Living in Your Life’s Purpose

When you begin at something oftentimes your motivation or reason for doing it at all is what you hope to get off it, could be favors, material acquisition, money, whatever it is.
Although this may seem as a good reason at first, it never really is good enough to hold your interest for longer.
As time goes on you are going to begin to shift in your thinking and slowly move into a state where you are motivated by Love, by a new found addiction to service.
If you never find this within what you do, it becomes difficult to keep on doing what you do without getting tired, without feeling like you are wasting your life.

When people say I dont know what I am doing with my life,”
A part of them is also saying “How is this helping?” “What is my purpose here?
People go from simply doing things because they have to by imposition, or because of material gain, to realizing that there is much more to doing than simply doing. They begin to question the meaning of their lives, the importance of what they are doing and why it is necessary at all to even invest Time and Energy towards something.
At this point they begin their search for meaning, in everything.
This is one of the reasons that many people suddenly get frustrated at a job that they previously believed was bringing them security and they get up and quit.

The people who elevate in life by moving from Selfishness to Selflessness are those who, at some point or the other, come to the realization that Life is a chore and a bore when what they commit their Time to helps no one but themselves.
With this realization comes a burning desire to do better, to be better in this world.
They shift from wanting to Acquire to wanting to Inspire. They begin to question everything they do, asking “How is this helping?” Instead of “What am I getting?” – and this is easy to do because they now understand intuitively that Getting is only a by product of Helping, as the more they do and give to another, the more they get for themselves.

When you know why you have incarnated here on Earth, what you have come to do for others, and are willing to commit to doing that, living becomes something to look forward to everyday.
The very act of Service is one that is borne out of Love and to function in Love is to live from love. There is no frustration, stress, pain to be felt when you live from love.

Love is a Service. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful? Please share your valuable thoughts and insights in comments below or share this Page on your Twitter/Facebook to help lots more people with Love. 

Are you IN LOVE? Or is it the SEX?

Two days ago in this Post, I shared with you how I had fallen very sick and had to do a bed rest, watching if my Body would heal itself without Medical care. Well the good news is in! It did! And boy am I so excited to share all the things I did with you.
But not in this post today. 


Today I want to dive into something really different, a little sensitive and I ask that you be patient with me, read through my thoughts and as always please share your own ideas in comments. 
Now let’s jump into our conversation for today. 
Are you really in love or is the sex keeping you bound?


If the only time you feel connected to your partner is when you are having sex with him, then there might be a deeper problem that you are refusing to address. 

And oftentimes it has nothing to do with him, but more to do with you.
How do you feel about yourself? Have you thought about this? Is it possible that a large part of you has become very small that you no longer demand better for yourself and just seem to ride with whatever waves pour in? 

Many women have found themselves stuck in relationships that once upon a time started really well, with great affection, deep-meaningful conversations, and what could have possibly been an enviable friendship. But as time passed, they found less and less satisfaction from the relationship, needing more affection or more thoughtful interactions but never getting it, and instead only getting and settling for more and more sex with quickly fleeting satisfaction.Does this sound like you?

Are you currently in a relationship where you feel like the sex is all you have? Maybe you are right.
And if this is the case then you might want to begin to consider the underlying reasons why you are still in that relationship.

We all know that the best relationships are those that thrive on friendship, mutual respect, engaging and meaningful conversation, support of one and another and mutual accountability among other values. If most of these is missing in your current relationship with your partner it is most likely because your own personal values are warped, distorted, out of place.


