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Bad Energy by Eva Alordiah.

Nothing much happening here. Just me rapping cause the Beat wouldn’t leave me alone. Hope You enjoy it!

Check out the Tshirt I am wearing in this Video. Of course I ripped mine by hand with fire, Couldn’t help myself

Hey, fck Depression HANDWRITTEN DESIGN


If You currently feel Stuck, Here I am telling you to relax, You are in the best place for your next Level of Growth!

Why we often get Stuck

As humans, it is a habitual, innate ability we have to place ourselves into things, ideas, philosophies, groups. It is our way of mapping our identity, shaping our personalities. These containers exist everywhere, in our Work, In our study, in our Careers, in our day to day decisions.

You become the container you place yourself in.

Our individual Containers can be the country we live in, our financial goals, our entire self concept, the capacity of work we expect of ourselves, the kinds of people we associate with.

In every aspect of our lives, we subconsciously create these containers for ourselves – It is our way of deciding what our limits are, how far we can go, how more we are willing to do.
As you grow to fill your container, you suddenly begin to get stuck within the walls of the container so that you can no longer grow beyond them. Once you begin to feel stuck in any area of your life, it is a sign that this area requires a new bigger container.



You can remain in the same place for 1 year, being the same, unchanging, not growing, stagnated.

I was doing the same thing with the plants and expecting a different result. I wanted them to grow, I wondered why they were dying. Everyday I saw that the plants were dry and brittle, and everyday I watered them, hoping that the water will have any effect. It didn’t.  Week after week, Month after month.
Until the sudden realization that perhaps the plants had become so dead simply because their containers were just too small to hold and house their growing roots. Alas!

Now transplanted, I do not need to see them in the next three months to know that this simple step taken today was the solution, changing the containers, placing the plants in a new, bigger environment where they can thrive and do better.

When you observe the plants, there are some that multiply and spread regardless of how tight the container is.
They develop more stems, more shoots, more leaves until they cant anymore.
Some plants do this more than others, continually spreading and remaining confined in the container with no real growth happening to any of the stems.

Then there are those that depend on only one or a few stems and just must be placed in a much larger container, else they wither and begin to die.
Think on this, how does it apply in your life?

Many of us, once we feel stuck, begin to try to do more and more. We spread ourselves so thing until we cannot anymore. We find ourselves doing so much but experiencing such little growth in any one area.

We fail to see that it isn’t what we are doing that is the problem, it is that our container is just not big enough to allow for any real growth to occur. It is time to move/transplant things into new containers.

For the plants that depend on one stem/root and cannot spread, death begins to occur. Growth remains completely stagnated and the leaves begin to dry out and wither.

The dying plant can be revived and rejuvenated however, if it is placed in a bigger container.

You know it is time to place yourself in something bigger when you can no longer afford to grow where you now are, when you have so stretched yourself out and multiplied that you then become stagnant.

When you feel stuck, it is Time to place yourself into something New. Feeling stuck is a sign that growth is possible beyond its present state. So if you feel stuck in your life right now it is a wonderful sign. It is a proof that you can be more than you currently are.
The pain and disgust you feel from feeling stuck and stagnant is the catalyst required to push you out of your present container to demand a bigger one.
And an immediate physical response to this intrinsic human need for growth will be you saying things like
“I need a better phone.”
“I need a bigger house.”
“I need a better car.”

When you go beyond need, you begin to tap into the part of your conscious mind that is reasoning. You then begin to think thoughts like:

“I don’t know what I am doing with my Life”

“I am not where I am supposed to be”

Yes you do.
We all deserve more, bigger, better.
But the process to getting there is what is most important.
The growth you are seeking will occur through the process- through this process of changing your container.
It begins with having a bigger mind.

Your first container is your mind. Your vision. Your idea of yourself. Your self concept or self ideal. This is where the containers for every other aspect of your life proceeds from. The bigger your mind, the bigger containers you can place yourself in.
You give yourself permission to grow when you begin to place yourself under bigger challenges, tougher ideas and plans, new environment  new people.

The challenge for you now is to become aware, completely honest with yourself. In what areas of your life are you presently experiencing dryness, brittleness, drought?

Do you have a container in which you have placed that aspect of you?
There must be an existing container.
Observe it, can it be changed? If yes, what would a bigger container look like and how can you make that happen?
What would a tougher challenge for you be right now?
Can you do more than you are currently doing?
Can you be more that you are currently permitting yourself to being?

