In a previous video I posted a little over a month ago, I addressed the issue of Ejaculation and How men must begin to practice Semen Retention to increase their Energy and Power. I must tell you how overwhelmed I was at the numerous responses from men who had tried Semen Retention in the past and all the wonderful results they got.

Today, in response to many questions from men asking me how to actually do it, Here is a Quick tip that can help.

You must understand that Sex is not a means to end, it was never made to be that way. If you are engaged in Sex simply for the end pleasure of a quickly fading Ejaculation, then you really are missing out on the Divine Power of Sex.

For many men unfortunately, they have been trained to see sex as the gateway to an ejaculation and so they hop in for just that, wanting the ejaculation and wasting their powerful energy.

In this Video I teach you a very powerful technique that you can immediately incorporate to not only practice Semen Retention but to also experience Mind Blowing Whole Body Orgasms.




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