A few Random Thoughts: Procrastination, Practice

I was supposed to get on my phone at 9:00 to begin to write. Why didn’t I do that with a sense of urgency? Why did I delay a whole hour to get here?
Why didn’t …
Too many questions. I am here now at 10AM and I will write and write until 12:00PM
If you work from a place of pressure, even you yourself can feel the pressure. It would hurt to work and it would most certainly feel like work to work.
If you feel like you ‘have to do something’ , you most likely would not want to do it. 
But if you simply just be, and in your being, do, whatever comes to you with ease. Because it comes to you with ease however doesn’t mean it would be easy for you to do. Plus you are going to have to do it so many thousand times over and over and over.
Again, in a very contradicting way, it would be easy for you, you are just going to have to keep on doing it.
If you weren’t getting paid for it would you still do it?
So why are you still doing it?
Q. If you weren’t getting paid for it would you still do it?
A. Yes
Q. So why are you not doing it?
Make your Practice Deliberate and focused on a goal or objective. Why are you practicing? What do you hope to achieve at the end of your practice.
I really love how people in medicine say ‘I practice medicine.’ Practice
The reason you are so confused about what to do is you haven’t focused your attention on something for long enough that it becomes you and you become it.
Have a sense of urgency about everything but do not rush through what you are doing just to finish. Make every step count toward a complete work of excellence

I Have Made a Lot of Mistakes, But that’s my Pot of GOLD – #TheTruthOnTuesday Eva Alordiah

The Truth on Tuesday for this Week is greatly Inspired by my most recent Transition in Life. I have gone through so many phases as a continually and consciously evolving being, but the most important Transition for me is currently happening!

You may have noticed that I changed my Handle on Instagram from @ievaalordiah (which someone else has quickly take up – why do people do that??) to @finally.eva  .
And the Reason is Simply because of how I currently feel about my Life and myself right now!
I am no where close to where I want to be in terms of how I feel and who I am currently vibrating as, but I feel like I know Now Who I really am!! Weird eh?

If You have been following me for a while and have been a very observant fan, you sure could tell all of the months when I was out of sorts. It was almost like I had no clue who I was. I had completely blanked out for a long time! It was a crazy place to be. But I look back on it and I can tell you sincerely, I am more than Grateful for al of the pain, all the hurt and the Depression.
I hope you enjoy #TheTruthOnTuesday! Please leave comments below and share how you are feeling, which lines resonate the most for you and whatever else you want to share with the world!

Feel free! It is nothing but Love over here on this side of the Internet!

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I’m daily levitating to new heights of Intelligence
and you witness the evidence in every sentence
I have been sentenced to a life of compulsive thinking
Daily thinking about things that nudge at my essense
taking life’s lessons While its fucking with my senses
But I’m greatly thankful for mistakes
Ve made a lot of those
And thats my pot of gold Id never trade experience
for what ve been told I get down sometimes but i
 never fold I remain straight like i couldn’t
 have creases Picking up the pieces from my
 past and piecing me back like a seamstress
 Im spending time on my interests and
watching the interests grow a hundred percent
I think ve been sent For something bigger than self
And thats my daily motivation
I used to be naive and impatient
Driven by my ambitions
 Needing life to happen faster than my internal evolution
Ve learned that life would only be as wild and free
as i can feel inside
And to be alive is the greatest gift
 Everything else is just an extra cherry pie
The proliferation of a lack of vision
in the minds of my people Is the reason that i keep my mouth open
And im gon keep speaking until you listen
They say the message is never comprehended by the mind
until the listener is ready
But ready or not here I come Giving you this food for thought
This is my special spaghetti
Ve spent years steady understanding the message
And now im ready Finally Eva Here to serve and be a leader

What Do You want? It is Not Really Money


Hi Franie.

“Hi friend. You feel okay?”

No Franie.


I have no idea.

“Well you must know why you feel the way you do. Can you think on this?”

I am not sure that I can.

“Okay friend. I am going to ask you some questions and I need you to answer them as truthfully as you can, okay?”

Yes Franie.

“If you had more money than you do now would you feel better?”

Yes certainly.

“And why would that be?”