                                   UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP
This can result from a lack of self esteem, a deep-seated limiting belief of lack of self worth and general lack of love and respect for yourself.
You must begin to address what it is about yourself that you are currently not happy about and notice how you are using sex to compensate for that. 
Many women equate Sex with Love and this misconception is one that has caused a lot of emotional trauma in many relationships today.
While sex is largely an emotional experience for women, it really can be less emotional for men and more physical. 
So for the most part you may be compensating with sex because you have wrongly believed that this equates to love on his part and the truth is, it doesn’t.
What you may be seeking is affection or attention from another person, love as we call it on the surface level. 
And if you are seeking love, albeit desperately, if it has become a sort of mask to hide the real wounds that are eating you up, then you may never end up with the healthy kind of love that you deserve. If you can trust yourself enough to go through the temporary pain that will result from breaking away for long enough to heal yourself, then you just may be able to get yourself into the right path in love in good time.
Your job at this point is to stare at yourself long and hard in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ll rather have.
How would you want a man to treat you? How would you want your ideal relationship to be?
What would have to happen everyday in your relationship asides sex?
These quick questions will help you uncover all the parts of your present relationship that do not serve your highest good and perhaps help you make the life changing decision to let go.
And in letting go, you must begin to place yourself and your well-being as your own priority. 
Know that you are capable of loving yourself, of giving yourself enough attention to sustain you and overflow. Accept that you are wonderful, and beautiful and just so perfect in every way.  

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Begin to take time out to care for yourself, get your hair done for yourself, put on some makeup for yourself, begin to put time to working out and exercising for yourself, buy yourself a few new clothes and take a few hot photos of you.
And do all the wonderful creative things that you have in your heart to do. As time goes by you will begin to like the new you better and you will begin to set some new standards in love for yourself. The more you like yourself, the better you feel, and the better the Love/Relationship you will attract in the future. You will also find yourself less dependent on others and more dependent on yourself as you begin to take more and more responsibility for your own happiness. 

I hope this helps create clarity for you and you come off feeling better about you, and ready to be accountable to you. 



I fell ill. BAM! Can my Body heal itself?

For the first time in maybe 6, 7 years now, I have fallen ill today. How God has held my body up that long I have no idea. I am typing this with my eyes sore, my body weakened, my skin blazing hot but I am in my studio. Trying not to overwork myself but still haven’

t taken no drugs.

I want to see if my body can heal itself over the course of today. 
It is now 7:00PM in Lagos Nigeria.
I am making this post because I said I would begin to blog every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
I also realize I would like to take a more personal approach with my blog like I did in the beginning when I started blogging. It feels very refreshing letting you come into my head.
For the past 10 days I have been posting the 200 DAYS OF EVA non stop on Youtube, sharing a video a day. I have found myself doing nothing else with my life in this time asides Editing, Creating, Editing. It sucks!
I didn’t start the show thinking I was going to lose my entire life to it, I also did not put into consideration how much work it was going to be to post a video a day, at least for the first 33 Days.
Suby, a friend of mine who lives in the UK has said to me “Hey Eva, do it! Post a video every single day for 200 Days,”
I said to him, “No Suby, I can’t possibly do that! I can do the first 33 days but not the entire 200.”
But my words fell on deaf ears. Do it! He repeated into the earpiece and I found myself holding on to the phone imagining actually doing it. 
I don’t know really. Look at me now, SICK! after 10 Days, This sucks. 
I am drinking lots of water, lying in bed and trying not to think so hard (no, right now, I am sitting at my desk typing this blog) and I am still undecided about taking any drugs. 
How do I feel?
It feels like Malaria. That whoozy body hot and cold feeling that you get when Malaria organizes herself in her system.
Hey! I am here, posting this blog, currently just Uploaded Episode 10  of the 200 DAYS OF EVA to my Youtube channel, and honestly, I am proud of myself.

I am going back to bed now. Excited to talk with you again on Friday. 
Soon, with Love,

Can I do it?

Wow! It has been exactly 27 days since the last time I made a Post here. 1 Month!
This is crazy.
For someone like me who always has something to say and always has all of these thoughts just firing like light bolts, it is crazy that i haven’t written anything publicly on this blog.

I have been writing in my journals and notepads, tid bits here and there, but not in my blog. To be fair, I have been creating a lot of content on my Youtube through the past couple of weeks and while I have been having fun with that, I miss my writing. 

As a self proclaimed Instagram addict, I have tried to blog on Instagram, but if you use Instagram a lot, then I am sure you know that most people aren’t necessarily interested in reading on Instagram, they just want to swipe through the photos and videos. It is really the place for the shortest attention span ever. So no, Instagram does not work for me for blogging.

And still, I have these thoughts that should be kept someplace. And I honestly want to. I want to Write, more and more and more. It is a great way to connect with myself, and even better to connect with you.
I am writing this post now cause I just watched a Seth Godin interview where he speaks about blogging and asks “Why aren’t you blogging your thoughts?” This hit me straight in the head and I said to myself, “Blog, Now!” So here I am. Writing.

