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Try for a moment to separate yourself from the physicalness of life. Feel the energy that is all about you by simply becoming still and allowing yourself to sense its vibration.
There is an ever pulsing stream of energy in every space and corner of the universe. You cannot see it but you can sense it.
It is out of this energy that all of life exists and is. It is this energy that makes you what you are. You are it.
To know that you are more than what you see of yourself, that you transcend all time and all space, that you are a Spirit being having a physical experience, is to possess a divine truth about your life.
The more aware you become of your spirit nature the better you can begin to live and the more expansive your life will become.
You will find that the things that used to bother you before seem to become insignificant as you now busy yourself with much higher things.
You will find yourself worrying less and less and trusting more and more because you will know that a force greater than you operates and has its being through your experience.
You will see it all around you, things will begin to add up, synchronicity will increase, and your life will appear as though orchestrated by some sort of perfect formula.

Throughout your life you have had a sense of something greater operating, an unseen force that you knew was out there but could not comprehend. You have been trying all this time to understand it through your physical nature, by your physical senses.
Now it is time to activate your spirit nature, to go within so you can understand that which is expressed without.
This is the purpose of man’s journey in his physical life, that he is brought forth to Earth to gain a physical experience and in so doing come to a realization of his spirit being.

You are more powerful than you care to realize, more knowing, more wise. But you remain where you are, dispossessed of all knowledge and truth because you do not care to break free of the limitation of this illusion.
You see with your physical eyes but see only a little. It is when you see with your spirit that your truly see.

There is a latent power within you just waiting to be stirred, to be lightly tapped back into action. You have not begun tapping because you have not being told that it lies therein. You have been made to believe that it was outside yourself.
It is of this power that the great teacher spoke of when he said “The Kingdom of heaven is within you.” And again “Seek and ye shall find”

But you have been seeking all outside of yourself.

It is time for you to come into full knowledge and awareness of what you really are. But first, you must trust.

Living in Your Life’s Purpose

When you begin at something oftentimes your motivation or reason for doing it at all is what you hope to get off it, could be favors, material acquisition, money, whatever it is.
Although this may seem as a good reason at first, it never really is good enough to hold your interest for longer.
As time goes on you are going to begin to shift in your thinking and slowly move into a state where you are motivated by Love, by a new found addiction to service.
If you never find this within what you do, it becomes difficult to keep on doing what you do without getting tired, without feeling like you are wasting your life.

When people say I dont know what I am doing with my life,”
A part of them is also saying “How is this helping?” “What is my purpose here?
People go from simply doing things because they have to by imposition, or because of material gain, to realizing that there is much more to doing than simply doing. They begin to question the meaning of their lives, the importance of what they are doing and why it is necessary at all to even invest Time and Energy towards something.
At this point they begin their search for meaning, in everything.
This is one of the reasons that many people suddenly get frustrated at a job that they previously believed was bringing them security and they get up and quit.

The people who elevate in life by moving from Selfishness to Selflessness are those who, at some point or the other, come to the realization that Life is a chore and a bore when what they commit their Time to helps no one but themselves.
With this realization comes a burning desire to do better, to be better in this world.
They shift from wanting to Acquire to wanting to Inspire. They begin to question everything they do, asking “How is this helping?” Instead of “What am I getting?” – and this is easy to do because they now understand intuitively that Getting is only a by product of Helping, as the more they do and give to another, the more they get for themselves.

When you know why you have incarnated here on Earth, what you have come to do for others, and are willing to commit to doing that, living becomes something to look forward to everyday.
The very act of Service is one that is borne out of Love and to function in Love is to live from love. There is no frustration, stress, pain to be felt when you live from love.

Love is a Service. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful? Please share your valuable thoughts and insights in comments below or share this Page on your Twitter/Facebook to help lots more people with Love. 

Are you IN LOVE? Or is it the SEX?

Two days ago in this Post, I shared with you how I had fallen very sick and had to do a bed rest, watching if my Body would heal itself without Medical care. Well the good news is in! It did! And boy am I so excited to share all the things I did with you.
But not in this post today. 


Today I want to dive into something really different, a little sensitive and I ask that you be patient with me, read through my thoughts and as always please share your own ideas in comments. 
Now let’s jump into our conversation for today. 
Are you really in love or is the sex keeping you bound?


If the only time you feel connected to your partner is when you are having sex with him, then there might be a deeper problem that you are refusing to address. 