Well if I had more money I can feel more in control of my life, go where I want, do what I want.

“You don’t feel like you are in control right now?”

No I don’t.

“Are you feeling stressed?”

Yes I think I am Franie. I don’t feel happy.

“Is more money going to make you happy?”

I don’t believe that the money would make me happy per se, but it definitely can aleviate some of the tension that not having money has thrust upon me.

“Okay friend, so tell me, if you had more money right now, and you weren’t feeling the tension you speak of,  what would you be doing at the moment?”

I’m thinking.

“Yes I can see that. Go on, think about it.”

I’d need more time to think on this.

“I’m sure you do, and that’s quite alright. So far, you have spoken of feelings.
And I need you to know that feelings are just that, feelings. You have to be vibrating in a certain energy to feel different types of emotions. If you can understand that all is energy and you have the power to create the right energy within you at every point in time, then life suddenly becomes refreshingly different.
Do you understand this?”

Yes I think I follow Franie.

“Good. Now For instance, why don’t you create a feeling of control in your energy instead of waiting to see the physical manifestation of Money first? I mean if you think the Money would help you feel more in control.
Understand that When Money comes to you, it isn’t just the physical paper cash that comes, there is also the energetic part of Money that comes with it, unseen. This is the new energy that is added to yours at the time of your receiving the money, and this new energy increases the energy you already possess.
This is why you suddenly feel so good when you have more money, you simply just have more energy. And if you are the sort of person who has no idea how to maintain, manage and maximise energy, then you are only going to lose it all again quickly.
So when you think about this your real job now is to Maintain and manage the current energy you already possess, whether it is still only in your energetic vibrational field or whether it has materialized in it’s physical component which is the cash paper money you see.
This makes sense yes?”

Yes it does Franie

Now I asked, if you had this money you speak of, what would you do? It has taken you a while to think about it. Perhaps this is where your true work lies.
Your main job now is deciding what you’d spend your time doing that would fulfil you, should you have all the money you need.
Spend the rest of the day considering this and try to see yourself in that reality, where you have all the money you could need and you are working at a dream, with passion, energy and enthusiasm.
We would speak on this again in the coming days.
But for now, remember what I said. Feelings are just feelings. You can transform your energy and make yourself feel a different feeling. How would it feel like if you had all you needed now?
Would you be smiling? Well smile now?
Would you be planning the course of action for a goal that is dear to your heart? Well plan now.
Would you be making a phone call to someone to collaborate with you on a project? Well call them now.

If you only function by how you feel, your feelings will take control of you and soon you would find yourself dependent on these transcient emotions.
You are in control at all times until you say you aren’t.
So go, pretend and believe that you have all you need and go figure out the next step. What do you want? It’s really not Money. It is that something you have to have even after you’ve got the Money. Go figure this Out.  3:42PM


7:28AM #11Minutes.

I am sitting reclined in a chair facing the huge open windows of my Hotel room in Accra.
It was a late check in last night and I all but crashed into bed, hungry, tired, and naked.
When I woke up this morning, it was 5AM in Accra, 6AM in Lagos and it was my Birthday! I opened my eyes and said ‘Yay’ then drifted back into sleep. It was a quickie and I was soon up again at 5:30AM.
Now sitting here, listening to the birds and staring at the beautiful morning sky, I ponder on the word FOCUS and solemnly observe my regular distractions.

The world has changed.
There are more things to Distract us than Engage us meaningfully.
Now more than ever, we are at risk of losing the most valuable resource we have, TIME.
Unfortunately, we ourselves are responsible for dissipating and wasting it away on things, people, jobs and habits that do not serve us truly.

It is easy to settle into the comfortable, the mundane, the familiar way of doing things, and to think that is all we can do.
It is easy to make ourselves believe that we are doing something with our time, when infact we are really just distracted doing ‘Busy Work’. But For us to grow, we must stretch, and to stretch, we must dedicate enough Time to things that are not comfortable, to things that make us max our self imposed limitations.
WHAT YOU FOCUS ON GROWS! And if you focus on the things that stretch you and help you grow, then naturally you are bound for unlimited growth.
It is important to notice and admit that we have settled too deeply in our comfort zones and our many distractions.