I want to blog more and more every week. If you follow me on Instagram or are subscribed to my Youtube Channel you know I have been talking about the 200 DAYS OF EVA LIVING LIFE which is the video series on Youtube where I share my life with you for 200 Days! As crazy as that sounds, I have been doing it. Today is Day 7 and thankfully I am not backing down yet.

I am now going to commit myself to Writing even more. So in the course of these 200 Days, while I am making all of these videos I will also be writing my thoughts here on my blog.
NEW BLOG POSTS every Monday – Wednesday – Friday and Saturday.
The reason that this is so important for me is because WRITING is really my thing and I do not want to lose the momentum simply because I am now creating Video content daily.
Honestly, I do feel like I do too much sometimes, but if it is a good thing to do, and if my doing helps you,  then I sure as hell am willing to dive in.

Can I do it? Let’s wait and see. Wish me luck!

This is Why You Feel Stuck – The Truth On Tuesday

If You are going to change your life at all, you really have to begin in your mind. This involves changing your thoughts, changing your words and changing your general perception of the world. How do you go about changing your mind and creating a whole new life when for years and years you have been running yourself down with negative thought patterns? The answer is clear, change your thoughts.

This of course isn’t going to be easy, but it is possible to achieve and you can start immediately if you are ready and I hope you are!
All you have to do is begin to manually program your subconscious mind to accept the new thought patterns that describe the new Life you imagine yourself living. Repeatedly say the same words over and over again can imprint it into your mind, Creating a whole new program for your life to run on.

Of course simply just changing your thoughts isn’t going to run itself, it begins the process, but to succeed you must back your speech with action. Begin to move positively and with faith into the new life you imagine yourself living. Don’t stay doing nothing. Ensure you keep busy, keep moving.

I have Created this short report filled with so many Powerful thoughts and affirmations you can begin to use immediately. Download 111 POWER THOUGHTS for Free

Watch the Truth on Tuesday For this Week and Feel Alive!

CHANGING YOUR LIFE IS EASY! All You have to Do is Change Your Mind – Here’s How

A FREE VERSION of my new E-Book “RE-MIND” will be sent to your mail for Download. CLICK HERE to make a request if you haven’t already

Many people talk about changing their lives, they worry about Money, their Jobs and their Careers and believe that if they were making more money their lives would be different.

But this is often not the case. As more money comes in so does the workload. So many people are trapped in the rat race, chasing after more money, getting it and realizing they do not even have the time to enjoy their wealth.
Yet there are those many still, who do not even have a flow of income and dream of changing their lives, day dreaming of having the finer things of life and wanting so badly to get out of the rut they find themselves.
In both cases, and in all the other cases unmentioned, the same solution proves true.
“As within, so without. As Above, so below”.

The Problem is, when we speak of change, we focus so much on the outside appearance of things, that we give little or no thought to the real cause of our misfortunes.

You see, what happens on the physical plane is only the effect of what is happening on the Mental and Spiritual plane. ‘As within, so without.’
You may have heard this said over and over – ‘As a man thinketh, so is he
This simple phrase is from Scripture, but has become so popular because of James Allen‘s book of the same title.
I have read this book over and over and it is Quite a new experience with each read.

Simply put, you cannot become successful if you keep thinking of yourself as a Failure.
You cannot become Rich if you keep thinking of yourself as poor.
What you are inside of you is what is reflected outside of you.

But, you say, how do I think rich when I am actually not Rich right now.
And to that I say, ‘Saying you are not Rich, is the underlying reason you remain poor.’ Think about it, Thoughts carry with them a vibration, which like a magnet attracts like thoughts unto itself. Every negative though you think attracts to itself corresponding negative thoughts and this goes on and on until your physical reality has no choice but to match your vibration.

We have been programmed to believe in the Physical, to be controlled by what we see external of us.
We have been taught that wealth is physical cash money and if you do not have that then you are not wealthy when in reality we are already Wealthy and all we have to do is align with the wealth that we are.
We have been made to believe that we need this and that and all the material things of life to be worthy.