And oftentimes it has nothing to do with him, but more to do with you.
How do you feel about yourself? Have you thought about this? Is it possible that a large part of you has become very small that you no longer demand better for yourself and just seem to ride with whatever waves pour in? 

Many women have found themselves stuck in relationships that once upon a time started really well, with great affection, deep-meaningful conversations, and what could have possibly been an enviable friendship. But as time passed, they found less and less satisfaction from the relationship, needing more affection or more thoughtful interactions but never getting it, and instead only getting and settling for more and more sex with quickly fleeting satisfaction.Does this sound like you?

Are you currently in a relationship where you feel like the sex is all you have? Maybe you are right.
And if this is the case then you might want to begin to consider the underlying reasons why you are still in that relationship.

We all know that the best relationships are those that thrive on friendship, mutual respect, engaging and meaningful conversation, support of one and another and mutual accountability among other values. If most of these is missing in your current relationship with your partner it is most likely because your own personal values are warped, distorted, out of place.


                                   UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP
This can result from a lack of self esteem, a deep-seated limiting belief of lack of self worth and general lack of love and respect for yourself.
You must begin to address what it is about yourself that you are currently not happy about and notice how you are using sex to compensate for that. 
Many women equate Sex with Love and this misconception is one that has caused a lot of emotional trauma in many relationships today.
While sex is largely an emotional experience for women, it really can be less emotional for men and more physical. 
So for the most part you may be compensating with sex because you have wrongly believed that this equates to love on his part and the truth is, it doesn’t.
What you may be seeking is affection or attention from another person, love as we call it on the surface level. 
And if you are seeking love, albeit desperately, if it has become a sort of mask to hide the real wounds that are eating you up, then you may never end up with the healthy kind of love that you deserve. If you can trust yourself enough to go through the temporary pain that will result from breaking away for long enough to heal yourself, then you just may be able to get yourself into the right path in love in good time.
Your job at this point is to stare at yourself long and hard in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ll rather have.
How would you want a man to treat you? How would you want your ideal relationship to be?
What would have to happen everyday in your relationship asides sex?
These quick questions will help you uncover all the parts of your present relationship that do not serve your highest good and perhaps help you make the life changing decision to let go.
And in letting go, you must begin to place yourself and your well-being as your own priority. 
Know that you are capable of loving yourself, of giving yourself enough attention to sustain you and overflow. Accept that you are wonderful, and beautiful and just so perfect in every way.  

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Begin to take time out to care for yourself, get your hair done for yourself, put on some makeup for yourself, begin to put time to working out and exercising for yourself, buy yourself a few new clothes and take a few hot photos of you.
And do all the wonderful creative things that you have in your heart to do. As time goes by you will begin to like the new you better and you will begin to set some new standards in love for yourself. The more you like yourself, the better you feel, and the better the Love/Relationship you will attract in the future. You will also find yourself less dependent on others and more dependent on yourself as you begin to take more and more responsibility for your own happiness. 

I hope this helps create clarity for you and you come off feeling better about you, and ready to be accountable to you. 



Can I do it?

Wow! It has been exactly 27 days since the last time I made a Post here. 1 Month!
This is crazy.
For someone like me who always has something to say and always has all of these thoughts just firing like light bolts, it is crazy that i haven’t written anything publicly on this blog.

I have been writing in my journals and notepads, tid bits here and there, but not in my blog. To be fair, I have been creating a lot of content on my Youtube through the past couple of weeks and while I have been having fun with that, I miss my writing. 

As a self proclaimed Instagram addict, I have tried to blog on Instagram, but if you use Instagram a lot, then I am sure you know that most people aren’t necessarily interested in reading on Instagram, they just want to swipe through the photos and videos. It is really the place for the shortest attention span ever. So no, Instagram does not work for me for blogging.

And still, I have these thoughts that should be kept someplace. And I honestly want to. I want to Write, more and more and more. It is a great way to connect with myself, and even better to connect with you.
I am writing this post now cause I just watched a Seth Godin interview where he speaks about blogging and asks “Why aren’t you blogging your thoughts?” This hit me straight in the head and I said to myself, “Blog, Now!” So here I am. Writing.

I want to blog more and more every week. If you follow me on Instagram or are subscribed to my Youtube Channel you know I have been talking about the 200 DAYS OF EVA LIVING LIFE which is the video series on Youtube where I share my life with you for 200 Days! As crazy as that sounds, I have been doing it. Today is Day 7 and thankfully I am not backing down yet.