We hardly give enough time to the doing of more, better, harder. We have become almost monotonous, doing the same things in the same way, repeating that and getting used to our lacklustre results.

What if we made a little shift?
What if we decided to do just a little more at a TIME and to focus on Stretching instead of Relaxing?
To Focus on the things that change us truly instead of the things that Entertain, Excite and leave us with the fleeting feeling of Satisfaction?

On the Issue of Consistency and Habits (11Minutes)


If You do not have or do something for a long time, you lose taste for it. This happens with everything, whether they be food, people, habits. When you have stopped engaging in the use or the enjoyment of anything or experience and you can let yourself go off of it for a while, you begin to not only lose interest in it, you also no longer enjoy it like you used to.
I’m mostly thinking ohere on especially the bad habits.
On the opposite spectrum of this, if you engage in something consistently over a period of time, you become attached to that behavior, or person or thing and you begin to almost feel like you cannot do without it.
In both cases we are looking at the science of the formation of Habits at play.
As human beings we are creatures of habit. We are wired to be habitual, no matter whether the object of our dedication is good or bad for us.
Every repetition you make of anything becomes and extra hard wiring in your brain for that action or thing.
So its pretty simple when you apply this to your everyday life.
If you would like to make yourself love doing something, all you have to do is engage in as many repetitions as possible. If you would like to lose interest in anything, all you have to do is take your mind off it and stay away from it as best as you can.
So what would you like to make a part of your life? Are you willing to repeat it everyday, a little at a time? 
For instance if you would like to become a more dedicated reader, would you pick a book and decide to read it for 20mins everyday for several weeks? (This concept can be applied to anything)
Understanding that it is not about how long in one sitting you can engage in something, but how consistently and how many times you can do it over and over.
In building a new habit and becoming consistent at anything, its the repetition that counts.
Start. Do. Succeed. Repeat.


13 Inspiring Quotes that express a Few of my Life Lessons so far

I am blessed to have lived another year to start a new one in a couple of days. I love life! I love living! I cannot say that enough. I learn so much from every experience and sometimes I want to just recount all of them and laugh, and smile, and gaze in awe at the wonder of what Life is.
We are so blessed to be going through this physical experience and I am happy to be here.

My Birthday is on August the 13th, and these are 13 things I have learned from Life so far: (Do let me Know in the comments below which ones strike a cord for You!!)


1. If you wouldn’t do what you are doing now if you had MONEY then you need to stop doing it. You are wasting TIME

2. In RELATIONSHIPS, the other person is a Reflection for us, a sort of mirror. If you cannot face yourself then you might not be ready for a Relationship

3. Being GOOD to others becomes an investment for your children and your children’s children.

4. It would be impossible to see physically what you haven’t yet seen mentally.

5. WORDS alone can fan the Flames of Love and Quench it too.

6. All that YOU are able to see for Yourself is all that You are and can be.

7. What others think of you is of no importance in comparison to what you think of yourself.

8. Saying what you will do is important. But DOING what you say you will do is all that counts.

9. Just because you LOVE it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Sometimes the things we love the most are the things we must let go of if we have to grow.

10. You can Live in the past or live in the present or live in the future, its all a matter of mind. But the present is a gift.

11. Things to do in a hurry – Saying THANKS, Doing Good, Smiling.

12. People might respect you for what you have now. But in the end you’d be remembered by what you did.

13. Heaven is what you think it is and the solutions for all of your life’s troubles come from within yourself.

Thanks for reading! Which ones ring your head in? Please leave them in quotes in comments below so others can see it too.

Love you,
#photo – @peculiarhaston
#style – @laurelmaris_



Its 7:33AM and today is Thursday the 10th of August 2017.
I’m sitting propped up in bed, a pillow between my back and the head board and thanks to the deafening silence of the early day in my ever so quiet neighborhood, I feel like I can hear myself enough to write.
I can hear the birds beyond my windows.
And in my head, a dark, unending tunnel of nothingness, save for the voice of my low speaking muse.
She says to call her Elsa.
That’s a change of name, I always called her Frannie.
I am happy to be writing this morning, yes indeed and thanks to the gentle tapping reminder that came by way of a comment on my Instagram from NANYIL who is one of my fervent readers.