The truth is all of these are social programming conditions to keep you little, to keep you from seeing the eternally abundant part of you. We have slowly become blinded to the fact that we are eternally worthy of all good. You are already wealthy. You are already enough.
Until you begin to see yourself that way, and think of yourself that way, you will only keep on falling into the default programming that says you are not.

This is very simple to understand and if you can get this, your life would take a massive shift from right now. Changing Your Life is easy, all you have to do is Change how you Think.

How you Think about Everything!

Because you see, it is not necessarily what happens that matters in the grand scheme of things, it is your Perception and how you respond that matters.

Is it possible that you can keep a happy countenance at all times? Is it possible that you can induce a feeling of gratitude within yourself regardless of what your physical outer appearance is saying?

The idea is to begin to replace your old negative patterns of thinking with new positive lines of thought. The easiest way to do this is to begin to use the Power of the spoken Word. Believe it or not, your spoken word has power, super creating power. “In the Beginning was the Word..”
If you believe in scripture and in ancient tales, it is said that God created the earth with words. And if you and I are made in the image and likeness of God, then surely we have this same ability and power to use words to create our world. The truth in fact is that we do.

The words you speak can begin to influence the thoughts you think. And the thoughts you think are programs for your mind. Think about your Mind as a grand computer and your thoughts as running software programs.
If you plant good thought seeds in the rich soil of your mind, you will reap a good harvest on the physical side of your life.

What Can you begin to do now?
Change your Thoughts by using the power of the spoken word and repeating Powerful affirmations daily. In my new Report 369 POWER THOUGHTSI have created a comprehensive list of three hundred and sixty nine Powerful affirmations!
You can also write some of your own.
All you have to do is repeat these affirmations daily. Find a combination of affirmations that you can stick to every day for long periods of time, say weekly, and change your list as they begin to register in your mind.
What you are doing is effectively replacing old patterns of thought with new positive thought patterns. Now watch your whole life change as if by magic, cause it will.

It’s Okay Not to Know What You Want with Your Life – THE TRUTH ON TUESDAY 13 MARCH 2018

I speak with so many people daily, many of whom have no clue what they want to do in life, haven’t  figured out what their Passion is or just not motivated to go in any direction at all. Is that you? Are you still searching?
And while this is a very frustrating place to be, I know cause I have been there too, It also can be the best place for a major turning point moment in your Life.
Not only do you come clear on what you do not want, you also begin to know what you do want because you now know what you don’t want.
The major task for you to do at this phase of your Life is to Ensure that your mind and body stay busy. Making matters worse would be you deciding to do nothing at all. There is always something your heart wants to do, the question is ‘are you stepping away from the noise so you can Listen?’

Often times we are lost not because we cannot find our way, but because we cannot notice ourselves in the midst of the crowd. We cannot hear ourselves in the noisy world. 

Solitude is a wonderful thing to welcome if you will ever come close to your own truth. Allow yourself time to be alone, stay away from friends, family, people. Turn off the TV, go on an Internet or social media sabbatical. Be with You!
Watch the Truth on Tuesday today on my Instagram and hopefully this stirs something for you.


Its okay not to know what you want with your life
This isn’t something to know
It is something to experience
Its a song to dance to
An open field like the sky 
Where you can spread your wings and fly like the birds do
Its okay not to know what you want with your life
But never forget that the canvas is always in your hands 
And no one can paint your Art better than you can
So never be afraid that you dont have what it takes
Cause you never Make mistakes
You only get more chances to Fail
To come face to face with shit that dont work 
Just So you can focus your Sail
Time is easily dissipated and wasted on stupid shit
Like lying in the couch
And worrying about Life
Life isnt worrying about you
Life is feeling okay just waiting for you 
To get on the same page
And really we are hoping you do it swiftly
Cause death can come quickly dressing a place in gloom as it snatches yet another one outta the room
We always think that this shit only happens to the others but what if it happens to you
Its okay not to know what you want with your Life
Whats not okay is for you to keep believing that lie
Cause deep down, Deep deep down
You already know what you want want
You are just not ready to begin Listening to You, the You you


Are You Doing Too Many things And Can’t Focus? 5 Simple Techniques to Ease Overwhelm

People often say “Jack of all Trades, Master Of None” and while you may want to dispute that, it most times proves to be true.
There are a lot of people just like me, I am willing to bet, who do or are interested in many pursuits and can’t seem to relinquish any one.
This is quite understandable and I should know better than anyone cause I have been there, still doing that!