This is a very simple Idea that I am sure will transform your life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

To have money you must care about money. To care about money is easy to do when you begin to care about other people’s money

HOW TO BLEND, Soft Smokey Eye Makeup (For Beginners)

If you have had trouble in the past with Creating Smokey eye makeup on yourself, This video tutorial is going to help you fix that. I find that the main issues many ladies have especially with Smokey Eye makeup, is they take the dark colors on too much too early at the beginning of the look, and they use the wrong Makeup brushes and tools.  In this video I teach you how to blend properly and how to do a smokey eye in the easiest way possible.

I hope you find this Tutorial helpful?

Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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#InTheCaveWithEva CHUDI – How Today’s Kids are Negatively affected by Technology

This is Possibly one of my favorite episodes of THE CAVE so far. I had a wonderful time speaking with Chudi on Several issues. We spoke for several long minutes that I have had to break down this episode into several Videos. So do keep a look out for the new updates coming up on Chudi’s chat with me in the Cave.

In this snippet we share our thoughts and insight on the effect of Technology on Today’s kids.

What do you think?

Do Share your thoughts in comments


DO NOT EJACULATE- How To Have Intense Orgasms without EJACULATION

In a previous video I posted a little over a month ago, I addressed the issue of Ejaculation and How men must begin to practice Semen Retention to increase their Energy and Power. I must tell you how overwhelmed I was at the numerous responses from men who had tried Semen Retention in the past and all the wonderful results they got.

Today, in response to many questions from men asking me how to actually do it, Here is a Quick tip that can help.

You must understand that Sex is not a means to end, it was never made to be that way. If you are engaged in Sex simply for the end pleasure of a quickly fading Ejaculation, then you really are missing out on the Divine Power of Sex.

For many men unfortunately, they have been trained to see sex as the gateway to an ejaculation and so they hop in for just that, wanting the ejaculation and wasting their powerful energy.

In this Video I teach you a very powerful technique that you can immediately incorporate to not only practice Semen Retention but to also experience Mind Blowing Whole Body Orgasms.



11:11:11 – 11 Spiritual Messages for this Day 11 November 2018

Numbers have frequency and hidden meanings. Through them, light-codes are transmitted all about the universe. 2018’s number in numerology is also 11 as it does add up to 11.
Today is 11:11. But not only that as in Day and Month, but also 11 11 11 as in Day, Month and Year.
A day like this may never happen again in your lifetime. The energy of the Earth today is one of realignment, awakening and new beginnings.
In numerology, The number 11 is a master number that signifies newness, beginnings, a portal/gateway for spiritual awakening. On a day like this
11 11 11, we have an even more supercharged energy round about us.
It is one that is waiting for you to merge with it, thereby increasing your sense of self and purpose and awakening you to a new, higher dimension of self.
This is an auspiciously incredible time for dreaming dreams, sowing seeds of your visions and realigning with your true divine self. More than anything else, Today, you must take time apart from everything to be outdoors alone and to meditate.

1. You are here in this time and thus You have received the confirmation of a new beginning. An automatic reset has been pushed on your behalf and it is up to you to decide that you can start again, afresh, with a renewed sense of responsibility towards your core mission.
You are starting again. Imagine that all is wiped clean and you get to begin again, this time with help from your loving spirit family and guides and with God on your side.

2. You cannot afford not to have a Vision right now. Today is the perfect day to set a new revised vision in place and commit to it. All of your Angels and guides are ready on hand to assist you at this time. It will be wise to ask for help and believe that it is rendered.
You must not do this merely to say that you did it, but you must get clear on the vision and commit your heart, body and mind.
If you are unsure of your vision, today is the perfect time to receive instant clarity.
Set 11 minutes on the clock and on a sheet of paper and with a pen
Set the intention that you are ready to receive instructions and guidance from your higher self and God and begin to write whatever comes to mind. Write all ideas that you believe to be the vision for your life. Have no reason to stop and just keep on writing. When you are done, your true vision will not be hidden and will be right in front of you on the paper.

3. So many messages are going to be flooding through you today. The energy of Earth is alive and pulsing ever so intensely. Be ready to receive answers to your troubling questions and do not be hesitant to ask them. As your thoughts flow, be careful to write them down. This is important. The codes for your future will be hidden in messages that you must read again and again over the next course of months to fully understand.
Write your thoughts down, important.