“I miss your writing..” Was what she sent and I read it in my head as “Why haven’t you been writing you inconsistent blob?”
And now when I took a look at my writing app to see how I have done, I was more than dismayed to find not a single entry for the month of August.
And today is the 10th day!

I have always claimed myself to be a writer. But I lie. I am hardly a writer. I am just one who plays with words and scribbles them on the page when I discover time on my hands or happen upon an instance of inspiration. I am a hobbyist type. Not a pro.
This is me making an attempt to come face to face with the truth.
I am only actually a Writer if I write everyday.
‘Do I want to write everyday’ is indeed a far better question to ask thank ‘Do I want to be a Writer’.

Cause you see it is easy to say what you want to be, forgetting that what you want to be is highly proportional to what you have got to be doing Everyday, Everyweek, the year through.

I know for a fact that I was born to write. It was the first thing I remember being focused on as a child.
But I have got to grow up and be a disciplined person about it should I ever want to live and experience the years when others would taste the fruits of my writing passion and call it sweet.
I am writing now, and time is passing by ever so gently but swiftly (now its 7:43) and I can say for a fact that I enjoyed writing this.

I feel a release and satisfaction that can only happen because I said I’d write, sat down to write and I have now written for 11MINUTES.
Thanks to a fan, a reader, who got so tired of waiting to read from me and demanded I give to her what I came to give.

Dear NANYIL, thank you, for helping me write today. I give you my word, I’d write for 11Minutes like this everyday for 11Days for you, so let us revisit this issue on the 21st day of August, when I’d have written for 11 MINUTES everyday for 11 DAYS.

I feel at peace. This is where I want to be. This is what I want to do. 7:47AM. End

Thinking of Quitting? Before You Give Up, Read this!

“Sometimes, Life places these roadblocks on             our paths just to test and see if we are truly   serious about our quest.”

Driving to the studio yesterday, I came upon my prefered route and found it hogged with traffic. It was a standstill. I was upset, as there were fuel stations on this route and I had planned to refuel my tank.
Immediately following the driver in front of me, I made a quick turn around and took another route, deciding to use the bank while I was at it. When I was done at the bank, I drove by a street that brought me side by side with my initial prefered route which had been a traffic  standstill only 10 minutes before.

I was shocked to see it hadn’t been traffic at all, but instead just a long line of parked cars on the side of the road. This had caused a slow moving lane which quickly dissipated into free way just after the beginning of the street where I had earlier made a Uturn in frustration.
Of course from where I had been earlier, at the beginning of the street, there was no way to have known it wasn’t clogged with unmoving traffic.
All I had seen were several cars in a long file and I had followed the driver in front of me, making a U-turn trying to avoid what wasn’t a standstill traffic at all.

This is how life can be sometimes.

From where you are now, seeing the obstacles ahead of you, there is no way to know what is beyond those obstacles. It may look like a dead end right now and you have probably already come up with a hundred reasons why you need to make a turn around, change course and quit right this minute, but the truth is you are only looking a few yards to freeway!

What about what is beyond these obstacles you currently face? Have you stopped to imagine that it gets better when you cross to the other side?
Sometimes, Life places these roadblocks on our paths just to test and see if we are truly serious about our quest. It is all a testing of your Faith. You may not be able to see how clear and easy and free it could become beyond this stump of a place you are in, but what if you could?
No matter what path you take on, there would always be challenges. You just have to be patient enough to wade through it should you ever enjoy the fruits of Success.
What’s even more important to note is that you are transformed by the testing of your Faith and each Challenge grows you.
You become a better person the more challenges you take on and you Grow! You expand! You have a store of experiences you would have learned from and you become even more trusting of yourself for future challenges.

Do not judge the entire Journey by the few yards in front of you. With every inch forward the path becomes Clearer. But, you must be willing to Keep Moving! 

So, before you Quit, try again. This time, with more patience, and allow yourself the pleasure of Imagining a better future ahead.

Do You Want a Better Life? TRY THIS!

