Try for a moment to separate yourself from the physicalness of life. Feel the energy that is all about you by simply becoming still and allowing yourself to sense its vibration.
There is an ever pulsing stream of energy in every space and corner of the universe. You cannot see it but you can sense it.
It is out of this energy that all of life exists and is. It is this energy that makes you what you are. You are it.
To know that you are more than what you see of yourself, that you transcend all time and all space, that you are a Spirit being having a physical experience, is to possess a divine truth about your life.
The more aware you become of your spirit nature the better you can begin to live and the more expansive your life will become.
You will find that the things that used to bother you before seem to become insignificant as you now busy yourself with much higher things.
You will find yourself worrying less and less and trusting more and more because you will know that a force greater than you operates and has its being through your experience.
You will see it all around you, things will begin to add up, synchronicity will increase, and your life will appear as though orchestrated by some sort of perfect formula.

Throughout your life you have had a sense of something greater operating, an unseen force that you knew was out there but could not comprehend. You have been trying all this time to understand it through your physical nature, by your physical senses.
Now it is time to activate your spirit nature, to go within so you can understand that which is expressed without.
This is the purpose of man’s journey in his physical life, that he is brought forth to Earth to gain a physical experience and in so doing come to a realization of his spirit being.

You are more powerful than you care to realize, more knowing, more wise. But you remain where you are, dispossessed of all knowledge and truth because you do not care to break free of the limitation of this illusion.
You see with your physical eyes but see only a little. It is when you see with your spirit that your truly see.

There is a latent power within you just waiting to be stirred, to be lightly tapped back into action. You have not begun tapping because you have not being told that it lies therein. You have been made to believe that it was outside yourself.
It is of this power that the great teacher spoke of when he said “The Kingdom of heaven is within you.” And again “Seek and ye shall find”

But you have been seeking all outside of yourself.

It is time for you to come into full knowledge and awareness of what you really are. But first, you must trust.

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