The major problem is not simply that you have many things you want to do, but that you have simply not organized your life and your goals.
Order. That is what we need.

When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all.

When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all. 

You do not want that.

Here are 5 Quick Steps to Help you get clear so you can ease the feeling of Overwhelm.

1. Ink It

The First step I think, and this is has helped me which is why I am sharing with you, is to take every detail out of your head and put it in writing.
“Write the vision on a tablet, that whoever reads it may run with it.'”

You feel overwhelmed because first, your mind is crowded with all of these thoughts and ideas. That is not where they should be. Your mind is a center for divine operation and should be treated as such.
It is where the seeds of dreams are planted and realities begin to take form. Your mind is a creativity center, not a dumping site.
You create the vision and plans first in your mind through your thinking, but you must transfer that to a physical space so you can free your mind.

What you want to do now is offload. Let everything go on paper.

At this point you are able to look at all your ideas, dreams, goals, plans at a glance. Now it becomes easy to do the next step.

2. Forward it
The Next step is to take into account those things that absolutely must be done at this time in your life because this is the best time to do them.
There are many dreams that can wait till a later time in your life, and some that just have to be achieved within the next 2, 3, 5 years. There are some things you absolutely must do now because of age and others that can be done at an older age.
This is a great place  to start if you will put things in the proper perspective.

You want to make this decisions while also looking for the good feeling from your internal guidance system which lets you know you are on the right track.

3. Focus on Right Now
It is always advisable to do one thing. The reasons for this are clear and obvious enough. However it is okay to do more than 1 thing, especially if the second thing is one that you do to support the first one.
If you can decide which one takes the most priority, meaning most of your time, then this helps you.
In my life for instance, my music is priority. My work in Makeup Artistry and the Beauty industry is also one I realize I must commit to but it comes in priority after my Music.

So decide which 2 things you can focus on right now at this time of your life, knowing that all the other things can happen later in your life.
Better to be successful at one than have all these many dreams and achieving none because you cannot bring yourself to focus.

4. Be Clear on Intent
Your dream is important to you for a reason. Think about this deeply. A lot of people fail because they fail to determine their WHY, their reason for doing the things they do.
Make sure that your WHY is clearly defined and brought to the forefront of your mind always. This is what will keep you going when all feels lost. This is what will fan the fire inside you when you don’t feel the heat of your desire as much.

Why ?  Why do you want to achieve this ?  It has to be so important that it is almost bigger than the dream itself. It has to involve more than just your own benefit else it isn’t big enough.
When you can begin to see the realization of your Dream affecting and benefiting many more lives, then it begins to have attractive power. The more attractive power your dream has the more you are pulled towards making it happen.

5. Begin at the End


Overwhelm mostly happens when we lose sight of where we are going and begin to take action randomly. We simply forget our Why, forget the grand Vision and just take action based on how we feel.
You cannot afford to keep on doing that. Your every action should be focused and intentional, knowing that with each action completed and each step taken, you are drawn closer and closer to achieving your dream.

What is the end picture ?  What do you do from where you are now to get there?  
Again, it is important that you think about this, visualize and see it clearly as a straight working road map and then write it all out on paper.
We have already discussed why it is important to write it out. I cannot stress this enough.
Understand that your Dream is a combination of many smaller dreams and goals. The plan for you is to determine what these smaller goals are and begin to work on them one at a time.
Do not try to do everything at once. This is what you have been doing, hence why you currently feel overwhelmed.

Remember to Always write it all down. Have a dedicated note pad, or an app on your device where you can consistently take your notes.
If you write in many different places and spaces, you will ultimately lose your best ideas and won’t be able to glance at a collective of your thoughts when needed. In fact, dispersing your thoughts and Ideas here and there can certainly bring in more overwhelm. Remember, Order.

At this point, I am positive you should have figured out your next plan of action to ease and release the overwhelm and chaos that you currently face.

