How Does Your Vagina Smell? What the Smell of your Vagina is Saying to You

Your Vagina has it’s own unique flavor and odor under normal healthy conditions, but do you know how it smells?

I smell my Vagina everyday. And I have done it so often that now I don’t even think about it. It is now a common daily routine like brushing my teeth. The reason this became so important for me was because I just had to know what her natural smelling state was. And knowing that, I can tell immediately when there’s something fishy’ going on down there¬†(pun intended)

Your vagina flora is home to millions upon millions of Bacteria, this coupled with Ph levels, menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, sexual activity and sexual health, the food you eat and your personal hygiene, your Vagina will smell different from time to time. And yes, it is completely normal for your Vagina to smell different throughout your cycle.

I believe that women must have a healthy mental, emotional and physical connection to their Yonis. And there are several practices to help you achieve this however I would like to focus on Smell in this post.

If you have not been sniffing at your Vagina from time to time, you might want to consider starting. Your body always tells you what is going on with you and as a Woman , your Vagina is really one of the best places to find out how you are doing.

Strong odors, itching and irritation are all tell tale signs of a vagina dealing with more than just a bad smell.Generally your Vagina will have a sour-fruit type odor, not to harsh or pungent.

Here are a few things that can determine how your vagina would smell.

1. If your Vagina smells rotten like something has died in there, chances are something has!It is very common to find women who completely forget to take out a Tampon. And when a tampon has spent several hours to days in your vagina, it is definitely going to smell as rotten as dead flesh. Make sure if you use tampons, to change them regular through the day and to ensure they are completely removed.

2. Your Menstrual cycle changes the odor of your vagina considerably. Blood changes the ph levels of your vagina and ultimately changes the regular smell for up to several days after your period is over

3. A fishy smell is most likely as a result of Bacteria Vaginosis which is a common but easily treatable bacterial infection in women.

If you ever experience this, which almost all women will experience some form of bacteria infection at least once, it is advisable to seek medical help so you know exactly what you are dealing with and what course of treatment to opt for.

4. Personal Hygiene is very important of course and knowing the best practices for vaginal health is important. If you do not wipe down properly after urinating, chances are you will have urine build up around your Vulva and in your panty linings, causing your vagina to change smell as well.

Your general care for your Yoni is a huge deal.

5. Sex changes the normal ph levels of your vagina and introduces new bacteria. Make sure you are washing up before and after sex to bring you vagina back to it’s normal ph levels.

Knowing how your Vagina smells in its regular day to day state will help you considerably in determining when something is amiss. So start now, smell your Vagina today.