Energetic Sex : What You should Know, First.

Can you imagine intense pleasurable Sex without any form of contact whatsoever let alone penetration? If you can, then I commend you for exploring the many layers of the human species. If you cannot even imagine how mind-blowing sex can occur without two or more people joining bodies, touching and getting tangled in a physical mess, then I guess what I am about to share with you will blow your Mind. Maybe just a little.

To continue reading this post is also to temporarily discard your old ideas or beliefs about what sex should be or shouldn’t be. You also must understand that as with all things there are many perspectives as there are varying levels of consciousness observing matter.

It is almost impossible to think about Sex and not see the visual image of two people locked in and cojoined by the genitals. I mean that’s what sex is right? There has to be a joining of the two.
But what if I told you, that your best sex yet might possibly be one where there was little or no physical touch, no penetration whatsoever and even without the need for a partner?
Considering that Sex itself is beyond physical, this concept of Energetic Sex draws your attention towards the other aspects of Sex which really do get ignored because most people have been conditioned to think of and engage in Sex merely as a Physical act.
The idea is so simple and it definitely helps us focus on more important aspects of sex.
To have Energetic Sex with someone, or even by yourself, is to harness your Sexual energy in a more Empowering, Liberating and energizing way.
With Energetic sex, you not only feel all the pleasures that are possible with Physical sex, you also experience Heightened and unseen worlds of euphoric delight when you are swept up into the spiritual and unseen aspects of the Sexual Energy field.

What you will be doing simply is working with your sexual energy by “feeling” yourself into it and in that way strengthen and expand your sexual desire.
The reason for this is to create so much desire, passion, drive, mojo, vim, whatever you want to call it, by feeling and enjoying the sexual energy. You are going to be intensifying the feeling withing you and from moment to moment become even more aroused.
As your desire increases through this process , you will begin to feel more and more in need of physical sex. But know that this is not the purpose of Energetic Sex.

The main purpose of Energetic Sex is to help position you as a Sexual Energy alchemist. You are not having energetic sex as a way to avoid physical sex and bring your physical body to orgasm. No. This is not about that.
Instead you are going to Energetically intensify your desire, expand it like a ball of energy within you becoming bigger and bigger, and then retain the Energy within you to be used for your Creative work and Life’s Task.

Like I mentioned earlier, energetic sex can even feel more intense for you than Physical Sex and because you are not going to be dissipating your Powerful sexual energy by letting it out through Orgasms, you will be able to retain the energy for your Creative and Life work.
It is all about you enjoying the pulsing of this energy within you without needing to let it out or indulge in the traditional methods of having sex.

Know that your Sexual energy is your Life force. It is not called the ‘sex-drive’ for no reason.
It is your actual creating energy. To have sex mindlessly for the sake of momentarily fleeting pleasure is to misuse your energy and make waste of your Creating potential.
Energetic Sex is your gateway to finally sitting with the Energy, understanding it, working with and wielding its powers like the Alchemist that you really are.
You literally can increase and generate a force and drive for your Life by harnessing your sexual energy and transmuting it.

The first thing to know about Energetic Sex is : “It is not about having Sex, it is about becoming one with the Energy you call your Sexual Energy. Your Life force.

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