If this has been helpful for you, please share it with your friends on twitter and facebook so they can be inspired as well. Sharing is how we grow !  Thank You so much for reading, Do leave your thoughts in the comments below so others can learn from you as well!

All the best.

ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA and Feel Like you Cannot Focus on What is Important? READ THIS

Are You addicted to Social Media? Of course you are! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. 

I love social media. I have become addicted to Instagram and I absolutely love my addiction because it is a Creative process for me, not all the time though. I currently have 3 Instagram accounts for different creative spaces so you can only imagine how much time I get to spend on the platform.

Of course I would be lying if I said I was creating every single time I am on Instagram. Trust me, I have lost many hours just burrowing and swiping away and getting lost in what everyone else is doing.
I have looked in on my life and also seen how i can get distracted for several minutes at a time on social media, and this of course began to affect my work and creativity.
And as I type this, I know I am not alone. So many of us are currently so distracted by social media, especially instagram and it has become a problem.
photo credit:

In checking with this problem in my own life I have come to learn that the negative of the addiction is greatly reduced when important points are ticked of.

The major concern for a lot of us addicted to social media is we are wasting so much Valuable time and our core functions or work is suffering from this addiction.

So here are 10 Things to know, which I am currently using in my own life that has helped me a great deal and I hope will help you too!

If you do not define why you are using the platform, then you would only be on it, wishing for likes and comments and depending on the high of instant grafitation and feedback.
Why are you using Instagram, or any social media platform at all.
In this day and age, where people depend on people for information via the internet, it is in your best interest to be a value creating person especially on Social Media.
If you are only posting to show off your life and get likes, then of course you will feel very unfulfilled and your addiction would be a bad thing.
Ask yourself, “How can I bring value to people?” and be very sincere with yourself.
Commit to letting that show on your pages and make it a habit to begin to give value.
For me I currently have 3 instagram accounts because I realized I was serving different aspects of myself to different types of people. So I have an account for Writing where my core function is to share my thoughts and insight, I have another for Makeup which focuses on my Makeup creations and I have my own personal Page which is mostly the house of the music brand for me.
It is of course very daunting to have 3 accounts and I am not asking you to do the same. I just want you to see how creating value is important for me. So what is it going to be in your own life?
Now that You know why you use the platform, it is important that you can give your self rules as to how you will use it.
Do not wake up and check in. This is a great way to check out of your own life in reality.
Waking up and heading straight to social media is something you have been doing for a long time now so it might take a while to train yourself in the new habit but it is definitely worth the try.
What this does is tell your brain that there are other more important things to take care of in the morning.
The reason this is so important to do is, logging online first thing in the morning will keep you in a swiping loop where you are looking for feedback of likes and comments, looking at what everyone else is doing, and getting unlost in very unimportant news and details that do nothing at all in the grand scheme of your life.
I am currently working on this in my own life and I tell myself “No instagram untill I have achieved a priority task on my to do list.”
I think this is a great way to start.
This is sort of a continuation for #2 and like I said above, I make it a habit to achieve something important in the day before I check in on the gram.
Because when I have already suceeded at something With a clear head, I no longer have to deal with the guilt of wasting my time when I do go on social media, Instagram.
You feel better about yourself if you can do this, and instagram then becomes a sort of break between one task on your to do list to the next.
Time blocking is basically setting aside a particular length of time to get a task done.
If you are up to it, I believe it is a great idea to timw block your Instagram use. This means for instance when you log in, you decide you are only going to be there for 10 minutes after which you must put the phone down and go back to your other duties.
If you can do this successfully, the next question becomes how many 10 minutes during the day did you spend on Instagram?
Doing this successfully also ensures that when you log on you focus only on what is important for you knowing you have only 10 minutes instead of just swiping away randomly.
If you are serious about getting back wasted time, then time blocking and measuring is a great way to start.
Many people are on Instagram simply consuming. The new disease of this generation is Information overload. We are constantly consuming and taking in data whether it is important to us or not.
All of the people you are consuming from are people who are spending their time Creating. Are you not going to create too so that others can consume your content?
Decide now that you are going to become more of a Creator and less of a consumer. By doing this you set yourself up to use the platform as the tool that it is instead of letting the platform use you.
There are some people who have set up a whole career on instagram alone. That is, without instagram or snapchat or facebook, they would cease to exist.
I think this is really not ideal.
Let Instagram be a tool that drives the core function of your work in reality.
For instance, the end of me is to write books and inspire people with my writing. Using instagram is to share bits and pieces of a larger work or idea.
If you haven’t already, decide what the end goal is and always keep your vision clear.
Another example is my Makeup page. The grand vision isn’t to build the business on instagram, but to create valuable content for my followers while using this to drive the conversation of my core business in Makeup which is my Makeup school.
So remember to use it as a tool that it is to drive your bigger vision which is outside the platform,.except of course if yours is an Instagram based business and the function is to grow and operate business on the platform.