I am now going to commit myself to Writing even more. So in the course of these 200 Days, while I am making all of these videos I will also be writing my thoughts here on my blog.
NEW BLOG POSTS every Monday – Wednesday – Friday and Saturday.
The reason that this is so important for me is because WRITING is really my thing and I do not want to lose the momentum simply because I am now creating Video content daily.
Honestly, I do feel like I do too much sometimes, but if it is a good thing to do, and if my doing helps you,  then I sure as hell am willing to dive in.

Can I do it? Let’s wait and see. Wish me luck!

CHANGING YOUR LIFE IS EASY! All You have to Do is Change Your Mind – Here’s How

A FREE VERSION of my new E-Book “RE-MIND” will be sent to your mail for Download. CLICK HERE to make a request if you haven’t already

Many people talk about changing their lives, they worry about Money, their Jobs and their Careers and believe that if they were making more money their lives would be different.

But this is often not the case. As more money comes in so does the workload. So many people are trapped in the rat race, chasing after more money, getting it and realizing they do not even have the time to enjoy their wealth.
Yet there are those many still, who do not even have a flow of income and dream of changing their lives, day dreaming of having the finer things of life and wanting so badly to get out of the rut they find themselves.
In both cases, and in all the other cases unmentioned, the same solution proves true.
“As within, so without. As Above, so below”.

The Problem is, when we speak of change, we focus so much on the outside appearance of things, that we give little or no thought to the real cause of our misfortunes.

You see, what happens on the physical plane is only the effect of what is happening on the Mental and Spiritual plane. ‘As within, so without.’
You may have heard this said over and over – ‘As a man thinketh, so is he
This simple phrase is from Scripture, but has become so popular because of James Allen‘s book of the same title.
I have read this book over and over and it is Quite a new experience with each read.

Simply put, you cannot become successful if you keep thinking of yourself as a Failure.
You cannot become Rich if you keep thinking of yourself as poor.
What you are inside of you is what is reflected outside of you.

But, you say, how do I think rich when I am actually not Rich right now.
And to that I say, ‘Saying you are not Rich, is the underlying reason you remain poor.’ Think about it, Thoughts carry with them a vibration, which like a magnet attracts like thoughts unto itself. Every negative though you think attracts to itself corresponding negative thoughts and this goes on and on until your physical reality has no choice but to match your vibration.

We have been programmed to believe in the Physical, to be controlled by what we see external of us.
We have been taught that wealth is physical cash money and if you do not have that then you are not wealthy when in reality we are already Wealthy and all we have to do is align with the wealth that we are.
We have been made to believe that we need this and that and all the material things of life to be worthy.

The truth is all of these are social programming conditions to keep you little, to keep you from seeing the eternally abundant part of you. We have slowly become blinded to the fact that we are eternally worthy of all good. You are already wealthy. You are already enough.
Until you begin to see yourself that way, and think of yourself that way, you will only keep on falling into the default programming that says you are not.

This is very simple to understand and if you can get this, your life would take a massive shift from right now. Changing Your Life is easy, all you have to do is Change how you Think.

How you Think about Everything!

Because you see, it is not necessarily what happens that matters in the grand scheme of things, it is your Perception and how you respond that matters.

Is it possible that you can keep a happy countenance at all times? Is it possible that you can induce a feeling of gratitude within yourself regardless of what your physical outer appearance is saying?

The idea is to begin to replace your old negative patterns of thinking with new positive lines of thought. The easiest way to do this is to begin to use the Power of the spoken Word. Believe it or not, your spoken word has power, super creating power. “In the Beginning was the Word..”
If you believe in scripture and in ancient tales, it is said that God created the earth with words. And if you and I are made in the image and likeness of God, then surely we have this same ability and power to use words to create our world. The truth in fact is that we do.

The words you speak can begin to influence the thoughts you think. And the thoughts you think are programs for your mind. Think about your Mind as a grand computer and your thoughts as running software programs.
If you plant good thought seeds in the rich soil of your mind, you will reap a good harvest on the physical side of your life.

What Can you begin to do now?
Change your Thoughts by using the power of the spoken word and repeating Powerful affirmations daily. In my new Report 369 POWER THOUGHTSI have created a comprehensive list of three hundred and sixty nine Powerful affirmations!
You can also write some of your own.
All you have to do is repeat these affirmations daily. Find a combination of affirmations that you can stick to every day for long periods of time, say weekly, and change your list as they begin to register in your mind.
What you are doing is effectively replacing old patterns of thought with new positive thought patterns. Now watch your whole life change as if by magic, cause it will.