You can have whatever you can imagine and visualize without doubt.

Let me repeat that, you can have whatever you can imagine and visualize. But for that to happen you have to be imagining and visualizing without any doubt in your mind of the possibility of your imagined state.
This simple exercise would help you imagine without doubt.
If you can complete this short, simple and very quick exercise, you can imagine a new life for yourself and if you can imagine a new life for yourself, you can have a new life. The reason for this exercise is to help you see it. Because if you can see it now, it can happen.
Are you ready to see it?

Let’s begin.

1. Write down on a single sheet of paper 11 things you see yourself doing – whether that be places you want to go, people you want to meet, lifestyle you want to live, partner you would love to love, businesses you would like to build, people you’d like to help, even food you’d like to eat etc.

That’s all!

Now these are the very simple rules for this exercise to have any sort of effect in your life. If you really want to have a Better life, you would follow these very simple rules happily.

Rule #1: Have a mirror in front of you and Smile the entire time you are writing your list.
Rule #2. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at yourself as you imagine each point happening after you have written it down

Now watch your life change like Magic. For this to work for you, you should be aware that things would begin to happen needing your attention, or little action. Follow where life leads. Don’t ask too many questions just go with the flow.

All the best!
Note: the purpose of this exercise is to help you Imagine your desired outcomes effectively. Your list should be reviewed and meditated on daily.

This Simple Life Tip can Change your Whole Life! Simple Life Hacks for Achieving Goals

Today as I leaned over the sink to brush my Teeth, I noticed without effort, the unsightly stain marks that spotted the white sink. And as I continued to brush my teeth, noticing even more how dirty the sink was, I felt the churn of my belly at the thought of cleaning.
Truth be told, I didn’t want to clean.
Today wasn’t the first time I noticed the dirty sink.
I saw it yesterday. And the day before that.
Only, this time it had become worse that I couldn’t stop myself from doing the one thing I had been avoiding: CLEAN THE DAMN SINK!
Hey don’t get me wrong, I love to Clean. In fact I do have a terrible ocd. But I am also a firm believer in delegating. And for the past couple of weeks I haven’t had anyone to delegate the task of cleaning to and I have had to learn how to do it myself all over again. Quite frankly I’d much rather be sitting at my desk in front of my PC doing what I really have to spend my time on. Not cleaning. And certainly not today.
But it had to be done. Not just the sink, so many other spots in my apartment.
I do have certain rules that govern my life:
-Finish the whole bottle of water when you start drinking (this helps me get 6bottles in per day)
-Write for 11minutes and no less when you sit to write anything (this helps me build a daily habit of consistent writing)
-If you have seen it dirty, you have to clean it.

And so many others like this.
But of cause number 3 held true for me this morning and so I had to clean the sink.
I didn’t want to do it.
But I told myself “Just the sink” and so I picked up the wash cloth and set about the task of cleaning only the sink.
Five minutes later when I was done, I had cleaned the sink in the bathroom, the dishes in the kitchen and the fridge.
What happened? How did I clean all of these other spots after I had just told myself I’d clean only the sink?
Its the ripple effect in play.

And this is where a lot of us miss it.

If you don’t do just a little, you’d end up doing nothing at all. If you do only a little, you might even do more! 

What happens is in doing just a little, we are able to fight through that part of ourselves that is holding on to the resistance but as soon as we pass through the early resistance phase we are able to do it without much effort at all.
But if you do nothing at all, just like my dirty sink getting even more dirty as the days progressed, it becomes harder the more you avoid the task at hand.

The simple tip?
Forget how you feel, do it anyway, a little at a time.
Don’t cancel out entirely if you have a task to be done that you don’t want to do.
Its okay to not feel like doing something especially when you know you ought to do it.
But living according to how you feel is going to get you nowhere fast. Make yourself do only a little.
What is it you have been setting aside?
I know you have built a habit of doing things just in the nick of time, so close to deadline, the adrenaline rush you feel probably even makes you feel like you are doing the work. But you are not really doing it at your optimum.
Why wait till you are out of time and then rush when you can do it now a little at a time till finish? Imagine all the things you could accomplish if you only applied just a little effort.