This one Step absolutely changed my life! If you can do this then you really are ready to use your addiction positively and gain back lost time.
I realized that a lot of time was wasted looking at things or posts that brought no real value to my life.
And as time went on and I began to accept my addiction to instagram with Love, I realized that I could no longer stand the noise. If I was going to be on instagram everyday then I sure as hell did not want other unimportant content consume my time.
Remember, it is your time.
It is your mind taking in all this information. Remember what I said earlier about information overload?
If the information you are taking in does nothing but take memory space and gives you no value then you are wasting your time.
Unfollow everybody, do it now.
When I did this I was following 2500+ people.
And since instagram doesnt let you bulkunfollow, I spent several days over a week unfollowing one at a time. I found that the apps available to do this did not work efficiently.
I remember feeling so clear in my head when I saw my following count back to 0! I felt brand new.
Now that you have unfollowed everyone, begin to follow again, this time making sure to follow only people who Inspire you in your present core functions in Life.
So for instance if you are a painter, follow the painters in your field who make your heart skip a bit and flood your with the motivation juice to be better in your own painting.
Follow people who Inspire you not only people you admire.
Don’t just follow a person because he or she is a celebrity, or because they are popular, what are they doing for you?? How are they inspiring you to take action in your own life?
So follow people for your growth, not just entertainment and time wasting.
For the first couple of weeks to a month, try your very best to keep your following to under 50 people at a time. If you want to follow someone new, then decide who has not been inspiring you enough and unfollow them to create space for the new person.
If you can keep this up then try to ensure you are not following more that 100 people after a while.
Who are you? What do you represent? How do you want people to see you?
Setting your personal brand straight on instagram is very important as people will judge based on the photos or posts they see on your page.
So look at your page again and decide if it looks like you.
If it doesn’t then you definitely have alot of rearranging to do. Lucky for us, Instagram now has the archive feature which lets you hide posts from your main page so you don’t have to delete them.
When I did this on my own page I had over 2000 posts so it was a task in itself. Thankfully unlike unfollowing where you have a limit of about 100-150 per two hours you can archive hundreds of posts without limit.
Doing this will ensure that you remember who you are and what you represent on your page so every time you make a post, it is enhancing your online image and not just random for the sake of likes and comments.
Everytime you look at your phone when you are supposed to be working, you get pulled into the distraction and often times stay in it for longer than you initially intended. And each time this happens you are training your Brain to Lose Focus. Make it a priority to be completely focused on your work for a set duration of time. If possible keep the phone away or turn it off completely when you are working. This can be difficult to do at first but I promise, it is absolutely worth the try and practice. 
There You have it! Please share in the comments below which of these tips have been helpful for you and which ones you are going to immediately Put to practice. Writing it in comments will help prime your brain for action so when you Wake up tomorrow and pick up your phone. you are ready with a new Social Media Use plan.
All the best! Chat with you in the comments.

This is What Happened on Valentine’s Day (Short Short Story)

He bought me fresh roses which, at first sight appeared to have been very expensive. We didn’t have enough money to cover dinner the night before and I had all but taken out the very last N500 left in my account so we could have dinner. I remember being so thankful to the ATM Machine for dispensing N500 notes instead of the usual N1,000 notes. It was the most thankful I had been this week.

