If You currently feel Stuck, Here I am telling you to relax, You are in the best place for your next Level of Growth!

Why we often get Stuck

As humans, it is a habitual, innate ability we have to place ourselves into things, ideas, philosophies, groups. It is our way of mapping our identity, shaping our personalities. These containers exist everywhere, in our Work, In our study, in our Careers, in our day to day decisions.

You become the container you place yourself in.

Our individual Containers can be the country we live in, our financial goals, our entire self concept, the capacity of work we expect of ourselves, the kinds of people we associate with.

In every aspect of our lives, we subconsciously create these containers for ourselves – It is our way of deciding what our limits are, how far we can go, how more we are willing to do.
As you grow to fill your container, you suddenly begin to get stuck within the walls of the container so that you can no longer grow beyond them. Once you begin to feel stuck in any area of your life, it is a sign that this area requires a new bigger container.



You can remain in the same place for 1 year, being the same, unchanging, not growing, stagnated.

I was doing the same thing with the plants and expecting a different result. I wanted them to grow, I wondered why they were dying. Everyday I saw that the plants were dry and brittle, and everyday I watered them, hoping that the water will have any effect. It didn’t.  Week after week, Month after month.
Until the sudden realization that perhaps the plants had become so dead simply because their containers were just too small to hold and house their growing roots. Alas!

Now transplanted, I do not need to see them in the next three months to know that this simple step taken today was the solution, changing the containers, placing the plants in a new, bigger environment where they can thrive and do better.

When you observe the plants, there are some that multiply and spread regardless of how tight the container is.
They develop more stems, more shoots, more leaves until they cant anymore.
Some plants do this more than others, continually spreading and remaining confined in the container with no real growth happening to any of the stems.

Then there are those that depend on only one or a few stems and just must be placed in a much larger container, else they wither and begin to die.
Think on this, how does it apply in your life?

Many of us, once we feel stuck, begin to try to do more and more. We spread ourselves so thing until we cannot anymore. We find ourselves doing so much but experiencing such little growth in any one area.

We fail to see that it isn’t what we are doing that is the problem, it is that our container is just not big enough to allow for any real growth to occur. It is time to move/transplant things into new containers.

For the plants that depend on one stem/root and cannot spread, death begins to occur. Growth remains completely stagnated and the leaves begin to dry out and wither.

The dying plant can be revived and rejuvenated however, if it is placed in a bigger container.

You know it is time to place yourself in something bigger when you can no longer afford to grow where you now are, when you have so stretched yourself out and multiplied that you then become stagnant.

When you feel stuck, it is Time to place yourself into something New. Feeling stuck is a sign that growth is possible beyond its present state. So if you feel stuck in your life right now it is a wonderful sign. It is a proof that you can be more than you currently are.
The pain and disgust you feel from feeling stuck and stagnant is the catalyst required to push you out of your present container to demand a bigger one.
And an immediate physical response to this intrinsic human need for growth will be you saying things like
“I need a better phone.”
“I need a bigger house.”
“I need a better car.”

When you go beyond need, you begin to tap into the part of your conscious mind that is reasoning. You then begin to think thoughts like:

“I don’t know what I am doing with my Life”

“I am not where I am supposed to be”

Yes you do.
We all deserve more, bigger, better.
But the process to getting there is what is most important.
The growth you are seeking will occur through the process- through this process of changing your container.
It begins with having a bigger mind.

Your first container is your mind. Your vision. Your idea of yourself. Your self concept or self ideal. This is where the containers for every other aspect of your life proceeds from. The bigger your mind, the bigger containers you can place yourself in.
You give yourself permission to grow when you begin to place yourself under bigger challenges, tougher ideas and plans, new environment  new people.

The challenge for you now is to become aware, completely honest with yourself. In what areas of your life are you presently experiencing dryness, brittleness, drought?

Do you have a container in which you have placed that aspect of you?
There must be an existing container.
Observe it, can it be changed? If yes, what would a bigger container look like and how can you make that happen?
What would a tougher challenge for you be right now?
Can you do more than you are currently doing?
Can you be more that you are currently permitting yourself to being?