4. You are awakening to a new spiritual dimension. To be here, you cannot afford to remain who you were. Accept the calling towards your transformation and this by the renewing of your mind. Think yourself into.
Know that you are a new being. This is the perfect time to really let the past be, and step away from the old self. Remember, it is a new beginning.

5. When you close your eyes to meditate today, which you should do to take advantage of the powerful energy of this time, imagine that a soft flowing bright white light encapsulates you. Imagine that you are bathed in this light and see it expanding all about you, as though you wear the yolk in an egg.
Appreciate this energy and know intuitively that you are protected at all times. Give thanks for this protection and continue to appreciate it.

6. In a Diary or notepad, write down 11 things you desire to have or achieve in the next 11 Months. Ensure that your desires are within reason but not bound by fear or a sense of lack. Do not worry about how they will come about or what you must do. Only focus your mind intently on your truest, deepest desires. As you write them, give thanks in writing for the completion and manifestation.
E.g “I give thanks now for the perfect and successful completion of my new store in Abuja. I am blessed and filled with Joy”

“I am so grateful to now be earning N250,000 monthly. This continual increase in my income is a divine gift and I am thankful for it.”

This list will become your Visualization sheet for the coming months. Go to evaalordiah.com/visualmanifestation to learn how to do this.

7. Call 3 people you have not spoken with in a long time and speak with them for at least one minute. Ensure to send them love and wish them well, ask how they are, make them feel your earnest love. This will dramatically increase your Vibration on the frequency of Love today and will super charge you to Manifest even faster. Do it.

8. Imagine the physical manifestation of 1 thing that you earnestly desire in your life right now. What is it for you? What do you most want?
Know that today, 111111 is charged with such powerful energy that manifestation will be very easy.
Create a Visual, imaginative story of this 1 thing you desire. Remember this story, because everyday for the rest of November you will rehearse this visual story in your imagination over and over again. Every Morning, every noon, every night, without fail.
It will manifest and you will know that you yourself have brought it to pass.
Go to
evaalordiah.com/visualmanifestation to learn how to do this

9. Today is a wonderful day for giving. All of your gifts today will bring much rewards in heightened energy and manifestation in different dimensions.
Find 2 people who can do nothing for you and give them cash money. This simple action, done with love and in servitude will help elevate and intensify your vibration in the Abundance frequency.

10. Your spiritual senses are heightened today. You are more aware and more intuitive today and for the coming days. But today especially you must practice with your intuitive nature. Simply be still and observe the goings and comings about you, and also within you. Do not merely see with your physical eyes, but also attempt to see with your spirit nature. In the coming days you will become better and better at this with practice and diligence and your awareness about life will be expanded. You are spirit

11. Give thanks. Over and over and over again, today and every morning without fail. Give thanks for the past, give thanks for this new beginning, give thanks for the manifestation of your desires, give thanks for the love of God and the grace upon you. Give thanks for your disappointments, give thanks for your failures. Today, bathe yourself in gratitude. Give thanks today and always.

Awaken the Spirit within – Eva Alordiah Blogs

Try for a moment to separate yourself from the physicalness of life. Feel the energy that is all about you by simply becoming still and allowing yourself to sense its vibration.
There is an ever pulsing stream of energy in every space and corner of the universe. You cannot see it but you can sense it.
It is out of this energy that all of life exists and is. It is this energy that makes you what you are. You are it.
To know that you are more than what you see of yourself, that you transcend all time and all space, that you are a Spirit being having a physical experience, is to possess a divine truth about your life.
The more aware you become of your spirit nature the better you can begin to live and the more expansive your life will become.
You will find that the things that used to bother you before seem to become insignificant as you now busy yourself with much higher things.
You will find yourself worrying less and less and trusting more and more because you will know that a force greater than you operates and has its being through your experience.
You will see it all around you, things will begin to add up, synchronicity will increase, and your life will appear as though orchestrated by some sort of perfect formula.

Throughout your life you have had a sense of something greater operating, an unseen force that you knew was out there but could not comprehend. You have been trying all this time to understand it through your physical nature, by your physical senses.
Now it is time to activate your spirit nature, to go within so you can understand that which is expressed without.
This is the purpose of man’s journey in his physical life, that he is brought forth to Earth to gain a physical experience and in so doing come to a realization of his spirit being.

You are more powerful than you care to realize, more knowing, more wise. But you remain where you are, dispossessed of all knowledge and truth because you do not care to break free of the limitation of this illusion.
You see with your physical eyes but see only a little. It is when you see with your spirit that your truly see.