What Worries You? A thought on Worrying That would Help You

What worries you?  Why do you look so worried? 
Worry does nothing but feast on the elixir of your life. It chips away a bit at a time and soon you’d find that you have nothing left to worry about but the worry itself. It is a vicious cycle. 
Don’t give in to the illusion that worry presents you.
It does nothing but blind you to the possibilities,  the power around you. 

You cannot see anything good around you now because you have been blinded by your worry. 


Think about what it is you are thinking about when you worry and ask yourself if it really is worth worrying over. When you are done worrying do you have a solution?  No. But if you use the same energy you use to worry instead to search for solutions to your problems which are always readily available to you, you might have a solution. Or at least a hunch of a solution. 

A lot of healing is necessary. Healing is what you need. If you think a new this or that would help solve your problems,  you are right.  Only you’d be right for just a short time. You might get something new,  travel someplace,  receive more money, fall in love again,  and for a little while you really might believe you are happier than you were. Until time passes and the mask is pulled off.You would come face to face with the same troubles again,  with the same pain,  with the same wounds. 

It’s like covering blemishes with makeup. Again and again,  more powder,  more concealer. But you’d have to remove it all and Face your true self in the mirror. 
If you cannot accept what you see of yourself,  you’d be needing more and more to cover up. 
More money. 
A new relationship. 
A new car. 
A new job. 
But still, The main problems persist. The wounds are still breathing,  needing healing. 

Purge yourself of everything. When you have nothing,  it becomes easy to have everything. 
Remove what’s eating up the space of your heart. Face the truth of who you are. Go within and ask yourself honestly how to heal yourself. 
You’d find that the answers would come to you,  but you must be in tune to receive them.
When Life wants your attention,  it would stop at nothing until it gets it. Accidents,  sicknesses,  depression,  broken relationships,  loss of money,  financial hardships,  some of these are really only attention triggers to point you to a vital truth. 
We get distracted. 
We lose our way. 
To come home we may have to be jolted back to our senses. Some of us are really hard headed. We need the toughest kind of wake up calls. We may have to hit rock bottom sometimes,  as this is the best place for to make things anew. 
When all your chips are down and got have lost everything,  where do you go?  What do you do? 
God wants to talk to you. But it is so noisy where you have been, he needs you down here in your distress and pain. Here where there is no one left to turn to but God. 
So why Worry? Everything that is Happening now is simply bringing you back home, to yourself, to your truth, to God.

Help! How can I Stop Masturbating?

It’s not very often that you have a conversation with an addict. Not forgetting that each one of us in our own ways are addicted to something or another. Whether that be internet surfing, pornography, nicotine, sex, masturbation, junk food, TV, working out, there is an addiction for everyone as long as you are human.
For the most part you are better off being addicted to things that enhance your life, things that improve you and lead you on the path to becoming the person you want to be.

However, When your addictions take from you rather than add to you then you know you have got yourself hooked on a habit that needs to be done away with.
But its never that easy is it?
No one ever just wakes up and says “There, that’s it. This is the last time.” Habits die hard.

In fact scientists suggest you cannot completely quell a habit, you have to replace the bad habit with a new one gradually over time.
That is the plight of Jide, who sent me a DM on Instagram some weeks ago seeking my help. He is addicted to Masturbating and does sincerely want to be over with it.
Now in my position, it is difficult to deal with this as with every other addiction as each addiction in itself is different. Addictions relating to the sexual, are even more difficult to deal with as these are addictions that involve the part of us that evokes heightened levels of pleasure.
Of course you cannot just say “Stop doing it,” as it is never that easy to just stop doing it.

A lot of people, especially men starting early on in their teens become addicted to Masturbation and it is true that most men have at some point in their lives pleasured themselves.
For a lot of people addicted to Masturbation, it does quickly transition to yet another addiction to pornography. So not only is the person addicted to masturbating, they now have to deal with a whole new addiction to pornography.


I am looking for the best way to help Jide and I know there are a lot of you who have dealt with this before and can help him find a way out of his plight.
I am counting on you, especially my male readers who have successfully kicked the habit, please leave suggestions in comments below as to how anyone dealing with masturbation can help themselves curb or totally shed this habit off.
You can post your comments anonymously as you desire as I am sure quite a number of people like to maintain a discrete profile.
Constructive suggestions would go a long way, references, books, ideas, thoughts and all that can help are welcome.
I look forward to reading from you guys! Thank you all forward.

