Vagina Dryness? How to Get Wet and Stay Wet during Sex #MakeupAndSex

You know your Vagina is healthy when she is daily doing what she does best to clean out bacteria – Lubricating. However this is different from the sexual lubrication that happens when you are aroused.
Is ‘Dry Vagina’ something that you deal with regularly? Do you find sex to be frustrating and painful because of this? In this post I want to help you understand this from a personal point of view and possibly help you see how you may be the one stopping your Vagina from overflowing with her waters.
I speak with so many different women who have the ‘Dry Vagina’ issue. It is not as much as a problem that they think it is however.

Usually, during sex, the major component missing is the simple Mind-Body connection needed for arousal that speaks through your genitals.
When it comes to pleasure and arousal for most women, it is a tough task because many women have removed themselves completely from embracing their sexuality. It is common to see women today who are ashamed of the divine pulsating Feminine energy that they inherently possess.

If you are not comfortable in your body as a divine feminine sexual being, you will most likely have difficulty translating this into Desire when you are with a partner.

You will shy away, and crawl into the safety of the shadows, refusing to expose yourself, refusing to be vulnerable. Ultimately this will send signals to your brain that in turn shuts your body off completely from acting in its most natural state.

Low Estrogen levels can also sometimes trigger vaginal dryness and make it difficult for you to be Wet during sex. Estrogen is a hormone that helps keep the tissues of your Vagina lubricated and Healthy.

In this episode of Makeup and Sex, I focus on Vagina dryness during sex and suggest a few tips to help you maneuver that so you can enjoy the bump and grind.