There is a latent power within you just waiting to be stirred, to be lightly tapped back into action. You have not begun tapping because you have not being told that it lies therein. You have been made to believe that it was outside yourself.
It is of this power that the great teacher spoke of when he said “The Kingdom of heaven is within you.” And again “Seek and ye shall find”

But you have been seeking all outside of yourself.

It is time for you to come into full knowledge and awareness of what you really are. But first, you must trust.


You are going to get over him
I promise
I know for now you feel like you’ve been blanketed by sheets of somber clouds
It may seem like the sun has dimmed
And your world has become darkened
So I’m here to let you know that it is going to pass
The rays will be back
And your light will find its spark
You’re so beautiful you don’t even see it
Cause you are always looking out hoping that someone else is looking in
Hey listen to me
You are going to get over him
Time will pass quickly
And the memories will simply just fade into a shade of gray
That will be locked away in the pallet of your past
And one day
You’ll wake up and realize that you were hurting for nothing
So I hope that you’ve cried enough because now
It is time to get your hair done
Put on some makeup
And get your cake up
Begin again to do all of those things you used to do but

stopped because you began to love the dude
Focusing on living life with him
Until you forgot how to live within
So pick yourself up and go
Do whatever you have to do and just slay baby slay
Cause you are going to get over him.

So pick yourself up
Go write that book
Show up for that interview
Go sit for that exam
Make those plans

I know you cannot see it right now
But this is a blessing in disguise
The universe has only taken away the old to let in the new

You are going to get over him
But you must forgive and let go
Because if you keep on holding on then you’ll never know whats out there just waiting for you
And i can promise you that where you are going
Is better than anywhere you’ve ever been but you have to believe it

It is not true that you are not going to find

someone else who’ll love you like he did
What is true is that you will find someone else
And even more than that you’ll find yourself
Like a good old book that’s been sitting in the shelf
Because through this process you’ll discover
Pieces of you that have been hidden for so long


So you have been off this relationship for quite some time now and you have begun to feel new energy, that undeniable sense of moving on. You are beginning to enjoy your time alone and day by day you are finding ways to let go.
Or so it seems until something reminds you of your ex; A song on the radio, the smell of food, a name in the book you are reading, their picture popped on your Instagram explore feed.
Ahhh the many things that can jerk your memory of them are endless.
So now you are thinking about them and you begin to imagine what could have been.

You may even think you have done wrong for not fighting for this relationship to work and that sick guilty feeling that you may have failed will cause you to want to correct that failure. Cause we all hate to imagine that we failed at something right?
For many people, it is the feeling that they may never find a love like that again that drives them into self lolling and hurt. They consider the number of months or maybe even years that they spent building the relationship and they cannot bring themselves to let an investment like that go to waste.For many others, it is the Sex. The sex was just so good to pass on. They cannot bare to imagine their ex enjoying what they had with someone else.

I will tackle these scenarios in a second post but in this first post, I really am trying to just get you to understand that the question of going back to your ex has more to do with time than anything else.
When a break-up is still fairly fresh in the memory, the mind will continually trick you with endless possibilities of thought.
Understand how the mind operates. You already have stored memory and vital information for it to work with. It is already used to certain thought patterns. The mind isn’t trying to push you to do anything, it is only trying to help you by offering thought ideas from your memory bank to offer a solution for your present pain or distress.

Your mind will present different scenarios you can act upon based on what memories, ideas, thoughts, concepts and beliefs you may hold presently, but your decision will ultimately be on you.
And so know that it will take some time for your mind to do the necessary adjusting to find solutions for you that have nothing to do with your ex.
But not just time in the sense of time passing, actual time invested in created new powerful thought patterns in your memory bank. And the only way to do this is to spend this time away from your ex living your best life so to speak.

When you allow time pass and work patiently with time, you will soon find that what seemed most important isn’t really as important as you thought.
For instance, you may soon realize all the many good things you have learned about yourself thanks to that relationship and you may even begin to say that the time invested in that relationship was worth it because now you know this and that.

Many couples break up and get back together with the hopes of fixing things and this is always wonderful if both parties are fully involved in the process. If getting back together is a decision they are both individually deciding upon and see it as best for them then this is mutual and healthy.

However if one person is forcing a come back and the other wants nothing to do with it, then it is clear there is nothing to fight for. Why be with somebody who doesn’t want to be with you?