Does this happen to You with Money?

A lot of times we are blinded by how much we are getting paid, whether big or small, instead of seeing the opportunity of offering our invaluable services, gifts, skills, expertise to one more satisfied client.
Money is only a medium of exchange for your services and it is not to be considered as a measure of your worth or value as a human being.
In life, there is no such thing as big money or small money, it is really all relative depending on the observer. It is the same energy of value, of abundance, of wealth.
If someone gives you N500 right now, even if you have N20,000, that is an increase in how much money energy you have.
If you frown on it and think to yourself “Oh what is N500 to someone like me who has N20,000 you dig for yourself a very deep pit where life would have to take from you to teach you the value of N500.
I have seen this happen over and over again.
This is simple.

Whenever there is an increase in what you have financially, consider it an increase and be filled with Gratitude to your Source, God, for that increase. No matter how little your human mind might think it to be.
You certainly need to begin t learn to hold on to money so that money can flow to you. You have got to get yourself to the point where money doesn’t just go and come as it pleases in your life, instead you determine how long it stays and what value it adds to you.

How you use money now would really determine how much more money would flow to you on a continuum.

You should also be careful the kind of energy you radiate or expel around money.
When you gave to spend on something that is an absolute necessity, something that improves your life or your business, do you grumble because you have to spend or are you thankful that the Universe, your Source, God, has blessed you enough that you can provide your needs?
We see a lot of people daily who have a frown on their face, a grumble on their tongue, every time they have to give money away in payment for something.
This really does come from a self defeating attitude of lack, of not having enough, of fearing that more might not come. You must know that whatever energy you send out to money is the same that would be sent back to you.

So if you spend grudgingly, feeling like you would lack or your pockets would run dry, you would invite into you circumstances that reflect lack.
It is important that you do not say No to Money because you think it is too small for your person or you are too valuable for the kind of money offered. There is always something to do with money no matter how small you may think it is.
So always find a way to receive every payment that comes to you.
You know your value. It is what you consider when you put a price tag to your goods and services.
You might be currently charging a fee of N30,000 for a service someone else is charging N80,000 for. It really is all relative, this value thing.
It is all a question of how much value and great service you are willing to extend to the person requesting your services.

Do not just ask for more, do more. When you begin to do more, you improve and increase your own value and the amount of wealth energy would increase around you too!

A Self Travelled path Out of Depression, plus 17 Things You Can do now to Begin to Enjoy Life Again

I finally found what I have been looking for.
You see for a long time, just like you I have been searching. Searching, looking for something that I had no idea was always with me, yet my search went on endlessly.
Just like you, I needed to quench a thirst in my soul. I wandered about sometimes aimlessly looking for answers to the many questions that I had about life. I didn’t understand who I was for a very long time and just like you I asked the question “Who am I and what on Earth am I doing here?”.
Perhaps you haven’t got to this stage in your life, but I assure you, someday you will. The truth is until you get here, where all of your reality is held captive by this one question, you may not really be living true to the full essence of who you are.
You may not be entirely truly happy and a lot of your days may be meaningless.
For a long time in the recent past I battled wth several bouts of depression, I went in and out of my depressive states like it was a game and soon enough it became a norm for me to be depressed.

 In psychotherapy and psychiatry, Depression is defined as a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. It is a period of unhappiness or low morale which lasts longer than several weeks and may include ideation of self-inflicted injury or suicide.

For someone like myself who used to be always jittery and excited about the smallest things, hyperactive in all ways, Depression was a real killer. It killed every memory I had of myself, any dreams I had for the future, every speck of hope I could ever imagine and to make it worse my career put me in the public eye and I had to force myself to continually appear happy. I had to create a separate me who was all okay yet still live with the real me who wasn’t. This duality sent me even further down my depressive state and for some time it seemed like I could never get back up.

And then enter relationships, and Sex. And Money. And Liquor. And Marijuana.
Of course for the kind of career and environments I found myself in, all of these isn’t exactly hard to come by. All you had to do was ask and it was served. If only I was asking for the right things.
If I only knew what the right things were.
When you are very low in life, anything that is different from what you have experienced in your low points can set you on a high really quickly. Anything to blur the illusion of your low is welcomed. What we fail to realize through our low depressive states is, what we consider as better than our low is yet another illusion if it is physical.