Onions, Peppers, one cucumber and five small tomatoes was what I spent it on.
“At least we can make concoction stew for the remaining rice,” I had said to him when he apologized for not having enough money to spare for dinner.
“It’s nothing, You make it seem like I am complaining,” I was stroking the graying beards on his chin. 
“We are in this together, these times are only as hard as we are supposed to become. So they are not hard at all, they are only indicators of how tough we can get with ourselves if we decided to try. To push again, and I’m here to push with you.
To push we must apply effort. Energy. Energy is needed to push.”
He was nodding along with me. 
“And all is energy.” He said.
“Exactly! And all is energy!” 
There was a smile on my face and we had spent the rest of the evening talking about energy, and the universe, and law of attraction and the Bible as I cut up the vegetables for the concoction stew.
That was last night.
Now here he was on Valentine’s day with that stupid boyish grin, holding roses. Roses?
I wondered what else we could have done with the money he had spent on it. Perhaps we would have been able to buy some plantain for the rice and concoction stew for last night.
He was kneeling beside me now, holding the roses to my face.
Was he expecting me to sniff it? Am I suppposed to bury my face into this and sniff it like the women in movies do? My mind was having a laugh.
I smiled at him and took a whiff.
His face lit up like light bolts. It was as though he was thinking in his head, “It’s working! The Valentine’s day surprise is having it’s expected effects.”
Truthfully, it wasn’t. 
I stared at the roses again and for a brief moment, I couldn’t decide if they were real plant and tissue petals. They suddenly looked to me like the synthetic non-living, roses from fabrics, sitting idly on the glass centre table in my mother’s house. The type that didn’t need water to survive. 
The Sunday after she brought one home the first time, I had, with genuine kindness of heart, taken a half cup of water and poured it into the vase. 
My mother had stared down at me, her lips unmoving, as though she was stopping herself from saying, ‘You of all people should know better than to water synthetic plants.’ I was six years old at the time.
“I love you,” he was saying, his hands on my shoulders now. “I wanted to make this Valentine’s day Special for you.” 
It was special already, I wanted to say but chewed the words back in my mouth with the shamelessness of a goat chewing cud.
He reached for my mouth and kissed it, stroking my cheek with his fingers.
“Do you like the roses?” He asked, his breath cooling the side of my face. 
‘I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with them..’ I wanted to say truthfully, but instead I said, “They are so beautiful, thank you.”
He straightened himself now and began to walk towards the bathroom. 
I had silently hoped he would go in there, but I wasn’t quite prepared for his reaction.
“Babe! What have you done?” His voice was half a whisper and a yell. It was full of surprise and maybe admiration?
He was walking back to where I sat now, holding the wrapped box in his hand.I wanted to make sure it was the first thing he saw if he walked into the bathroom. 

His face was aglow with excitement like a child with presents at Christmas.
“This girl what have you done?” He was saying now as he began to tear out the wrapper impatiently.
I wondered if he noticed the delicate care that had gone into my presentation. I doubted that he did. He hadn’t even seen the little handwritten note I attached to the base of the box with clear tape. 
“Wow! Thats a gorgeous looking watch.” He was holding it up against the light, admiring as the dark steel caught onto the light and sparkled.
“I thought you might like it,” I said, trying not to ask him directly if he liked it.
“Like? I love it! Never had anything like this before. Come here,” he pulled me into his arms, kissing my forehead and letting it rest on his chest.
“You are so sweet,” he whispered, “And I love you.”
“I love you too.”
“Happy Valentine’s boo boo,” he cooed.
“Are you hungry?” I asked, half hoping he would say no, as we had nothing left in the house to cook.
“Naahh babe, I am only hungry for you,” He turned my head to face him squarely now and began to plant kisses all over my face.
My mind was wandering again. I remembered her face, it came seeping into my mind like a blurry image at first. I saw the smile, The smile that had wrinkled the sides of her flabby face when she said “Ah your oga will like this watch oh, he will enjoy it. Na just say money kill am.”
I wasn’t sure if I had bought it to prove a point or to genuinely show I cared about him.
When the woman had swiped my card and my phone vibrated in my pocket with the debit alert message, I didn’t bother to read it.
There was nothing left in my account after paying for that watch.
I wondered what else I could have done with the money, perhaps we would have been able to buy some food for dinner on this Valentine’s night.
He was eating at my flesh now, and I just lay there soundless.

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