I suggest that if you have reached the final stages of the final breakup of a relationship, even though you might feel like you want them back, stop and allow time.
As time passes you will begin to feel better and lighter. The memories will fade. You will be a different person because you have begun to actively engage in your highest pleasures.
And one day you will realize you do not even want them back. You might even say “I am so grateful I left that person else I wouldn’t have been able to do this or that, meet this person or that.”

However the other beautiful thing about Time is the fact that if these two people were meant to be together for a purpose the Universe deems worthy, then by the inner workings of nature life will circle them both together at a time when they would have become ready to take on the challenges of a relationship together.

If you think about going back to your ex because you are in pain and cannot do without them, it is not the right time.

If you think about going back to your ex because the sex was so good and you cannot imagine sex with someone else, it is not the right time.

If you think about going back to your ex because you feel like you invested so much in that relationship and don’t want to let it go cause you cannot imagine building from scratch with someone else, it is not the right time.

If you think about going back to your ex because you need to prove to yourself that you are not a failure and you can make the relationship work, it is not the right time.

The right time to go back to your ex is when you both have consciously become aware of your faults and errors and have both come to a place where, out of Love and respect for each other, you want to Work together to Grow together. You may need to stay separated for a while for this to happen but no matter how long it takes, if you were meant to be together for a good purpose to the universe, then by the inner workings of nature, life will circle you back together so that the workings and contribution from your love together can be felt and experienced through all of time and space.

Know that the universe is alive with the energy that causes creation and expansion. Everything in Nature aims towards life and growth. If it is not growing, it will die. 
When things break we are tempted to want to fix them, to put it back together as it was. It is human nature, our innate capacity to make things better.
However, sometimes, we must observe and try to understand why they broke instead of rushing in to fix it.
Speaking of relationships now, there are always so many lessons to learn whether the relationship is intact or broken. Give it time, learn the lessons inherent for you and live into your best self while time does it’s work through you and for you. And if you were meant to be together again, everything in the universe will conspire to circle you both back together. Trust Your Process. Go live your amazing life!

How To Fuuuhh Shit Up AFTER A BREAK-UP- 6 STEPS!

Breakups are hard, and painful. I of all people should know this.

I have had all kinds of break ups in my short beautiful life. The break up from a crush that you never got to Kiss, the break up from the first boyfriend cause you had to travel all across the country to college, the very painful almost regretful break up from the one you thought was the one, the super dramatic breakup from an abusive boyfriend, even a break up after a ring on the Finger.
I have seen it all, maybe not quite all of it, but I dare say I have seen enough.
Funny enough I am not that girl to quit on Love. I never say “Oh fuck that! Men are scum! I don’t need a man.”
Naaahhh hell no! I love love. I love being with someone and giving them so much love and having them support and care for me too. I still look forward to my next love and as much as I am itching to have it, I know I must wait this one out and I am happily waiting right now.

Often times after the realization of a break up sets in, we become defensive, almost standing on the brink of revenge. We feel revengeful not because we are mean people, but because we feel all of these emotions that tell us the other person has done us a bad thing and they must pay for it.
This can be understandable. You are in pain, you feel helpless. Perhaps they have even done the unthinkable and blocked your number or refused your many calls.
How can they not pay?

Truth is, revenge will only take as much energy from you as you need for your own healing and all of that is really unnecessary.
So what do I mean “Fuhhh shit up?”

You have to bring all of your attention back to you.
First let me share 6 Life Lessons from Breakups and these may be general or specific, some may resonate with you and others won’t.

6 Life Lessons from Breakups

  •  Break ups afford you new found time for yourself and your goals
  • There is always a lesson for you in every relationship and you must seek to find out what it is. People do not simply come into your life for no reason, there’s always something to gain that helps you in the evolution of your soul
  • When you go back to reassess what happened, and you ponder on why it happened, you get answers that will help you. You are able to see areas for improvement in your own life
  • Break-ups help you understand yourself as a Lover and exposes you to traits that you do not want in your next partner. You also get to understand what you are looking for in a relationship and can now set yourself up to those new standards.
  • The pain experienced from Break-ups are very Emotionally Healing and as much as this sounds like an irony, it is a fact. The pain pulls you through a break down and rebuild process that you have no choice but to pull through. And you will be the better for it.
  • Now that you are alone, isn’t it wonderful to be able to give yourself your own love?