And Depression isn’t exactly a physical battle. It is a mental, emotional and spiritual battle. You are fighting yourself against forces that you cannot exactly grasp physically. You can sense it in your mind, you can feel the pain deep within you and it is not a physical one at all. To make it worse no body understands what you are going through but you.
For many days you would wake up and look yourself in the mirror without recognizing who stared back at you. You may even sit at your desk and tell yourself you are going to get to work on a project and weeks afterwards look back to realize you have barely begun let only finished.
You would feel consumed by a darkness you cannot exactly describe and all hope would appear to elude you.
It gets harder and harder with each passing day and this is what I have come to realize throughout my time in this phase, hopefully they resonate with you and a part of you agrees with some of these points.

-Everything you are feeling is aiming at your willpower and stopping you dead in your tracks
-You see your past successes in life and cannot relate with them
-You think you are ugly
-You want to lie in bed all day and do nothing at all
-Everything you plan gets shoved under the mat and you cannot bring yourself to do what you say
-You procrastinate on almost everything on a day to day basis
-You spend money on impulse because it makes you happy in the moment and you end up regretting the expenditure.
-You want to stay indoors and not see anyone
-When your friends call you out you make an excuse. If you do go you plaster a fake smile on your face and pretend to be a part of the party
-You are not interested in food
-You want to think and smoke and think about nothing at all
-You do not know what day it is or what the date is
-You have that one friend who knows what you are going through but now you are tired of telling them of your problems because you have done it so often you don’t want them thinking you are mad
-You actually think you are mad
-You do not enjoy doing the things you used to enjoy to do
-You aimlessly browse the internet
-You want to punish yourself
-Maybe once or twice the thought has occured to you to be done with life.

There are many more but these are a few that I experienced myself and if two or three or more of these resonate with you then I hope that what I am about to tell you next would help you tremendously as it has helped me so far.

First things first, accept this please, YOU ARE OK!
There is nothing wrong with you but the fact that you think there is something wrong with you.
You control everything you see? And whats more you have the power to give your control and willpower over to whoever or whatever you choose. I ultimately decided to surrender all control to God and to be led by the holy spirit in everything.
Now Imagine your mind and brain like it is a big Life Computer. The programmer of your life is You and you choose the codes and commands of what runs your life. Garbage in Garbage out is exactly how this works just like with a man made computer.
You have exercised and run several programs of negative commands time and time again so of course what you birth as a result would be negative.
Until you change the commands you have been feeding your mind, the result of negativity, hopelessness and depression would remain constant with you.
First you have got to get yourself into a state of knowing that You are Ok! That you are worthy. That you Matter in this world with 7Billion other humans. That your opinion matters and your input is important for the general wellbeing of humankind. That God has a plan for you, a plan of good and not of disaster to give you a future and a hope, as the prophet writes in Jeremiah 29:11.

When you can come to this simple and instantaneous conclusion within yourself, then you can begin to change the commands and codes and information you have been feeding yourself.
You would need to completely renew your mind and spirit by the food you feed it.
Just like we feed our physical bodies with physical food, you have got to begin to feed your soul with food for the soul.
I could tell you that you can do this by reading books and listening to positive messages but I would still be far from the truth, for I have read books and it wasn’t until recently when I began to read the Bible in a new fresh way, that I finally realized I had found the book I was looking for.
The Bible!
All of my life I have read the Bible, but only recently did I begin to receive the word into my spirit and feel a new lease on life.
It is all brand new to me now.

Here I am writing this piece now, yet for the past months writing has been difficult for me cause I couldn’t get out of my low depressive state long enough to put meaningful words down. But now I have been writing for an hour! And what’s more, I realize that I have the power within me to go on and on and I believe that I can if I wanted to I will!

So what changed for me and what can you do?

