You are going to get over him
I promise
I know for now you feel like you’ve been blanketed by sheets of somber clouds
It may seem like the sun has dimmed
And your world has become darkened
So I’m here to let you know that it is going to pass
The rays will be back
And your light will find its spark
You’re so beautiful you don’t even see it
Cause you are always looking out hoping that someone else is looking in
Hey listen to me
You are going to get over him
Time will pass quickly
And the memories will simply just fade into a shade of gray
That will be locked away in the pallet of your past
And one day
You’ll wake up and realize that you were hurting for nothing
So I hope that you’ve cried enough because now
It is time to get your hair done
Put on some makeup
And get your cake up
Begin again to do all of those things you used to do but

stopped because you began to love the dude
Focusing on living life with him
Until you forgot how to live within
So pick yourself up and go
Do whatever you have to do and just slay baby slay
Cause you are going to get over him.

So pick yourself up
Go write that book
Show up for that interview
Go sit for that exam
Make those plans

I know you cannot see it right now
But this is a blessing in disguise
The universe has only taken away the old to let in the new

You are going to get over him
But you must forgive and let go
Because if you keep on holding on then you’ll never know whats out there just waiting for you
And i can promise you that where you are going
Is better than anywhere you’ve ever been but you have to believe it

It is not true that you are not going to find

someone else who’ll love you like he did
What is true is that you will find someone else
And even more than that you’ll find yourself
Like a good old book that’s been sitting in the shelf
Because through this process you’ll discover
Pieces of you that have been hidden for so long

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