This is a very simple Idea that I am sure will transform your life. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

To have money you must care about money. To care about money is easy to do when you begin to care about other people’s money

Living in Your Life’s Purpose

When you begin at something oftentimes your motivation or reason for doing it at all is what you hope to get off it, could be favors, material acquisition, money, whatever it is.
Although this may seem as a good reason at first, it never really is good enough to hold your interest for longer.
As time goes on you are going to begin to shift in your thinking and slowly move into a state where you are motivated by Love, by a new found addiction to service.
If you never find this within what you do, it becomes difficult to keep on doing what you do without getting tired, without feeling like you are wasting your life.

When people say I dont know what I am doing with my life,”
A part of them is also saying “How is this helping?” “What is my purpose here?
People go from simply doing things because they have to by imposition, or because of material gain, to realizing that there is much more to doing than simply doing. They begin to question the meaning of their lives, the importance of what they are doing and why it is necessary at all to even invest Time and Energy towards something.
At this point they begin their search for meaning, in everything.
This is one of the reasons that many people suddenly get frustrated at a job that they previously believed was bringing them security and they get up and quit.

The people who elevate in life by moving from Selfishness to Selflessness are those who, at some point or the other, come to the realization that Life is a chore and a bore when what they commit their Time to helps no one but themselves.
With this realization comes a burning desire to do better, to be better in this world.
They shift from wanting to Acquire to wanting to Inspire. They begin to question everything they do, asking “How is this helping?” Instead of “What am I getting?” – and this is easy to do because they now understand intuitively that Getting is only a by product of Helping, as the more they do and give to another, the more they get for themselves.

When you know why you have incarnated here on Earth, what you have come to do for others, and are willing to commit to doing that, living becomes something to look forward to everyday.
The very act of Service is one that is borne out of Love and to function in Love is to live from love. There is no frustration, stress, pain to be felt when you live from love.

Love is a Service. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful? Please share your valuable thoughts and insights in comments below or share this Page on your Twitter/Facebook to help lots more people with Love. 

Are You Doing Too Many things And Can’t Focus? 5 Simple Techniques to Ease Overwhelm

People often say “Jack of all Trades, Master Of None” and while you may want to dispute that, it most times proves to be true.
There are a lot of people just like me, I am willing to bet, who do or are interested in many pursuits and can’t seem to relinquish any one.
This is quite understandable and I should know better than anyone cause I have been there, still doing that!

The major problem is not simply that you have many things you want to do, but that you have simply not organized your life and your goals.
Order. That is what we need.

When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all.

When your mind is thinking in so many directions upon different goals and pursuits, it can get very chaotic and soon you may give up altogether, throw your hands in the air in despair and do nothing at all. 

You do not want that.

Here are 5 Quick Steps to Help you get clear so you can ease the feeling of Overwhelm.

1. Ink It

The First step I think, and this is has helped me which is why I am sharing with you, is to take every detail out of your head and put it in writing.
“Write the vision on a tablet, that whoever reads it may run with it.'”

You feel overwhelmed because first, your mind is crowded with all of these thoughts and ideas. That is not where they should be. Your mind is a center for divine operation and should be treated as such.
It is where the seeds of dreams are planted and realities begin to take form. Your mind is a creativity center, not a dumping site.
You create the vision and plans first in your mind through your thinking, but you must transfer that to a physical space so you can free your mind.

What you want to do now is offload. Let everything go on paper.

At this point you are able to look at all your ideas, dreams, goals, plans at a glance. Now it becomes easy to do the next step.

2. Forward it
The Next step is to take into account those things that absolutely must be done at this time in your life because this is the best time to do them.
There are many dreams that can wait till a later time in your life, and some that just have to be achieved within the next 2, 3, 5 years. There are some things you absolutely must do now because of age and others that can be done at an older age.
This is a great place  to start if you will put things in the proper perspective.

You want to make this decisions while also looking for the good feeling from your internal guidance system which lets you know you are on the right track.

3. Focus on Right Now
It is always advisable to do one thing. The reasons for this are clear and obvious enough. However it is okay to do more than 1 thing, especially if the second thing is one that you do to support the first one.
If you can decide which one takes the most priority, meaning most of your time, then this helps you.
In my life for instance, my music is priority. My work in Makeup Artistry and the Beauty industry is also one I realize I must commit to but it comes in priority after my Music.

So decide which 2 things you can focus on right now at this time of your life, knowing that all the other things can happen later in your life.
Better to be successful at one than have all these many dreams and achieving none because you cannot bring yourself to focus.