  • -Accept that the Battle of Depression is a deeply emotional and spiritual one and you need to seek for more than the Physical
  • -Understand that the promises of a quick fix from Sex, Alcohol, Spending and making money or career successes cannot sustain you long enough and their results of happiness are fleeting
  • – Realize that what you really want is to experience God in a new personal way and begin to search him out
  • -Fall desperately in the need to understand the word of God pray according to Psalm 119:130 “May the entrance of thy word bring Light unto my soul in Jesus Name.”
  • -Pray to experience the Holy Spirit and for the grace to experience God.
  • -Come to the realization that your life isn’t yours and you are alive by grace. Knowing this I sought to live for purpose – “How do you want me to contribute Lord? Direct me.”
  • -Give up trying to control everything And let it all up to God.
  • -Understand that the only way the Devil has a hold on you is through your mind and feelings and everytime you are depressed as a result of Doubt, Fear, Hopelessness, Guilt, Shame, You are letting the Devil win.
  • -Know that your life has meaning, there is a divine purpose for your life and you are letting yourself and God Down by letting the depression keep you low.
  • -I began to create new energy by working out every day. Exercise is an excellent way to create energy physically and I am boosted to a great high when I am in the gym. This also helps me build my willpower
  • -just like physical exercise, praying and reading the word is a Spiritual practice and exercise that I am currently developing to nourish my soul.
  • -I began to care for my body and care about eating. As I do that I feel better and better and more energized throughout the day.
  • -I now know that Isolation is one of the ploys of the dark side to keep me from experiencing life and tapping into the positive energy that is out there. So I no longer refuse to go out. I accept all invitations and even seek to be around people more. It is important to socialize
  • -I exchange positive energy with others knowing that what I give I receive back into my life. Its as simple as a Smile.
  • -I now know that depression only occurs when I take my eyes off my divine goals, when I focus on the bad circumstances life may present me instead of focusing on God’s promises.
  • -Make yourself do what you say, asking God to help strengthen faith in yourself
  • -I invite God in all of my projects and plans as I finally realize that I am nothing without him. I pray for the grace to complete what I start and for the divine energy to do great work that can bring him Glory

This is the truth about your quest.
You have been looking for you.
At the same time you have been looking for God.
You have been searching for a new meaning to life as it is clear that you had exhausted whatever meaning for life you had as a child. As we grow older this would happen to each of us and it is how we are led to a life of purpose.
There is no end to this battle however. The highs and lows would be continually interchanging but at least we have fought this fight before to recognize when it comes again. And it will come again to help us birth an even stronger self in God.
Stay in the faith. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. God has got you!  2:25PM .

The Simple Path to a Richer and More fulfilled Life

Eva Alordiah
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When I focus on what I do not have or all the things I wish I had, I see how very low that makes me feel. The recognition of the absence of something certainly has a way of making us feel incomplete. My self esteem droops like the puffy sagging cheeks of an old overweight man and I find myself feeling incapacitated. 

Many times I have observed myself saying ‘If only I had this, It would be different if I had that..”
And when I do get those things not much changes to be honest. So when do I feel better about myself?

When do I experience a fullness to life? 
When I write! Knowing that there are hundreds of people being inspired by my words daily.
When I perform on stage! Knowing that my music soothes and heals and calms and entertains. When I paint someone’s makeup! Knowing that yet again, I have helped make another girl appreciate herself even more. All of these things I have been blessed with and they are all very powerful gifts indeed!

Our lives become full only when we decide to stop looking at everything that is outside of us and begin to look within trusting that we already have all we need to get through the current level we find ourselves in Life.
Understanding that we are all on different paths and constantly on different levels is the first step to freeing ourselves from the constant comparisons we find ourselves making. 
We are always so quick to think that because we are in the same grouping as so and so person then we should have what they have, live how they live. But of course we continually judge how great other peoples lives are looking from the outside in. 
If you had the chance to really swap lives with someone you thought was better than you, Including all of their past baggage, their problems, their family feuds, their diseases, their annoying spouses, their mouth odor, the spiritual history of all of the people they have slept with, their sins, all their wealth, and so on that really makes up the combination of our human experience- you might begin to reconsider.
Where you are is where you are.
You must learn to accept that. 
The more I withdrew from the physical tangible things and began to focus on the intangible, the non material, the more spiritual part of myself, the more Valuable and worthy I felt. My self confidence increased as I exercised those parts of me that had nothing to do with what material possessions I have acquired or not acquired.
I felt better and better and better about myself the more I understood that I could positively affect people by exercising my gifts. 
Whatever word you want to use. Isn’t that all we really have? 
As we give time in exchange for the utilizing of our gifts we increase our value and self worth. But there is a catch!
You have got to set your mind on using your gifts to serve people, not for your selfish needs.
The minute you go off the plane of ‘Me’ ‘Me’ ‘Me’ and hop on the plane of ‘Us’ ‘We’ ‘You’ ‘Them’ your life begins to change.
You find yourself exercising your gifts with ease as you are no longer hosed into the world and space of the ego but rather working with spirit and soul and with a heart that wants to share, wants to give, wants to inspire, wants to add value.
I would give you a quick example hoping to help you understand this even better.

