All that I AM

Over the past couple of weeks I have deliberately immersed myself in learning a wide range of things, concepts and ideals in topics that would not naturally come to mind. This means I have forced myself to want to know things that I am naturally not concerned about on an everyday experience.
I have questioned a lot, literally just sit there on my desk and wonder why. Why is there a want for more? Why do we exist? Why do some people succeed and others don’t. Why do we experience intense bursts of emotions that lead us to want things that have been religiously or morally touted as wrong? Why do i have desires that climb heights towering well beyond the comprehension of my bare human sight?

You do realize I obviously have no answers for my many questions,  and without going off like I don’t care about these answers, truth is what answer would be right? And in what measure would right be determined, Logically, Rationally or Hypothetically? How do we know what’s right? 
Just because certain ideals have been passed on from friends, family or generations past doesn’t necessarily make them right no?

Well in all these weeks of my pondering, I wondered about life in itself. Its beauty, its essence,  and what we are to earth- to the world, this complex Universe.
Not to say that I am right but in my little understanding and in the capacity of my comprehension of things I feel an urgent need to serve.

Now the question arises of how to adorn Service in the allure of excellence like a Royal.

For me, new principles have begun to take prominence in my every day life. And I can tell you sincerely I feel ten times happier than I have ever felt in all my life. I am bursting with energy,  I am eager to learn new things, I don’t get unnecessarily irritated,  nothing disappoints me, I just am. Happy.
I think the reason is I have accepted my place as a small contributor to a larger cause. In my capacity as a human being with so many needs a midst aspirations and plans for the uncertain future, what am I giving to help improve the world?
How can I Serve, and in service fulfill the purpose of my higher self.

That’s become a core part of my being. How can I help? My family, my friends, my immediate environment, the community I have been placed in, the group I work with, the country I come from, the world – maybe in that order. 
With this mindset I reach deep within myself to uncover the many truths of my essence.  What gifts have I been blessed with? What do I love to do ever so selflessly and many a-time with effort fueled with unwavering ease. How much of me am I giving to that effect?

I AM a lot of things. And I must say, very unashamed of the many things I find that I love to do. Everyday I must find time to do these things, focusing on one project at a time, delving deep into my soul and giving it my everything every time I sit down to work. Whether it is writing, creating music, makeup artistry, drawing/painting, making videos, managing my company or taking care of my dogs -I must do it wholeheartedly in this right-now time that I am blessed to do it. 
In that doing my work as diligently as I can, the Lord blesses me and helps me succeed, creating opportunities to help me excel even more, leading me in paths of still waters, to Peace. And when I am successful, everyone else around me is successful. 
With success comes even more opportunities to work, at a higher level encapsulating many more avenues to truly be Me, which is all i ever would be.

And when things do not happen quite like I have planned, I smile and say thanks, knowing that it wasn’t time and I wasn’t deemed ready. Fully aware that when i am ready however, the joy within me would be impossible to contain like a bulb would electric currents, offering only a pin head of the Light that permeates our World.

In another post I would take you on my real life journey of time and chance and how things work out for a greater reason than we realize in the present moment.  But for right now, I would like for you to ask yourself- “How much of you are you giving to earth?”
I couldn’t possibly tell you what to do, No. But I can tell you what I do, what I feel, how I perceive things- and hope that I can inspire you to feel something different,  positive, beautiful.. Something True.


Who Do you think You Are?

I watch a lot of Forensics, too many favorite shows on the Crime channel, and too much of C.S.I – Now in all my many years of loving these shows, if there’s one thing I have learned, it is the simple fact that we all have unique finger print patterns designated to each one of Us.
Now take a minute with me here and imagine those patterns, spiraling in the most unique design, working their paths down every curve of your hands, through every pore of your skin, en circling your hair follicles, penetrating the cracks and crevices of your skull and taking a final stop at your brain.
If this were really the case scientifically, then you should already know it would happen in an absolutely different manner for everyone else.
And as many as we are on earth, it is a proven fact that we all have these finger patterns/prints differently.

What am I trying to tell you?

In your perfection and imperfection my dear friend, you are absolutely different from everyone else.
And no, not different in a bad way – but in a perfect way, at least in the eyes of your Maker. You were Built, Designed, Created in the most special way and with Unique gifts and Personality traits different from every one else.
The question is ‘How do you see yourself’, ‘Who do you Think you are’ ?

It is amazing how we go through life from childhood, listening to parents, listening to teachers, listening to friends and peer groups but never stopping to listen to ourselves.
Your journey in life in your designated path doesn’t exactly begin until you can tell yourself specifically who you are, why you are here and how you can accomplish that.

You feel a different kind of joy, peace in your heart and a huge awakening of the mind that even you cannot describe when you finally come to terms with who you are.
Success comes to only those who have a true sense of self, accept their unique capabilities, chisel and groom themselves well enough to take on the world and never stop at it.

So what are you going to do today?
Are you going to keep complaining at your job or are you going to ask yourself if this is really what you love to do? If it is indeed what you love to do, are you going to begin to accept it in your heart and do your job as a service to others and reap the benefits of that thereof?
If it isn’t, would you have enough faith to get up and start over with what you really were put here on earth to do?

Who do You think You are?
How can you even be sure you are what you say you are?
Your body never lies to you. As energy beings, feelings and sensations are very important aspects of our communication with the universe. Your body knows. So begin by listening to yourself. How do you feel? How does your body respond to the actions you take? Are you Happy? Do you feel an unadulterated kind of joy when you do what you think you love?

If you are a writer, you would never write like anyone else- accept that. If you are a singer, you’d never be Michael Jackson no matter how you tried, accept that. If you are a Doctor or a Banker, you’d never be exactly like the best in your field, accept that.
You are you.
Here on earth to inspire others in a different kind of way, to serve in a different light.

Are you really going to leave your unique path only to hurdle your gifts and capabilities in the shadows of someone else who has found theirs?
Instead of doing that, take on your journey with a huge sense of faith of completion, improve upon your skills daily that you may be greater than you ever dreamed and do your very best work in the most excellent of ways. That in doing so, you become successful and the world can talk about you – and how unique and special you are.

You are special. Give the world what you have got – and do it in service, not grudgingly. This is the only way to be absolutely satisfied!