First I want you to know that fuhhing shit up after a break is really about you, not the other person. You are not trying to get back at them, you are trying to get back to You. The real you, the essence of who you are. You are trying to become an even better you than they left behind. And the coolest thing about all of this is, because you are not up for revenge, you are able to save all your good energy and put it all back into your Healing.

6 STEPS to Fuhhh shit up After A Break-Up

1. Forgive them
Break ups happen for so many reasons. Perhaps your partner may have been emotionally or physically abusive. Or maybe they cheated on you. Stolen from you. Left for no reason at all.
It may sound strange and absolutely uninspiring but forgiveness is the very first step to fucking shit up and healing yourself of the pain.
You cannot fully go forward in life without forging the past.
You must forgive them, and forgive yourself too. Whatever it is. You have to find a way to move on from it.
The reason this is so important is because you will keep yourself stuck the more things you carry around with you that are not forgiven. Forgiveness may seem like it is for the other person but truly, it is for you.
You do not have to call them on the phone to say anything..well not yet.
You only simply have to breathe into it, visualize it and let it go. Say it in your heart as truthfully as you can and fully let it all go.
This is no way easy to do, but the benefits in your life are well worth it.
Now you begin your journey towards healing.

2. Eat Good Food
This is as simple as it sounds. You must eat. Food is such a wonderful gift to man, I can see why it is often the first thing to suffer when we are in pain. We hate how we feel so much so that we skip meals, we refuse food. We just simply want to be left alone.
The truth is you are doing yourself more harm than good by not eating.
The less you eat, the worse you feel. You will lose energy and you won’t feel good generally.
So Eat. Eat good shit. Healthy meals. This is not the time for chocolate and sweets and cake and all that junk. No. This is Avocado time, apple time, some baked potatoes, well spiced home cooked chicken, Vegetables and lots of Water
Eat! Like a boss.

3. Workout.
If you really want to fuhhh shit up after a break, now is the time to get your workouts going. Do what you must to break a sweat daily.
You do yourself no good lying on the couch and reminiscing about the past. The past is gone, snap out of it and do not let it stop you from enjoying your wonderfully unfolding life. All of the love you need and deserve are here in the present moment and it truly begins with you.
Working out will not only make you feel good, it will help you feel good.
Set a body goal for yourself.
If you want to take some pounds off, commit to that. If you want to build some muscle, that’s exactly what you are going to do.

Here are two tips to help you workout happily:
. Buy some new workout gear, a few beautiful colorful pairs that look sexy on you. The right gear and clothes in the gym have a sneaky way of making us feel good and do more. So don’t just pick up an old shirt and head to the gym, invest some money in something new and rock on.
. Workout first thing in the morning if possible. Starting your day by breaking a sweat and pushing weights is not just beneficial for your body, it is wonderful for your mind. You set the tone for the rest of your day by how you begin it. So begin with a workout and feel fantastic the whole day long.

. Challenge yourself in your routines. The more you do and push yourself, the better you will feel. You must remember that you are your own biggest judge and you cannot run away from your own judgement. Knowing that you are pushing yourself at something is a good vibe and you want that.

4. De-clutter Your Space

Take a good assessment of your life and notice everything in your space that needs to go.
Old clothes, worn out shoes, things you haven’t used in the past couple of years, everything must go.
The reason for this is simple, You need Energy. Old, worn out items of clothing or personal belongings in your space take up energy. You must clear this old energy out.
De-cluttering your space is something you should generally look forward to doing every once in a while but i have found that doing one de-cluttering round after a break can bring much needed peace and speed up the healing process.

5. Change your Wardrobe:
This isn’t just about changing your wardrobe, buying new clothes and spending money. This is an essential de-cluttering process that will not only revamp your space but clear your mind as well.

6. Pour Energy into your Work, Get your Money up
The bad news is, you may feel lonely. The good news is now you have some more time on your hands. All the disgust, and loneliness and fear, or maybe even hatred that you feel can be channeled towards something useful. Make a genuine commitment to yourself to get your Money up. The focus isn’t so much so on Money per say, but on the energy of advancement, the energy of leveling up, of abundance. Go be more of you.
Commit time to the things that you love to do, the business you want to start, that book you want to write. Go do that thing you have been putting off and go do it well.
They say the best form of revenge is success, but hey, remember, we are not doing that revenge energy over here. That is low vibration and we cannot waste time with that. We are not getting back at anyone, we are getting back to you.
Go get your money up!

I wish you all the Best and Send you a Lot of Love.