For a long time I battled with writing.
The first time I set up a blog I was very excited to share my life and my experiences. And then after a while that excitement waned and I saw that I wanted more out of blogging.
Realizing that I could earn money through blogging, I then began to research on that and ultimately started to focus on ‘how to make money blogging’ that I completely forgot how to blog.
In fact I didn’t know how to write for the pure joy of it any longer. Then the posts became irregular and the blogging jinx was off me. Leaving of course a great deal of followers I had amassed over the years unsatisfied.

Recently I picked up writing again and dedicated myself to writing books as Writing a book has been a childhood dream of mine since I was six years old.
And as I began to toil to awaken my passion for writing, I realized there were other little quick notes I still had unwritten and unpublished in my heart that I wanted to get out of me.
Of course this meant that I would have to blog again. So I began again. Blogging.
But it wasn’t until writing this particular post today that I have reconnected to why I write these notes in the first place. 
It is no longer about Me wanting to write.
It is no longer about me wanting to blog.
It is no longer about Me keeping a schedule.
My why has changed. Hence my passion has found a good soil to grow itself out of. This is the most important thing.
Now I blog because I want to share the things I have learned in life with you with the hopes that you can take them and apply them to your own life and my experiences can help you grow.
The more I focus on this, the more eager I am to get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.
We each must come to this place in our lives at some point. For a long time many of us would run around and around and around in circles trying to figure life out, trying to make money, trying to excel at our careers. However until why we do what we do becomes bigger than our ambitions, until the reason why we do what we do expands to fill the need of others and help them grow too, until we are able to determine what sort of value we bring to people and decide to do what we do for the giving of this value, we might be running around in circles for a very long time indeed.
I know you feel invaluable. A part of you feels unworthy. You do not feel as confident as you once were and you constantly wish that things were different for you.
You are sad and cannot believe the things you are going through. You look at life and see all of the hardship you have yet to endure and it is all tough, tough, tough.
So many times you have cried to God and asked him for help. And sometimes you have wondered why all of these things have to happen to you.
Here’s the truth I have learned.
Life is trying to show you how worthy and valuable you are but sometimes it is more important to life that you understand what it means to feel unworthy.
Life is trying to lead you to a better place, but sometimes you have to go through the bad as it is the only way to appreciate the good when it does come.
And for many of us, the fight is even harder as we must fight to hold on to the gifts we have been blessed with. Sometimes things just get so tough so that we can push ourselves to exercise our gifts to their maximum capacity, so that we can expand, so that we can grow.
We learn through pain, this much is true.
So stop for a minute and look away from all of the things you believe is wrong, look away from all the things you wish you had but do not have, look away from all the places you wish you could go but cannot go. Where you are is right where God wants you to be. This is the place he can use you. Understand how very profound this statement is.
This is where God can use you. He is taking you to someplace greater but how can he be sure you can function there if he cannot test your faith where you are now?
Know that you are valuable. And your value to God is not determined by your bank account, the things you have, the material possessions you have acquired. Your value to God is far more precious than these things.
Today I was speaking to a friend of mine and he said God doesn’t care about the kind of car you drive, he just cares that you can win souls for him.”
How incredibly profound is that!
Here’s what I need you to do. Right now, determine what it is you have. Your gifts. Ponder within yourself and ask God to show you how to utilize your gifts for the benefit of the world.
Please know that the world for you and anyone at all is your immediate environment. Where you are right now.
Your world isn’t some big vast space with 7 Billion people. Your world is where you are. The street you live in, your community, your school, your place of work. That’s your world.
And as you begin to exercise your skills in your world, you would find that you begin to expand and what you call your world expands as well.
So think about your gifts in terms of 
-what it is
-why you do it
-who you do it for
-how they change as a result of it or the value for them
Begin to think of ‘Them Them Them’
How do you want them to feel because you came? How do you want them to change because you did it, because you said it, because you wrote it, because you painted it, because you performed, because you designed it, because you baked it, because you built it, because you were there. When you figure this out and are willing to hop off the plane of ‘Me’ and focus on ‘Them’, the path to a Richer and more Fulfilled life would open itself up for you.
At this point the issue of motivation or inspiration to do your work becomes a blur as you are now thinking of how to improve peoples lives and not just how much you could potentially make.
This is the point where you go from Me Me Me to Them Them Them.
And as you begin to do for them, you find that you inadvertently do for you too! How cool is life?
Now what are you going to do?