no intentions of Squirting. I was only practicing a new technique I stumbled upon on Energetic Sex and next thing you know, I was swept up in this blast of Euphoric abandon. There I was by myself, completely entranced in my powerful, growing sexual energy and then Boom! I was squirting all over the place. Needless to say, It was the most incredible night and I slept oh so wonderfully! AaaarggH!

Watch Video Below:


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