This is What Squirting Looks like (Real Footage)

Ever since I announced my short Ebook guide on “HOW TO SQUIRT” I have been receiving messages almost daily on Instagram from women who want to learn about Squirting. I didn’t think that many women cared about expanding upon and truly understanding themselves as divine sexual beings!

It is interesting to see that a lot of women are determined to open up, to will themselves free of the subconscious programming of guilt and shame about sex in the society especially on Women.

In my Ebook Guide “HOW TO SQUIRT”, I shared with you that squirting is not so much about the Orgasm, or even Sex at all (because you do not have to have Sex to squirt) but it is really about embodying your unique feminine flavor and being in touch with your sexuality as a woman. Because for you to Squirt at all, you must be able to allow yourself feel deeply, and FEELING is the first step towards becoming and embodying your divine feminine self.


A lot of women are going through emotional traumas that have stemmed from early childhood sexual abuse, rape, abusive relations etc and many of these young women have locked themselves up in a shell of distrust, and emotional blockages of all kinds has dulled the color of their vibrancy as women. This in turn causes them to block their creative centers which is where the sexuality is housed in your energetic body. And if a woman has locked down her ability to feel, to be sensual, sexual, she has ultimately locked down her ability to Create effectively and bring her vital contributions to the world.

SQUIRTING helped me move past my inhibitions. It made me become more aware of the incredible things I could feel as a woman, beyond sex. Above all it is always an extremely empowering and liberating experience. Beyond just an orgasm, Squirting can become the bridge or gateway to your most empowered sensual self as a woman.

Today, To answer the many questions of what Squirting looks like when it happens, and trying my best to keep it R16 as possible,  I am sharing with you a real footage from my intense Squirting orgasm from a few days ago.

UuurgGH! I honestly had no intentions of Squirting. I was only practicing a new technique I stumbled upon on Energetic Sex and next thing you know, I was swept up in this blast of Euphoric abandon. There I was by myself, completely entranced in my powerful, growing sexual energy and then Boom! I was squirting all over the place. Needless to say, It was the most incredible night and I slept oh so wonderfully! AaaarggH!

Watch Video Below:

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Dear Men, Please Keep your SEMEN In. Here’s Why (If You are a Woman, you should read this too)

When you speak with the average man who hasn’t fully come into his sense of power, he will most probably talk about Ejaculation as a way to release stress and tension.

While this may be true in some sense, as it does feel like that in the moment, it isn’t so true for men who have grown more spiritually aligned with their Source and who are living a more expansive life.
For these men, Ejaculation is not the priority. Conservation, Transmutation and realignment of their sexual energy is more important to them. And the reason for this is clear, they have come to understand and embody their Powerful nature through discipline and diligent practice.

There is such a thing as excessive ejaculation, even though many men will not accept that this is true. And excessive ejaculation will ultimately impede on a man’s true source of aliveness and the capacity for him to do more in his life, to go the extra mile.
Men have been trained to seek the release from an ejaculation and enjoy its short-lived pleasures and this training begins in many men before they are even 14.
This continual self training of masturbation creates a sort of habit loop in a man, causing him to follow his desire for pleasure and do whatever he can in the moment for a release. This same mentality is then carried on into a man’s actual sexual relations with women.
Hence many men fall short of actually creating and experiencing a real, deep bond with their woman cause they merely thrust in and out hoping for the reward of an ejaculation. And when ejaculation happens during sex, it signifies the premature end of a sexual experience that has not even began to bud let alone bloom.

Don’t be deceived, Women are not sexually  satisfied simply because you ejaculated. If anything, women are frustrated sexually when a man ejaculates before he has felt and uncovered the many layers of her love offerings.
The female has boundless levels of sexual vitality that you cannot even begin to imagine and while a man is having sex with his body and  head, a woman is doing it with her heart and soul. She sees and feels the endless possibilities of a sexual experience and cannot understand why you wouldn’t want to go beyond the world with her in this ecstatic, euphoric journey that connects you both in divine oneness and bliss.
So no, do not think that your ejaculation counts for everything with women. It doesn’t. It is only but a tiny piece of the gigantic puzzle that is the sexual experience.

Women have just learned to accept that you ejaculating is a sign that she did something right, and in that she is content for only a fraction of a moment.
But we all know that men do not need a woman to ejaculate.
Doesn’t this in itself beg you to question the role of the sexual experience in all of this?
If you can ejaculate without sex, then what the hell is sex without the aim of procreating for?

To understand and recognize the power that we are enveloped in during a sexual experience, and to know how to work with this power can be very liberating for anyone.

The best kind of ejaculation will be one without any form of physical release, one in which the mind and body is retrained to carry the energy up through the energy centers and portals of the body instead of out through the genitals.

This is of course no easy task if you have practiced and become adept to the ejaculation that is merely physical.
It will take consistent practice as with any new habit you are trying to imbibe, however it is possible.

The goal is to enjoy the build up of energy and instead of expelling it, send the energy up your spine through every energy center and straight into your brain. In this state, a man can do anything. He can visualize any goal and see a plethora of endless possibilities. He becomes charged and empowered and in turn empowers his woman.
This is what Napoleon Hill refers to as Sexual energy transmutation in his best seller “Think and Grow Rich.

The true ejaculation that rejuvenates and energizes a person is an energetic occurrence. It happens within the body, throughout all energy centers of a person. When you expel the energy you lose the vital life force that could otherwise have been transmuted up the spine to create new worlds of endless possibilities within the consciousness of your being.

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