4. Be Clear on Intent
Your dream is important to you for a reason. Think about this deeply. A lot of people fail because they fail to determine their WHY, their reason for doing the things they do.
Make sure that your WHY is clearly defined and brought to the forefront of your mind always. This is what will keep you going when all feels lost. This is what will fan the fire inside you when you don’t feel the heat of your desire as much.

Why ?  Why do you want to achieve this ?  It has to be so important that it is almost bigger than the dream itself. It has to involve more than just your own benefit else it isn’t big enough.
When you can begin to see the realization of your Dream affecting and benefiting many more lives, then it begins to have attractive power. The more attractive power your dream has the more you are pulled towards making it happen.

5. Begin at the End


Overwhelm mostly happens when we lose sight of where we are going and begin to take action randomly. We simply forget our Why, forget the grand Vision and just take action based on how we feel.
You cannot afford to keep on doing that. Your every action should be focused and intentional, knowing that with each action completed and each step taken, you are drawn closer and closer to achieving your dream.

What is the end picture ?  What do you do from where you are now to get there?  
Again, it is important that you think about this, visualize and see it clearly as a straight working road map and then write it all out on paper.
We have already discussed why it is important to write it out. I cannot stress this enough.
Understand that your Dream is a combination of many smaller dreams and goals. The plan for you is to determine what these smaller goals are and begin to work on them one at a time.
Do not try to do everything at once. This is what you have been doing, hence why you currently feel overwhelmed.

Remember to Always write it all down. Have a dedicated note pad, or an app on your device where you can consistently take your notes.
If you write in many different places and spaces, you will ultimately lose your best ideas and won’t be able to glance at a collective of your thoughts when needed. In fact, dispersing your thoughts and Ideas here and there can certainly bring in more overwhelm. Remember, Order.

At this point, I am positive you should have figured out your next plan of action to ease and release the overwhelm and chaos that you currently face.

If this has been helpful for you, please share it with your friends on twitter and facebook so they can be inspired as well. Sharing is how we grow !  Thank You so much for reading, Do leave your thoughts in the comments below so others can learn from you as well!

All the best.

What Worries You? A thought on Worrying That would Help You

What worries you?  Why do you look so worried? 
Worry does nothing but feast on the elixir of your life. It chips away a bit at a time and soon you’d find that you have nothing left to worry about but the worry itself. It is a vicious cycle. 
Don’t give in to the illusion that worry presents you.
It does nothing but blind you to the possibilities,  the power around you. 

You cannot see anything good around you now because you have been blinded by your worry. 


Think about what it is you are thinking about when you worry and ask yourself if it really is worth worrying over. When you are done worrying do you have a solution?  No. But if you use the same energy you use to worry instead to search for solutions to your problems which are always readily available to you, you might have a solution. Or at least a hunch of a solution. 

A lot of healing is necessary. Healing is what you need. If you think a new this or that would help solve your problems,  you are right.  Only you’d be right for just a short time. You might get something new,  travel someplace,  receive more money, fall in love again,  and for a little while you really might believe you are happier than you were. Until time passes and the mask is pulled off.You would come face to face with the same troubles again,  with the same pain,  with the same wounds. 

It’s like covering blemishes with makeup. Again and again,  more powder,  more concealer. But you’d have to remove it all and Face your true self in the mirror. 
If you cannot accept what you see of yourself,  you’d be needing more and more to cover up. 
More money. 
A new relationship. 
A new car. 
A new job. 
But still, The main problems persist. The wounds are still breathing,  needing healing. 

Purge yourself of everything. When you have nothing,  it becomes easy to have everything. 
Remove what’s eating up the space of your heart. Face the truth of who you are. Go within and ask yourself honestly how to heal yourself. 
You’d find that the answers would come to you,  but you must be in tune to receive them.
When Life wants your attention,  it would stop at nothing until it gets it. Accidents,  sicknesses,  depression,  broken relationships,  loss of money,  financial hardships,  some of these are really only attention triggers to point you to a vital truth. 
We get distracted. 
We lose our way. 
To come home we may have to be jolted back to our senses. Some of us are really hard headed. We need the toughest kind of wake up calls. We may have to hit rock bottom sometimes,  as this is the best place for to make things anew. 
When all your chips are down and got have lost everything,  where do you go?  What do you do? 
God wants to talk to you. But it is so noisy where you have been, he needs you down here in your distress and pain. Here where there is no one left to turn to but God. 
So why Worry? Everything that is Happening now is simply bringing you back home, to yourself, to your truth, to God.